Fixing a flat

I was in the basement surfing porn when I heard the doorbell ring. I threw on my t-shirt and pulled up my shorts. My dick was still semi-hard when I answered the door. It was my neighbor from across the street.
"Hey, I was wondering if you could give me a hand with something?"
"What is it?"
"The um," her eyes had made their way to my shorts. My cock isn't gigantic, but it is longer than 7 inches and thick. It was still fairly hard, and under her gaze I made it twitch. She giggled a bit and broke her eyes away from my shorts. "The tire on my tractor is flat and I wanted to mow the lawn."
"Ok, I will take a look. Just let me grab something for my feet"
We walked across the street making small talk. I went into the garage and looked at he lawn tractor. The front tire was totally flat. I ran back across to my house and got my air compressor. I put air in it, but you could hear it coming out. I told her it might hold long enough to mow, but it was going to need to get fixed.
"How about taking it off?"
"Piece of cake I said, let me get some tools."
She said that she was going in to get changed because of the heat and that she would be right back out. I got my jack and a jack stand and some other tools I would need to remove the wheel. I got back to her garage and got to work.

I had known Tina since we moved in. Her husband had moved out about 6 months before. She was about 5'8", short brown hair and a great smile. She was typically modest, but when she came back out of the house she was wearing tight shorts and a bikini top. For the first time I could see that she had a very nice figure. She was about a C cup and had a really nice ass. We chatted a bit. She told me about her prick of an ex-husband and I was sympathetic and listened.

Soon enough I was getting very sweaty in the heat. She went and got me some iced tea and I finished getting the wheel off. When I was done she had me wash my hands in her sink and then asked how she could ever repay me. In the A/C her nipples had hardened under the bikini top and I just sort of laughed and said that I could think of a few ways. She looked me in the eyes and asked me about my wife.
"Girlfriend" I corrected her, "and we have an open relationship. She screws other guys all the time, sometimes I am there, sometimes I am not. As long as we are honest at all times we are all good."
"Interesting" was her reply. "So we could fuck and you wouldn't get in trouble?"
"Nope, not as long as i tell her about it. Usually it inspires great sex between the two of us."

She simply reached back and untied her bikini top. I walked over and helped remove it. We kissed long and deep. She reached into my shorts and grabbed my hardening cock while I mauled her tits. She was really getting into it and when I slipped my hand into her shorts and onto her ass she broke away from the kiss and said "Come on, lets go into the bedroom."

She led the way down the hall and once there she took off her shorts while I lost my shirt, shorts and sneakers. We literally jumped into bed and had our hands all over each other. I spent a lot of time on foreplay and she responded very well. As I worked my way down her body with my lips she was moaning loudly. Once I spread her legs and started licking her pussy she was almost screaming. I got her clit between my lips and sucked on it while I inserted a couple of fingers. She started having orgasms which seemed to build on each other and racked her. I was merciless and soon she was begging me to stop.

At that point I rolled over and she started to suck my cock. She worked me over with her mouth and I told her I wanted to fuck. She got on her hands and knees and asked me to do her doggy. I slammed my cock into her slit and went at her hard for a while. Again she started having the multi orgasms and I just kept at her. I had slipped a couple of fingers into her ass while we where fucking and she had no complaints so I withdrew out out of her pussy and placed the head of my cock at her rear opening.

I worked my cock into her anus slowly. She had a sharp intake of breath and seemed to grunt a little but she held her ground and let me at it. Soon I was in balls deep and starting to build speed. She reached into her nightstand and grabbed a vibrator which she worked into her dripping pussy. The vibrations really got me going and soon I blasted her ass full of my load. She came again very hard slamming the vibrator into her pussy.

She started to giggle as my cum dribbled out of her ass.
"My shithead ex wanted to do that to me for years and I would never let him, if I had known it was so good we might still be married!"
I laughed and said that I needed a shower. She grabbed my hand and said "Lets not waste water."

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3 years ago
Great story. It's a dream of mine to fuck my hot neighbor.
3 years ago
As my wife says the only women that do not like anal sex are the ones that have not tried it
3 years ago
Great story; reminded me a lot of some time ago when I had my first anal experience with a much older woman. The feeling of the head of my penis as it popped through the anus in the beginning is a memorable one!
3 years ago
Awesome story, just makes you want to try anal sex with a beautiful woman!