Slow night at the station

It was a slow night at the gas station where I was working. I sent the other guy home early and was getting ready to close up. I was just about to hit the lights as I heard the "Ding Ding" of the air hose announcing a car pulling in. I ran over to the car and leaned over saying, "I need to turn off the lights, I will be right back." As I glanced over to the passenger side I saw a girl sitting in what looked like a teddy and nothing else.

When I got back to the car I leaned over again and the guy said "Fill her up" again I looked over to see that he was fingering the blond next to him. She looked over at me and smiled. I was not really sure what to do. So I figured I would at least fill up the car. I put the nozzle in and set it to automatic and stood behind the pump. From that height I could see him fingering her, but they could not see me.

After a couple of minutes I here "Excuse me." So I went to the open passenger side window. Now her tits were out and he was really fucking her hard with his hand. He said "Can you check my oil?" and popped the hood. So I did, the whole time I was checking out the girlfriend in the passenger side. I went back over to his side and told him the oil was fine. So then he asked me to clean the windows.

"No problem." I saved her side and the windshield for last. I pretty much did a crappy job on the rest of the windows. But the windshield was lean enough to eat off of. When it came time for her window I leaned over and asked it he wanted to roll it up so I could clean it. He said "No, but you can help me with this if you like."

So I reached in and started to play with her perky nipples. She had really nice size breasts, at least a C maybe a D cup. Her nipples where small, and pink and hard as erasers. With me doing that and her boyfriend fingering her she was soon cumming. She looked at me and smiled, but still hasn't said a word.

"She wants to suck your cock." Sounds good to me. I whip out my hard cock and stick it in through the window. Soon I feel her lips wrap around it, and she starts sucking me. She was good. She curled one hand down around the base and jerked ever so slightly, while sucking me head and rubbing my balls with her other hand. Soon I was on the verge of shooting, and I told her so. She stopped and looked over at her boyfriend and said "I want him"

he looked at me and said "It's your lucky day." She got up on her knees and opened the door. I sunk my dick into her balls deep very quickly as I could tell that that was how she wanted it. She started to suck on her boyfriends dick as well. I fucked her hard for a few minutes and soon she was having a series of orgasms. With each her pussy was contracting harder and harder around my cock. I was determined to make it last as long as I could, but it was tough.

After another couple of minutes I lubed a finger up with my spit and worked it into her ass. She started cumming again. I put my fingertip against my cock through her membranes and that set me off. I shot my load into her pussy and came really hard. She came again as well. As soon as I was done the engine started and they pulled away. Good thing I had taken the nozzle out of the car earlier. Sure I had to pay for the gas, but shit, that is cheap, that piece of ass was priceless.
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3 years ago
We have done things like this once in a while
3 years ago
Can I give this 10 stars please? That was awesome i had to favorite it as well. i cant wait to read more!
3 years ago
oh yea it is good
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks.