Julie and Sue make my day

The following is a true story. Everyone in the story was over 18.

Julie sat behind me in senior English. She was a brunette and had really beautiful eyes. Often I would sit sideways in my chair because my seat was against the wall and my arm would sit on her desk. She would draw on my arm and write stuff. One day she was drawing on my arm and she drew a heart and put our names together in it. I was shy and often didn't take signals but I knew that Julie was interested, which made my part easier.

I drove to school and I asked if she would like a ride home. We got to her house and went to her room. I found out that her Mom and Dad were divorced and that her Mom was a middle shift nurse at the local hospital, which meant that often Julie did not see her Mom until the weekends. Great for privacy she said with a smile as she laid down on the bed. Like I said before I was shy and I knew what was going to happen, but I was shaking. I laid down next to her and we started to make out. Ok, this was going well, of course I got a raging erection, but that was natural and so I was not ashamed when she pressed into me.

I let her take the lead. She placed my hand on her one breast which was perfect size for her body. I found out later that she was a 34B. But she was a petite girl and anything bigger would have looked silly. I started to rub both breast and then unbuttoned her shirt. No protest, things were going great. I struggled a bit with the bra, but she help and soon she was topless. I licked and sucked her nipples which were caused her to arch her back. I accidentally bit a bit on the one nipple and I thought "Oh Shit" but instead she reacted explosively. So I began to gently nibble on her little points and she was really getting into it.

She asked me to stop for a minute and jumped up and took off her pants. She went over to the drawer and started digging around. She was clearly looking for something that she couldn't find. She looked at me and asked if I had any condoms. I did, but it had been the one in the wallet for show and I wouldn't trust it to actually work, so I said no. "Well then she said you will just have to eat my pussy." She laid down again and spread her legs. This was the 80's and shaving hadn't really become mainstream yet, so she had a full bush, but it was trimmed. This is where I was really grateful for having fund my Dad's porn stash. I knew I could do this.

I used my left hand to spread her lips and began to lick and her sweet spot. Soon she was moaning and writhing and I was having a hard time keeping my mouth where it needed to be. I was fingering her with my right hand and working on her clit with my tongue and lips. She came hard three or four times before she asked me to stop. It was just too much.

At this point I still had my pants on and my cock was hurting from the tightness. Julie kissed me and unbuttoned my jeans. She pulled down my pants and my cock sprang out, hard as a steel pole. I am not huge, but bigger than average, and it is thick in girth. Julie was not even able to wrap her whole hand around it, but she was making up for it by using both hands. She pumped me for maybe half a minute before I felt the familiar feelings and told her I was going to cum. She was kneeling in front of me and she just kept pumping but aimed it at her tits. Soon I gushed my load onto her tits and she smiled at me. God I was in heaven.

She went to the bathroom and washed up and I laid down on the bed. She came back in and snuggled with me. Soon I fell asl**p. I woke to hear talking. I opened my eyes to see Julie talking to her friend Sue out the window. I was still naked and so was Julie. Sue lived just behind Julie and Julie had called her to see if she had any condoms, which she did. She was just delivering them. I was pretending to sl**p and just listened as Julie told her about what we had done so far. She was recounting my eating her out and Sue was really into it asking her details. I was starting to get hard and this got Sue's attention as well. She pointed my state out to Julie and said it looked good. To my amazement Julie invited her in!

I almost jumped out of bed, but I was pretending to be asl**p so I couldn't blow it. Julie came over to me and kissed me to wake me up and said. "We have a visitor. She wants you to eat her pussy like you ate mine." Sue was a tall blond. She was the opposite to Julie in her build, tall and athletic. She had already stripped and I soon saw her blond haired pussy which was something I always enjoyed in the magazines. She laid down and I began to do my thing. Julie laid next to her and I took turns fingering both girls.

Julie suggested that Sue sit on my face and she could work on my dick. Here I was a fucking virgin about to lose my virginity with two hot girls, I was in heaven. Julie wrapped my cock in the condom and started to ride me cowgirl style while I ate Sue's pussy. I peeked up between Sue's legs at one point and saw that they were rubbing each others tits. Soon the two girls came almost at exactly the same time. I was still ready for more. The girls took off the condom and took turns sucking my dick while the other worked on my balls. Soon I was ready to blast and I let them know. Sue wrapped her lips around my head and took my whole load in her mouth.

This lead to many great afternoon's at Julie's house. Soon enough it was time for college and all three went our separate ways but we would get together in pairs or threes for a few more years. Eventually I married Julie and she is still my wife today.
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3 years ago
awesome i love the way you tell a story not too mucn info not leaving out the best parts great job another of my favs!
3 years ago
your one lucky dude