Ally's first hand job

Ally was a freshman and I was a sophomore in college. The first day I saw her in the dorm I knew that I wanted to get to know her. She was a dark haired beauty. Petite, with a fantastic ass, and a nice set of tits that matched her body size perfectly, B cup. I got to know her quickly as she only lived three doors down. Her roommate was Sarah, a renowned slut, whom I had actually fucked at one point but she was so d***k at the time I doubt she remembered it.

I started walking her to class and spending time with her and I got to know more and more about her. She hated Sarah, she felt bullied by her. She was always talking about sex with Ally and it made her uncomfortable. She had very little sexual experience, basically none. She went to an all girls school and was not allowed to date. She was curious, but more that a little frightened.

I knew I had my work cut out for me, but I thought she was worth it. My roommate basically lived with his boyfriend (yep, he was gay) in a different dorm, so I was often alone in my room. Ally would come down watch TV and hang out. Sometimes we even studied. One night we were laying on the bed I was propped up and she had her head against my chest. Her ass was tight against my cock and I could feel a lot of her. I was wearing sweatpants and no underwear like usual. She had on a lower cut top and from where I was sitting I could see right down her shirt. She was not wearing a bra which was quite brazen of her, I couldn't quite see her nipples but I saw most of her breasts.

Of course I started to get an erection, which she felt. She wiggled her ass against it and giggled. She too was wearing sweats so there was not a lot between us. She would wiggle and I would try to get comfortable. Finally she turned over and said "I want to see it."
"Your thing."
"My thing? What thing?" I asked knowing full well.
"Your penis." she said as she turned bright red.
"Really, you want to see it? This will be a whole new level."
"I know, but I really like you, and I trust you. Your not going to **** me, and I can learn about things the right way. You know I had zero sex ed in school. I talked to other girls but I am sure that 99% of what they told me was crap. You are a Bio major, at least I know you know how this stuff works."
She was really red and getting agitated so I knew I could not push it.

I said "Ok, slide back."
She moved down to the end of the bed and sat cross legged. Her brown eyes looked huge. I rolled up to my knees and pulled my sweats down my ass, but my cock was still covered. I was fully erect now and throbbing.
"One last chance to change your mind."
"No, I want to see it, please."
With that I slid my pants down from over my cock.
Her eyes widened and she gasped. I know what she was thinking. My cock is a good size, just a little bit under 8 inches and about as thick as a Red Bull can. She was scared of it, but excited too.

"Well, what now?"
She leaned in closer for a good look. She was breathing heavy and her breath on my cock felt amazing. She examined it up close. She reached out and looked up at me.
"Can I touch it?"
"Of course you can, but be careful, it's loaded."
She didn't laugh, for her this was serious business.

At first she just touched it with one finger. Lightly stroking down from the head to the base. Then two fingers. Her touch made my pre-cum appear. She dabbed her finger in it, and looked at the string coming from the source to her finger. She tentatively tasted the liquid on her finger. She did not make any comments. She continued to stroke, but looked up at me and asked, "Did you cum?"
"No baby, that is lubricating fluid, it comes out first to help the sex act and to clear out the urethra. Acid from urine will kill sperm."
"Oh, so there is more."
"Yes, and it will shoot and be more white instead of clear."

"How do you do it."
"What do you mean?"
"God, you make me say everything, how do you masturbate, jack off, rub one out, asshole?"
"Ok, here"

I moved her hand away and gripped my cock. I was never big on lube, I just use a light touch. I circled my fingers around just below the base of the head and started short strokes. She watched and observed. "You are varying the pressure of your fingers."
"Yep, variation is key. This feels amazing, I love having you watch."
"Let me try."
Her fingers took my place, but of course her hand was from a different angle. They could not reach all the way around. She started to slowly stroke up and down. I reached down and rotated her hand back and forth. She got the idea and was soon doing it on her own.
"Are you close?" She asked. I really wasn't, so I said. "Could I see your tits? That would help."

She hesitated and looked at me. "Ok, you can touch them too if you like." She smiled and took off her shirt. Her tits were amazing. Great size and beautiful nipples which were sensitive. I reached out and flicked and nipple and she gasped. She went back to worked on my cock, but she also added a second hand.

As she worked on my cock her boobs bounced just a little, God the were amazing, and soon she had me on the edge. "I am getting close, don't slow down and don't stop."
This announcement got her excited and and she sped up some. I grunted and the first bast shot out. She let out a little scream and stopped stroking. I quickly grabbed her hands and f***ed her to continue, as the rest of the cum blasted out. It was a huge load, one of the biggest. I had not been jacking off very much and kind of "saving up".

She got cum on her chest, her face and of course all over her arms and hands. Finally I let her stop and she looked at me and burst out laughing. "That was fucking amazing, thank you so much."
I got her a towel and wiped some cum off her cheek and smiled.
"Well, so how do you do it?"
"Do what?"
I smiled and said "Masturbate, of course."
She looked and said "I don't, I mean I never have."
"Well, that is going to need to change."

And that will be the next story if there is enough interest. Do not forget to vote, and leave a comment!"
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6 months ago
great story! cant wait to read part two, how does she masturbate!
6 months ago
That was totally hot. More.
6 months ago
N1. Keep writing
6 months ago
6 months ago
Great story. I'd love to see more description of the act itself though.
6 months ago
Would love to hear the rest. I'm going uni soon and i assume this goes further than her masturbating. A collection of stories from your relationship would be amazing!
6 months ago