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When I need some no strings sex I like to cruise to hotels in downtown Philly, near the convention center. Generally mid-week Thursday always seems to be the best, although the following occurred on a Wednesday night. By mid week the wives and lovers of others are missing them and needing some action, my job is to provide that.

I walked into the Hotel lounge and scoped the place out. I saw her right away, she was a slender red head, long hair hanging down to the middle of her back. He was wearing a black sheath dress that looked painted on, and there were no lines underneath indicating that she had on any under garments. Swaying to the music by herself. I went to the bar and got a beer and watched. I saw two guys attempt and get shot down, I finished off my beer and went for it. Confidence. I walked to the other side of the dance floor and simply held out my arms at my side like "what about me". She crossed over to me and we started dancing.

While we danced I learned that her name was Isabelle, but I could either call her Izzy or Belle but not Isabelle. I liked the sound of Izzy so I chose that. We danced for a while and the music got progressively faster as the older folks filtered out and the younger crowd came in. Soon she was grinding into my crotch with her ass and her dress rode up. I could see easily that she had no panties on for sure. She would pull it down but she was the center of many male and female glances.

I reached under her dress and started fingering her pussy while she reached back and gave my cock a good squeeze. She grabbed my hand and walked to the elevator. As we walked down the hall she turned to me and said "My husband is in our room. He loves to watch me fuck other men, and I love to have him do it. It brings out my inner slut. Are you OK with that?"

"Sure" was my reply.

"He may video us, if he does you will get a copy. You OK with that?"


We got on the elevator and she told me to hit the top floor. As we rode up she pulled my cock out of my pants and backed into it. She wanted it bad, and so I gave it to her. We got to the top floor and the door opened, I expected that we would get off, but she said, "No just wait." Soon enough the doors closed and we started going down again. She reached out and hit the Lobby button. As we went down we fucked slowly. About the 14th floor the door opened and an older couple came on. The elevator hard to smell like sex, but with her dress pulled down they really couldn't see anything. The got off at the lobby and she hit the top floor button again. We did this 3 more times with varied people and one group of five or six. Lots of glances, but no one said a word.

We did it one last time and about floor 20 a couple of girls got on. One was a brunette and one was a tall leggy blonde. As we rode down, the blonde turned to us and said "You guys are screwing aren;t you?" The brunette blushed and said 'Oh My God Donna, WTF!" Donna replied "Well they are, and I wanna watch a bit." So I started moving in and out and Donna cooed and said my dick looked good. When we got to the lobby as they were getting out Izzy said "We are in 2512 if you want some fun later. Donna replied that they were planning on having their own, but thanks anyway.

I reached out and punched the 25 button. We got off and walked to 2512. She knocked twice and then opened the door. There was her husband sitting in the chair naked watching porn slowly stroking one of the smallest cocks I have ever seen. Izzy walked me over and introduced me. "I know you must think this is strange, but I love my wife and she loves me, and we have good sex, but I can not give her what you have, so we do this every once and while."

He turned the chair to face the bed and I turned to Izzy. I reached down and pulled her dress up and off and laid her back on the King size bed. I quickly stripped down and knelt beside the bed. She was completely shaven and I dove into her pussy with a gusto. She was very wet and I licked her lips while burying my tongue into her hole. As I ate her I could feel and hear her working to an orgasm. Her husband said "You may want to back off a bit when she cums." I felt her tighten and backed up a bit and she squirted a long stream out. I have been with squirters before, but she had the most I ever saw by far. She got her cum all over my chest and abdomen.

I turned her over and she got on her knees and I entered her from behind. As we fucked she came a few more times and got me totally soaked. Her husband started videoing us and walked over to the bed and Izzy began sucking his cock. I was getting close and when her husband pulled out and shot on her face I felt the slow boil cumming to a steam. I rolled her over as I pulled out and shot a huge load all over her belly, tits and some joined her husbands cum on her face. She started laughing and her and her husband discussed the amount of cum on her. She was starting to get up when there was knock on the door.

Izzy walked over and glanced at her husband. "Room service?" she asked. He said, "Not me" and Izzy without a glance through the peep hole threw the door open. There stood Donna. Her mouth opened but nothing came out. Izzy grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into the room. "Where is the other girl?" Donna shrugged and said, "Still in the bar working the old dudes." Izzy was slowly wiping the cum from her tits and licking it off of her fingers. Donna was watching her and said "I guess I am too late?", Izzy replied that she thought we had more in us for her and that she should strip. We found out that her and her friend were college students from NYC that had come down to Philly for a weekend get away.

She stripped and laid down on the bed. Izzy had wiped most of the cum off by then but she laid down next to Donna and reached out to rub her tits. Donna stiffened and Izzy asked if she had ever been with a woman. Donna said no, but she had always wanted to try it. Izzy said "I am sure that one of the guys will eat your pussy for you if you would like." and I was the closest. Izzy's husband got the camera going again. I ate Donna's pussy slowly but she responded well. Izzy sucked on her nipples and made out with her. When Donna came she was almost screaming.

Izzy straddled her face and said "Eat me out baby" which Donna did. Izzy was turned on fiercely and I wondered if her husband was going to warn Donna but he didn't and Izzy came and almost drowned poor Donna. She looked like she had been in the shower her head was so wet with Izzy's cum. I laid down and Donna mounted herself on my cock. Izzy was still on her and started rimming her ass and working a finger into Donna's ass. She asked Donna if she ever had a guy in the ass and Donna said no. Izzy replied that she had just the guy for the job.

Her husband came over and pushed Donna down towards me. Her lovely C cup breasts where push against my chest and she worked his little cock into her ass. To be fair it didn't feel like more than Izzy's finger did. but Donna seemed to like it. Donna came hard and when her pussy clamped down I shot my load into her pussy. This also seemed to set Izzy's husband off. Donna laid on her back and Izzy settled between her legs and ate the cum that was leaking out of her pussy and ass. Donna came again one more time and squeezed more out, which Izzy wiped off with a towel.

With that she turned to Donna and I and said "My husband and I would like to spend the rest of our night together. You can see your selves out." as she headed to the shower. I quickly dressed as did Donna and when we got to the hall I said "Well I hope you had fun, have a good night." and turned towards the elevator. She said, "The night does not have to end you can come up to my room." Alright. When we got into her room we saw her roommate laying on her bed masturbating furiously. Donna said "Hello" and kissed her nipples. I felt a rising in my pants which I was sure I would put to good use. But that I will tell you about that next time.

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dude i loved it!!