Fucking the twins. . . and more

Jo and Linda were reluctant to ever plan on being with me at the same time for a while. Generally what would happen is that I would take one out, then when I took her home the other would join in, or not depending on their mood, because of course I was always up for it. That all seemed to change after a couple of months.

I was getting tired of the bullshit and having to worry about who would be jealous of who and when. It was like I was tip toeing on thin ice all of the time. Of course word spread around sch00l that I was dating the twins and a lot of the other girls started being very attracted to me. The twins got wind about this and decided that they either had to keep me with both, or lose me to another girl, or two.

The "coming out" party was the Spring Fling dance. Always a big event it was almost like a semi-formal. Girls dressed in their shortest nice dresses and guys wore suits and ties. I went out and got a tux and the girls got matching tiny sheath dresses. Jo's was pink and Linda's was purple. They were so tight that it was easy to see that they were not wearing bras, their nipples were hard and so was I. Both girls rode over in the front seat with me and Jo massaged my crotch the whole way.

When we got there I had to sit in the car for a while before my dick would go down enough to go inside. Finally we made our entrance. I had a lot of swagger with these two hotties on my arms. It was like every conversation stopped and all eyes were on us when we entered the gym. We just walked out to the dance floor and started to dance. I had to keep spinning to stay between the two and give them equal attention, but it was worth it. After a while I needed a rest and I went out to the men's room. When I came back the girls were dancing with two other girls in a circle.

I sort of hung on the side and watched, as they danced their dresses would ride up, and need adjustment, but a couple of times the girls didn't notice in time and I could see that neither of them had worn panties either. One of the girls they were dancing with was Suzy a hottie red head with a great rack. She kept reaching down and stroking Jo's pussy. The other girl was Diane that was dancing with Linda. She seemed inclined to Linda's ass and they would dance butt to butt, then Diane would spin around and grind into Linda from behind.

The girls saw me and motioned me over and now I was in the middle of this hot to trot group. Jo quickly explained that Suzy and Diane were a couple, but not really lesbian, just without guys for now. She also informed me that I was all theirs tonight and that they had gotten a hotel room. Holy crap! I just about came in my pants. The rest of the dance d**g from that point forward and I couldn't wait to get out of there. Finally we headed to the room, all four girls in the car with me.

As soon as we got to the room Jo and Linda just peeled off their dresses and were naked in a flash. They pushed me back onto the bed and basically attacked me. I was all over them with my hands while Diane and Suzy took off my shoes, sock and were working on my pants. Once they had stripped my lower half the pounced on my cock swapping my dick back and forth. Their varied techniques had me worked and ready to blow, but Jo told me to hold back because they had some big plans. It was hard, but I used the excuse to taking off my shirt to separate for a second and cool down. Diane and Suzy had shed their clothes and were now making out with Jo and Linda. Diane was on her knees on top of Jo and her ass looked so great. Jo pointed to a box of condoms on the side table and I quickly put one on. I got behind Diane and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy to get it wet.

I got my cock nice and lubed and inserted it into her tight pussy. Jo spun around under Diane and licked her clit and my balls while Diane attempted to eat Jo's pussy. She was not successful because she was too distracted by my fucking. She was really excited and cumming repeatedly. Jo wriggled out from under Diane and asked Linda were the bag was. Linda pointed over by the door and Jo went to the bag and pulled out a strap on. She put it on and grabbed a bottle of lube form the bag too. She walked over to Diane and said, "Which one where?"

Diane said , "I can't take this cock in my ass, but I can handle that dildo." So I laid down on my back and Diane got on top of me she then leaned forward and Jo worked the dildo into Diane's ass. I had never felt anything like this. Diane was cumming and squeezing my cock every time she did, but I could also feel the dildo working in and out of her ass. I just tried to last and not blow my load. Finally Diane cried Uncle saying that she had had enough. Jo had also cum several times from the dildo pressing against her mound as she fucked Diane's ass.

Jo took off the strap on and handed it to Linda. "Now you know our secret, we fuck each other all the time." So she said to Suzy, "Well, you want this." Suzy looked at my cock and the dildo and opted for the opposite of Diane. She mounted Linda and took the dildo into her pussy and then I lubed up my cock really well and worked a couple of fingers into her tight ass. Once she got used to the fingers I slowly entered her with my dick. I needed to set the rhythm and I was taking it slow and easy, but Suzy was screaming for more faster repeatedly. Once I got my speed up I realized I was soon going to cum. I pulled out right as Suzy was having a really strong orgasm and blew my load all over her back. All three of the other girls scooped some up and swallowed it.

I was pretty tired and I needed a rest. I sat on the chair next to the bed and watched the girls all take turns fucking each other with the strap on. I was soon hard again and I wanted more. Te girls all got on their hands and knees and lined up side by side. I went down the lined fucking them in turn, at first for two minutes at a time, then three and then four. I was halfway down the line on five when I knew I was going to cum again. I pulled out of Jo and she spun around the other girls all turned around and I blasted another big load into the mouths of four hot girls. The rest of the night went on and on like this. Finally I basically passed out. I awoke the next day to the maid knocking on the door saying we had 5 minutes to get out or we would get charged for another day. Linda went over and opened the door and invited the maid in. She took in the big naked scene and the dildo on the table and acted kinda shocked, but she looked turned on too.

"Want to join in." She said that she couldn't right now because of work, but she might another time. Linda got her number and promised to call while we all quickly got dressed. But that will be another story.
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id love to hear that next story! great read thanks for sharing