Oh What a Pair

I was 22, in college and poor. Between student loans and room and board and other expenses I didn't have much extra. So when Spring Break rolled around I didn't have any place to go. That is when I remembered my parents friends Dave and Sandra they lived on the beach in a Florida town. I knew them really well when I was younger and I saw them a few times a year. There k**s refereed to me as Uncle John which really cracked me up.

I gave them a call and explained my situation. They said they would love to have me down, but they were leaving town on a trip themselves. But hope was not lost, their k**s were going to still be in school and their Au Pair Sanni would be there. I said great, I got their address and told them to tell Sanni I would be there Thursday night.

I got into town really early in the morning, but knowing little k**s are up early for school I went over to the house. I was greeted by two excited c***dren and their nanny in the rear. I talked to the k**s and caught up on what was happening in their lives. Sanni told the k**s to go finish getting ready for school, but they didn't want to go. I told them that if they didn't do as Sanni said I wouldn't give them their gifts when they got home from school. Off they went, Sanni smiled at me, told me that was a good move and asked me what I had gotten them. I smiled back and replied "Nothing yet, what do they like." She laughed a really sweet laugh and and filled me in on the flavor of the week in k**s toys. Off they went to school, she gave me a spare key and told me to make myself at home.

I made a quick run to the toy store and was back just as Sanni was getting home from dropping the k**s at school. We chatted over coffee and I found out that she was from Finland, working to earn money for college. She was 20 and figured that after another year she could go home, go to school and not have any debt when she got done. She said that she really had no expenses, and that all she needed to do was pay for her clothes, even then sometime Sandra bought her clothes when they went out shopping. She missed home and was looking forward to getting back.

Around lunch time we ate and then I asked if she wanted to go to the beach. She said that she really didn't go to the beach, with her fair complexion she burnt easily, but that she would go out by the pool with me. We went and changed and agreed to meet out at the pool. I was already laying out on a chaise in the sun when she walked out of the house with bikini bottoms on. At first I was shocked, but then I remembered that in Europe this was normal. She looked at my trunks and laughed. They are so big! She went back inside and threw me a "proper suit" I was basically a man thong. I laughed and said no, but she insisted.

When I came out she laughed even more. Half of my balls were peeking out. She turned me around and pulled the suit up in the back which gave me more ball room to get thing secure. Feeling very silly I laid back down. I must say that I was becoming smitten with this beauty. She had platinum blond hair, beautiful blue eyes. Her tits were B cup, perfectly shaped and perky. Her pink nipples were small, but long. We chatted and talked about our homes. I was getting hot and said I was going into the pool. She came in with me and we splashed around like k**s. Finally we were wrestling and I grabbed her and was going to throw her into the deeper end when she grabbed my suit to prevent that. I threw and the suit crushed my balls. I was in serious pain and she thought it was hilarious. I took the suit off and went after her again. now things were different.

Again I grabbed her, but this time she reached out and grabbed my cock. Not to violently, but not real gently either. I stopped and pulled her towards me. We kissed and grabbed at each other. We stood in the water feeling each other, then I walked her to the shallow end. I pulled the chaise closer to the pool ad lifted her on to it. I pulled down her panties and saw her pussy. Fine blond hair framed her pink slit. Perfect. I spread her legs and dove in. I ate her pussy for a while and fingered her as I did. She was loving it. She had several small orgasms and built towards a really big one. I hit her with a crash and she laid back catching her breath. She sat up with a start and cursed in Finnish. She needed to get to school and pick up the k**s. I looked down at my rock hard cock and she said "Later" and went in threw on clothes and left.

The afternoon and evening we had fun with the k**s and watched a movie. I helped put them to bed and after they had been asl**p for a while grabbed her hand and led her to the guest room. I had been seriously horny all night and now it was my turn. I stripped and got on the bed. She stripped as well and took my hardening cock into her mouth. She worked my cock over very well and I was building towards cumming, but I stopped her. I got her on all fours and entered her in doggy position. We fucked this way for a while and then she mounted me in reverse cowgirl. I reached around and played with her perfect tits. Finally I felt the cum rise. She felt my cock get bigger and dismounted and took my cock into her mouth. I shot my load and she swallowed it like a trooper. I knew this was going to be a great vacation. I was right.

Leave me some comments and let me know if you would like to read Part 2.
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1 year ago
great start & yes more
1 year ago
sounds good so far... of course "finnish" this story off ;)
1 year ago
waiting for part 2
1 year ago
My goodness .... what a start!
1 year ago
More please