Fucking A and B

I was in Atlanta on business when a college buddy asked me to come see his band at a local club. I had nothing better to do so I headed down to the club. I got there early and said hi to my buddy and he filled me in on how playing in this band has been the best thing ever for his sex life. I told him I looked forward to seeing them.

A couple of hours later and the dance floor was packed with women. Some were there with men, but many were there alone or with another lady friend. I stood off to the side watching the action on stage and around me. Two girls caught my eye. One was blond and the other a raven haired brunet. I walked over to them and just casually started dancing with them. They totally accepted me and soon the three of us were dancing and rubbing on each other.

I will call the blond A and the brunet B because I never got their names. Soon enough I had A in front of me grinding her ass into my crotch while B was behind me rubbing her tits on my back. My cock was getting very hard and A did not help as she kept reaching back and squeezing it through my pants. I took it to mean that I could maul her tits so I did.

As the next song started the girls switched places. B picked up right where A left off jerking my cock through my pants. I was getting close to cumming, but I couldn't blow in my pants. I grabbed their hands and led them out the side door that was next to the dance floor. It led out to an alley behind the club. A pair of dumpsters made a nice little nook. I led them into that.

I grabbed A and pulled her sheath skirt up. I reached down and grabbed her thong and pulled it to the side. I plunged my fingers into her pussy and it was very wet. I turned her around and bent her over. She grabbed the wall for support as I shoved my cock into her soaking pussy. I wasn't playing around. B was watching close by and I grabbed her hand and pulled her over. I reached down her yoga pants and started fingering her while I fucked A hard from behind.

I pulled B's pants down to her knees and had her bend over. I put one of her hands on her friends pussy and told her to help her friend cum. She began to rub A's clit and kiss her back and ass. I the while I fingered her from behind. Every once and a while I would pull my dick out of A's pussy and shove it into B's mouth. She sucked her friends juices off of my cock eagerly.

I pulled B up to my level and told her that I was going to cum soon, that she was going to suck my cum out of me and that she was not to spit or swallow it, but when I was done she was going to share my cum with her friend. I had pulled A's C cup tits out of the top of her dress and it was clear that she had really had a good time. I pulled out and shot my load into B's mouth, it was a huge load, but she held most of it.

When I stepped back from A, B pulled her face to hers and they kissed. The look of shock on A's face when she got a taste of my cum was priceless, but they both seemed to enjoy it. Some dribbled out of their mouths and was on A's tits. I scooped it up on a finger and fed it back to them. My cock never really got soft, only a little less hard. Now it was getting rock hard again.

I moved behind B and entered her soaking pussy. I fucked her nice and hard and she responded well. A returned her friends favor and rubbed her clit for her. I scooped up some of her pussy juice and fingered her ass while I fucked her pussy. Soon she turned to me and asked me to fuck her ass. I entered her nice and slow and knew that I would not last long in her tight ass. A was squatting down next to her friend and when I started to cum I pulled out of B's ass and shot my load on to A's face and tits.

They took a few minutes trying to make themselves look a little less like they had just gotten fucked silly and we headed towards the door of the club. As they entered I walked to my car and drove back to my hotel. It was a great night.
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