Snowed in

The year was 1996. I was in college and working at the college radio station. This station was a regular broadcast station located on the college campus and it operated 24 hours a day. We played a variety of music and gave campus news and updates, sports, etc. I had a late night slot and was on from 11-2 am. Often I would play prog rock with pieces lasting 20 minutes and get homework done. The girl that followed me was Diane. She would often come in early and shoot the shit and flirt with me.

In late January we were getting hit with a blizzard. I was on the air and Diane just got in. I was having people call in and we talked about snow memories from our c***dhood, it was actually a very fun show with a lot of participation. She decided to keep the theme going and asked if I could hang out since it was doubtful we would have classes the next day.

Around 2 am security told us they were shutting down the campus. We could stay on the air with just the two of us, but the building would be locked and we would be on our own until they reopened things up. We had a bathroom and a stocked kitchenette as part of the station so we decided to brave things out. The station was on the first floor so we would keep doing an inches update. Finally it was getting close to 6 am and I was exhausted. There was a couch in the office so I asked Diane to hold down the fort and I went to sl**p.

I had a gym bag with me so I changed into sweats for sl**ping. About 10 in the morning I awoke to the sensation of my cock being sucked. I couldn't process where I was or what was happening, but I remembered soon enough. The power was out, and broadcasting was down. So Diane decided to have some fun. Snow was was about halfway up the windows and I was amazed that so much snow could have fallen overnight.

I grabbed Diane's head and she looked up at me and smiled. She took my dick out of her mouth and said "good morning". I told her I thought it was too. She kept going and I reached down and took off her oversize sweat shirt. She always wore big baggy clothes and she had a great body. She was wearing no bra (another advantage of big baggy clothes) and I was stunned by how great her tits were. They were not huge, quite the opposite, probably B cup, but they were perfect cones capped by large pink nipples. They were hard like pencil erasers and when I ran my hand over them she moaned.

I pulled her off of my cock and laid her down on the couch. I proceeded to really work those perfect tits over. As I did this I explored her legs and crotch with a free hand. I pulled off her genes and was greeted my a very wet shaved pussy. I fingered her for a while also continuing to work over her tits at the same time. Then I went in on her soaked twat with my mouth. I ate her pussy and fingered her at the same time. Her clit was ultra sensitive and every time I would flick it she would arch her back and moan.

Soon she was moaning and letting out little whimpers indicating she was ready. I zeroed in on her clit and sucked it in between my lips. She reacted almost violently, she was bucking and shaking, screaming and begging me to not stop. Meanwhile it was hard to keep her where I needed her. I really had to hold her ass with both hands. When she had enough she begged me to stop and get a rest. I did so. She told me then that she had never cum so hard, or so many times ever. I was filled with pride. But she was exhausted. She fell asl**p and I went back to sl**p too.

I woke first some time in the mid afternoon. She was laying on her side between me and the back of the sofa. I rolled off and went to the bathroom when I came back I reached under the cushions for the hell of it, and sure enough I discovered it was a pull out bed. I lifted Diane off pulled out the bed and laid her back on it. Good thing she weight only about 100 lbs. I was reading a book when she finally did wake up. The little light coming in the window and the fact that she fell asl**p on a couch and woke on a bed had her confused. She looked at me and asked me if she was dreaming, or was I the best pussy eater ever. I told her I was the absolute best pussy eater. Then her eyes got real big and she said, "You never came last night did you?" I told her no, she fell asl**p on me, and she said she would make it up to me.

She took me in her mouth and had me hard in seconds. She was really impressed by my cock. While only about 8" in length, it is very big around just about the size of a red bull can. She worked my cock over and said "You are going to cum in my mouth, and then I will get you hard again so we can fuck. Sounded like a plan. I soon felt the familiar tightening in my balls indicating that ejaculation was eminent and so did she. She sucked on the head of my cock and flicked it with her tongue while I shot a huge load into her mouth. She couldn't quite hold it all in her mouth, but after she swallowed what she could hold she used her fingers to get the rest of my cum that was on her chin into her mouth.

I never had a girl do that and it turned me on very much. My cock got a little softer but never really fully soft. I ate her pussy for a couple of orgasms and then lined up to fuck her. A quick search in one of the cabinets and we found a box of condoms. We fucked in a bunch of different positions until finally we were in doggy. I was using my fingers on her asshole while I fucked her.

"That makes me feel so dirty, I love it." I was working fingers into her asshole at this point. Then she said, "Fuck me in the ass", she didn't need to ask twice. My cock got ultra stiff at the prospect of fucking her ass, something I always wanted to try. We got some kitchen oil from the kitchenette and I lubed her up good. Her ass was pretty relaxed and it wasn't that difficult for me to get into her. Soon we had a nice rhythm going. She was fingering herself and she came two or three times before I felt my orgasm coming.

I pulled out and took off the condom and blew my load all over those great tits and some on her face. She again worked most of my cum into her mouth and smiled. We both fell back to sl**p under a big blanket and woke up sometime in the middle of the night when the power came back on. She got on the mic and started doing the show, reading news off of the internet and giving snow updates. I climbed between her legs and ate her pussy while she was on the air. She did a great job keeping her voice even and playing PSA carts right when she would orgasm.

We took hour shifts and she would blow me while I did my show. In the early hours we got a message that the campus would be reopened later in the morning and we knew our fun was about to end. Soon after the campus reopened the morning guys got there and took over the airwaves. While the campus was opened classes were closed because professors could not get in. Diane offered to go back to her dorm room, but we decided against it because her roommate was there. We dropped by and she got a change of clothes, then we trekked to my apartment right off campus. We spent the next two days sucking and fucking each other. It was really quite a storm!
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Very nice.
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i love snow days
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very good