Being spied on

After my first year in college I spent the summer working as a life guard at a local pool. The money sucked, but I got to see hot girls in small bikinis, and some of the girls I worked with were real hotties as well. One girl Katie was exceptional. She was a red head with a slim build but large C-cup breasts. Her nipples were often hard and visible through her guard suit and I often fantasized about sucking on them while I jacked off.

After about a month I was closing up with another female guard Jill. She said that she had something she needed to talk to me about. So when we were done we sat in the office.
"John, when you close up what do you typically do?"
"Well, I make sure the chairs are all in and stacked. I double check all of the sheds are locked. I do a check of the water and write the results in the log. I check the skimmers, last I check the men's locker room. That's it."
"Ok, when you check the locker room what do you do?"
"Um, I empty the trash, close any open lockers, check the toilets, sink. Mop out the showers and floors."
"Is that it?"
"Pretty much, what is this about, your not my boss."
"No, its not about you. Katie has been telling me some stuff about you when you close and I want to know if it is true."
"Well, what has she been saying?"
"She is telling me that she watches you shower, and that your body is hot."
"Holy fuck! How does she do that?"
"She climbs on top of the lockers and watches over the wall."
"Shit, I didn't think that could be done. She sits up there?"
The lockers when up about 8 feet in the locker room. The wall went another 2 feet above that, but then the top was open between the two locker rooms. I had often thought about using a mirror on a stick to watch the girls shower, but I never thought the lockers were strong enough to sit on.
"Well she might have, because typically I shower the very last thing, then change right before I leave."
"Ok, well you might want to change that when you work with Katie next time."

I worked with Katie a few nights later. I couldn't stop thinking about her watching me in the shower. All day I was thinking about it and fighting off a tremendous erection. Katie was so hot, but today she just seemed to radiate sex. Every time I was near her I was nervous. Then I realized I was being silly. She had seen me naked, she thought I was hot. Tonight I was going to give her a real eyefull.

When the time came for me to get in the shower I did get nervous again, but as soon as the water hit me I relaxed. I soaped up and turned to have the water hit my back. I took this opportunity to raise my head a bit. I closed my eyes, but took a couple quick peeks while moving my arms as a distraction. She was there I saw her on the second peek.

I turned back towards the shower and just thinking about it my cock got very hard. I turned again and let her see my hard cock for the first time. I could have sworn I heard a gasp, but probably not over the water of the shower. I grabbed the soap and lathered up my crotch. Then I started jacking off. Now peeking was easy. I tilted my head back and shut my eyes mostly, like I was in heaven, which I was. I saw that she was not really trying to hide. I could easily see her head and shoulders, and from the movement it looked like she was jilling to my jacking.

Now I had a choice, do I bust her, or do I let nature take its course. I had to make the decision fast because my orgasm was fast approaching. When I got to the point of no return I opened my eyes completely and as the cum shot I watched her taking it in, and it sure looked like she may have came as she watched. Her eyes came up my body and we made eye contact. She was shocked so much that she jumped, then I heard the sound of lockers banging and she was gone.

I was afraid that she may have fallen, so I ran over to the girls side. She was hanging from the top locker. Her one piece suit was pulled to the side over her crotch and I got an eyefull of her pussy. I went over and helped her down. She was speechless and embarrassed. I asked her if she was Ok, and she said she was, but I saw that she had gotten a cut on her hand that was bleeding pretty good.
"We need to clean this up, lets get to the office."
I lead her there and sat her down. Her pussy was still clearly visible and I was stark naked in front of her, still dripping wet. I got the first aid fit and cleaned the kit with some antiseptic wipes. The cut itself really wasn't bad, it was just bleeding a lot. After some pressure and holding it up above her head, it slowed enough that we knew she wouldn't need stitches, and we put on a band aid.
"I need to go get clothes on." I said, making for the door.
"Let me come with you." She said
We got into the locker room and I shut off the still running shower and reached for a towel. When I turned around I saw that she had taken her suit off. We made eye contact, and she said "I owe you this." and she reached down with her good hand an spread her pussy lips. She inserted a finger and rubbed her clit. I knelled next to the bench, between her legs and took in the sight. I wanted to forever burn it into my memory. Her pussy was soaked and looked great. She was trimmed but still had enough hair to look like a woman. I watched her for a while then I leaned in and replaced her hand with mine, and my mouth. I used my tongue and lips on her clit and inserted a couple of fingers in her pussy. I reached up to finally feel her incredible nipples and I had to fight with her hand there to.

I ate her through three orgasms, and then raised myself. My cock was throbbing and needed relief. I waited for her to stop me, but there was no issue. She shuffled her ass closer to edge of bench and lifted her legs to give me better access. I felt her ankles come to a rest on my shoulders. I tried to hold back, but I was just to horny for her. I went at her hard and as I was starting to cum I felt her pussy contracting on my cock as she came. We looked at each other and laughed and decided that we couldn't wait to work together again later that week.

The next morning I opened with Jill and she asked me how the night before went, and I could only laugh and say "It couldn't have gone better!"
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Very good stories all of them
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Hot story! I liked it!