Pussy eating extravaganza

I have always loved eating pussy. First off it is fun, and if you do it well the ladies are all over you. A good session of well done cunnilingus makes her forget they way you pounded her pussy mercilessly later on. Simply stated if you do it well, you can get away with all sorts of other shit.

There is another benefit. Many do not consider oral sex to be sex, so it can be done casually and with multiple partners and everything is OK. Case in point, I had a friend, female, and we would often enjoy oral sex sessions. I would eat her, she would suck me, and then I would eat her some more. She loved it, and I got my jollies. Her name was Sally, she was a tall, thin brunette. The way it worked typically is that she would call me, I would go over to her house and enter the basement. She would be ready for me, well trimmed or shaved. Without a word I would eat her pussy until she came at least twice. She would then blow me, jacking me off onto her C cup titties, then I would eat her some more.

One night it was around 10 and I got a call from her. She told me that she had friends over for a sl**p over, but they all wanted my skills. "All of them?" I asked and she said yes. Well needless to say I was up for it. I went over and met Sally at her basement door. She told me that all six girls wanted to have me eat them. 2 of them have never had oral sex before, 1 of those had never had an orgasm. So there was my first challenge. I wanted them all to cum at least once. I asked if I could touch there tits as well, and Sally went back inside, she came out in a minute or two and said if the girl has no shirt on, you can.

I was blindfolded and led inside. The girls were in a circle around me. I could here them all giggling and making jokes. I knew several of them from their voices, but I didn't know as I sat there. I reached out and found a leg, and said, " You first". There was an intake of breathe as I let my hand go up her leg to her pussy. I found a rather hairy bush, no my favorite, but I went for it. She was already quite wet. I spread her legs a little farther and with my left hand I opened her pussy lips. I used my right hand rub her swollen lips. I moved in with my tongue. I always try to vary my technique so that the giel doesn't get bored, or "used" to the sensations.

After several minutes I could feel her building tension. I moved for her clit with my mouth. As I worked her clit with my tongue and lips I inserted a finger into her pussy. She came very hard and held my head to her pussy and asked me to keep going. I did so gladly and she came again very quickly.

I reached to my right and found another leg. This girl was sitting with her knees folded, so I straightened out her legs. I am pretty sure that this girl had been masturbating, as she was soaked and obviously very horny. She placed one of my hands on her breast and said "My nipples are really sensitive." I started sucking her nipples while I fingered her pussy. As soon as I rubbed on her clit she arched her back and moaned. I kept her on the edge for a bit, then I went for her clit with my mouth. She came gangbusters, and I asked for a break.

The next girl was shaved and came really quickly. I got her off 4 or 5 times very fast and she asked for a break.

The next had her legs closed. I opened them gently and sensed her hesitation. I kissed my way up her leg and down the other. Some exploring with my free hand I discovered that she had a shirt on. She was tense and I felt her tighten up when my face got close to her hole. I kept kissing her thighs and stroking her legs until she loosened up a bit. Finally I made it to her sweet spot and began eating her properly. She was surprisingly responsive and got very excited, very quickly. To the point where she removed her shirt and and brought one of my hands up to let me know. I worked her for the longest, probably about 40-45 minutes or so, but she did cum twice before I was done.

The other two were quite easy as well. In all I was eating pussy for about 2 and 1/2 hours. My mouth was tired, and I thought my tongue would fall off, but I had done good. I was taken back outside and they had a discussion. I was led back in and my shorts and top removed. Sally explained to me that each girl was going to suck my cock. The would start with one minute, then two, then three through the rotation. Whoever I shot off with was the winner. Some were more experienced than others, but they learned quickly. I made it through the first four rotations meaning that each girl was up to 5 minutes. I was on the third girl. She had a killer tongue technique and she won my load.

It was a great night. Of those 6 girls I wound up having sex will all of them but one at one time or another.
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2 years ago
I like your story..so hot
2 years ago
Awesome! Would love to spend a night just eatin pussy:)
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Cool story