Taking Melonie's V-card

This Story is a continuation of this one: http://xhamster.com/user/slapnuts69/posts/116081.html you may wish to read this first.

After our skinny dipping adventure Melonie, Linda and I were having all sorts of sex. Well sorta. Melonie was all over Linda, and so was I. But Mel wasn't touching me, and I wasn't touching her for the most part. So Linda was happy as all get out receiving all of the attention but Mel and I had a sort of awkwardness going on.

After a couple of days I started touching Mel more. As she was eating Linda I started caressing her ass, then fingering her pussy. As she got more and more used to my touch and liking it I started doing more and more but any sort of contact with my cock was still out.

Finally one day we were in a threeway daisy chain, I was eating Melonie, Mel was eating Linda and Linda was sucking my cock. Linda says to Mel, "You should try sucking this cock." So Melonie slides over and takes my cock into her mouth. She had no clue, so really all she did was put her mouth over it. Linda showed her how to use her tongue, use a some suction, and her hand. They then took turns sucking on my cock and I came a huge load it was such a turn on.

This ramped things up a bit and I started taking more and more liberties with Mel. She was now willing, and wanting to suck my cock. I was more willing to touch her or rub my cock on her. At one point I even titty fucked her and shot my load onto her face.

A couple of days later Linda asked Mel if she was ready for "The big step." Mel nodded shyly and giggled a little nervously. I had no idea what she was talking about. Linda explained that Mel wanted me to fuck her. To be her first.

I was very turned on to say the least, but a little nervous as well. I didn't want to be one of those guys that made the first time suck for a girl. Mel explained that her hymen had broken years ago when she slipped off of her bike seat. She went to her mother and her Mom freaked out screaming that her little girl wasn't a virgin anymore! So she wasn't worried about pain from that. She was a little worried about the thickness of my cock. I am not super long (about 8 inches, but my cock is almost as thick as a 12 oz. soda can.

Mel laid down and spread her legs. Her pussy was wide open and ready. She was using one hand on her clit. Linda quickly took my dick into her mouth and got me nice and sloppy wet. As I moved into position I looked Mel in the eye and said "Are you sure about this?" She looked at me and said "Fuck me, please." I quickly looked at Linda and she nodded, which I took as her final permission. I rubbed my cock on her pussy and slowly applied pressure.

She gasped as the head first entered her. I stopped and withdrew. I entered again and she moaned a little, but it didn't sound like a pain moan. I took my time and worked my cock into her a little at a time until I was about half way in. At this time she was moaning a lot but she was also wrapping her legs around me and pulling me towards her. So on the next time in I went balls deep.

When my cock was all the way in her she screamed and I stopped and she said "No, keep going, its fucking awesome!" I fucked her gently for a while and slowly worked up my speed. She had two orgasms as I was working my speed up. I backed off and we got into the doggy position. I again entered her slow and worked up speed and she started rubbing my nutsack with her hand. She started having a really hard orgasm and when her pussy clamped down on my cock and I felt my cum rising. I pulled out and Mel flipped over. I shot my load onto her tits and face. She was still screaming from her orgasm, as she was still rubbing on her clit.

When she calmed down she started to laugh. She was extremely happy that her first fuck had been so good. I was glad that she enjoyed it as well. Linda helped Mel clean all of my cum off of her. This was not the last time I fucked Mel, either.
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2 years ago
Love this series. Keep it coming!
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Nice story