Great night for skinny dipping

Linda and I were making out on the couch in her basement. The basement was her "free zone" where her parents wouldn't intrude (the dumb fucks) and we did all sort of shit down there. She was straddling me and humping on my hard cock when her best friend Melonie cleared her throat again. I glanced over at her and saw that she was bored or angry or something. So I asked Linda to get me a drink.

while Linda was gone I apologized that we were not doing something more fun for her. Turns out that Melonie's parents had gone on a 2 week cruise and left her to fend for herself. So she was hanging out with us for the two weeks and this was day two. I suggested that when Linda came back she suggested something that we could do that would be better than just watching us screw around. Melonie thanked me for the concern and said she would see what she could come up with. We were limited in options as it was around midnight.

When Linda got back with my drink I held off her attacking me with my drink glass and Melonie and her discussed what they could do.
"We could go swimming" said Linda.
Melonie responded that she had no suit. (Her and Linda were very different in size there was no sharing)
Linda said, "Well how about skinny dipping"
"My neighbors down the street have a pool, if we are quiet it will be fine."
So the plan was hatched. The girls stripped to just shorts and tops, and I was just wearing cut-offs. Off we went. The house was dark as we snuck past it. We took off our suits and slipped as quietly as possible into the water. I was very horny at this point, because the moon was out and I was with two hot, naked girls.

Linda was a red head. She had a small patch of red pubic hair on top of her slit but the rest was hairless. She had a nice set of B sized titties with puffy pink nipples. She had fair skin which was covered with freckles, especially on her chest between her beautiful tits. Melonie was totally shaved with short brown hair. While Linda was long and lean Melonie had a short torso with a really nice set of C cup tits with large nipples.

We were all very excited as there was the element of danger being caught and the fact that we were all naked together. We played a little trying not to splash and as we passed by the wall I got a blast from the filter. I mentioned to Linda that "It could be fun." She put her hand on the nozzle and said, it sure could and called Melonie over. They discussed masturbating in the shower and tub openly and decided that this might even be better.

Linda called dibs and asked me to help her. She put her legs on the side of the pool and that put her crotch right at the height she needed. My job was to hold her upper body and head up. So she got into position. She reached down and spread her pussy open to the nozzle blast and then moved back and forth to find just the right location. Since it was my job I held up her upper body with one hand and fucked around with her hard nipples with the other. She was getting really worked up and said "When I come I am going to go under water so I don't get too loud. When it was obvious that she was close I let go of her upper body and she put her head under. I could hear her screams but not too loud.

Melonie had watched all of that with rapt attention. She had kept most of her body under the water, but it looked to me like she was playing with her pussy under the water. Linda surfaced and said Melonie you have to try this. So Melonie, slightly reluctantly came over. She got in the same position was Linda, but because of the difference in leg length her pussy wasn't in the right place. Linda called me over and said that we had to help Melonie out. We each took a side and held her up as she gave us directions like up, down, left, no your left, etc.

Melonie came pretty quickly, but she was able to stifle her sounds so they were just little moans, not loud at all. After she had several orgasms she decided it was enough and asked for us to put her down. I took the opportunity to grab her in a couple of place, but she really didn't seem to mind.

Linda went over to the steps and called me over, She said simply "Fuck me" and I was so horny from all of the stuff going on that I simply put my cock right into her. Melonie came over and got close. She reached out and started to rub Linda's tits. Linda had her eyes closed and didn't know it wasn't me until I grabbed her hips with both hands. By this time Melonie was sucking on her nipples and Linda was getting very close to cumming as was I. Linda went off first and she let out a real howl of pleasure. Along with that we had not been paying attention to staying quiet, and right as I was about to shoot my load the lights in the house came on. The pool steps were really close to the back door and all three of us flew out of the pool and up and over the fence into the neighboring yard.

Still naked and wet we ran through a couple of yards until we had to stop and figure out where we were. we snuck around some more and got into Linda's back yard and into her basement. It wasn't until we were in the basement that we realized that our clothes were still over there, but then we all decided it was no big loss. We talked about the fun we had been having, and then Linda looked at Melonie and said. "Have you wanted to do that for a long time?" Melonie nodded slowly and started to cry, Linda went over and hugged her, then kissed her gently on the lips. Within minutes they were all over each others bodies with their tongues and hands. Linda had her fingers buried in Melonie's pussy and Melonie was sucking on Linda's nipples. Soon they got into the classic 69 position. Linda had never eaten another girl out, but she knew what she liked and went with that and it seemed to work.

With Linda on top her ass was sticking up and I still hadn't cum. I got my cock lined up with her slit and slowly entered her. Melonie now couldn't eat her out as well, so she concentrated on Linda's clit and my balls. I was soon to the point of no return and I withdrew and shot a huge load on to Linda's pussy. A lot of my cum dripped off of her and down onto Melonie's face. Some of it got on her lips which she licked and said "Not too bad". I found out later it was the first time she had tasted cum.

We had a lot of fun over the next two weeks. we basically moved into Melonie's place and fucked around continuously. Included in that time was my taking Melonie's virginity which I can post about if there is interest, so please leave a comment and let me know if you would like to hear about that.
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2 years ago
yes, keep writing, with as much detail as you can
2 years ago
sweet & tell us all of it
2 years ago
Write on, keep it coming.