Beth at my mercy

Beth's birthday was coming up and we planned a special way of celebrating. We went to a nice dinner and a show. The night started off very nice. When we got back to her apartment she invited me in. She lead me back to her bedroom. We started kissing and stripped each other. Right when she reached for my cock, I moved away and asked her if she wanted to try something different for the night's play.
"How different?" she asked.
"No pain," I said

She nodded and I grabbed a bag that I had brought in with me. The first thing I brought out was a blindfold. I put the blindfold on her and kissed her and massaged her tits and got her to relax a little a bit.

I then reached back into the bag and got out some sock which I put onto both of her feet and lower legs. Then I got the duct tape out. She flinched at the sound of the tape coming off the roll, but before she knew it I had one of her legs bound to the bed frame.

She was starting to get worried but again I kissed her for a while and got her to calm down and told her to enjoy it. Finally I taped her other leg to the other side of the frame. I told her that she could keep her hands free if she was a "good girl".

I could she her juices bubbling in her pussy she was so excited. She cums very hard and bucks like an a****l which makes it hard for me to stay with her and push her over the edge to multiple orgasms. My whole plan was to contain her enough with the tape for me to do just that.

I kissed and licked her nipples for a while as I fingered her pussy. Finally I got on my knees between her legs. I asked her to play with her own nipples while I ate her out. I made her promise me she would. I began by licking her pussy in long up and down strokes. I took each of her open lips into my mouth and sucked as I rubbed my tongue on them. She was really responding well when I went for her clit.

The moment I first touched it she had an orgasm. But I continued. She whimpered for a bit but I continued on and soon she had another. When she came that time she thrust her hips and I got a shot to the nose, but because her ankles and feet were bound she didn't really have all that much leverage. She asked me again to stop, but I ignored her. She was saying that it hurt but seconds later she was racked by another orgasm that seemed to last longer and be even harder.

I simply kept at it, and she kept cumming over and over again. Soon she stopped asking for me to stop and just gave in. After about 45 minutes of repeated heavy orgasms I gave one last push. I was fingering her hard and licking on her clit and again she came, but she also squirted, a first. She felt her extra wetness and the fluid hitting her legs and asked what had happened in between deep breathes, and I simply said, you came, and kept it up.

Now she started cumming again but even faster and stronger and each time she squirted. Soon she was almost passed out. I released her legs, and took off her blindfold and she simply curled up into a ball and fell asl**p. I laid down next to her and went off too.

I woke up in the morning and found that I could not move my lower legs. She had done to me what I had done to her the night before. She said to me that she was going to get me back for giving her the most orgasms of her life, but doing it in a sneaky way. She began slowly stroking my morning wood and every time I got close to cumming she held me off. How exactly she did it so well I do not know, but soon it was almost painful for me. Beside that my bladder was throbbing from the need to pee.

I was too proud to beg however. She knew exactly what she was doing to me and finally she went just a little too far and before she removed her hand I started to cum. I shot one of the biggest loads of my life and it was a very powerful orgasm. As soon as I stopped spurting she grabbed my cock and started jerking hard. That was painful and I let her know, she simply said "Welcome to my world." and kept it up. My cock never really got soft and she mounted me cowgirl and really started pounding up and down.

Now my bladder was screaming, but I was also really enjoying the fuck. Within minutes I came again. I filled her pussy with my cum which leaked out when she dismounted. She cut the tape and I ran for the bathroom. I just made it and peed for a very long time.

I walked back into the bedroom and laid down ready for more sl**p. Beth spooned me and whispered into my ear, "I think we found a new hobby" as I drifted off.
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
I like the tape (and over socks even) to restrain her legs, and constant stimulation to make her cum over and over.