Beth and Jenny treat me right

It was a week long conference. The room was about half full of women but many of them were married and just not all that attractive. Beth was different, she was you, about 22, redhead runners body, topped with a nice pair of tits. I saw her one morning coming back into the conference center covered in sweat and looking really hot.

Beth was sitting across the table from me and I was making eyes with her. She was blushing and playing coy. Soon I felt her foot rubbing on my ankle. We made eye contact and held it. We played footsie for the rest of the session and afterwards we chatted. She confirmed my single status and we went back to her room. Within seconds of walking in the door we were naked. I pushed her back on the bed and explored her body with my mouth. I started with her mouth then worked my way to her neck. Up the neck to the ears. Ears can be touchy, some women like it others don't, Beth did.

I slowly worked my way to her tits. She had those incredible puffy nipples. I sucked one into my mouth and swirled my tongue over her nipple. She arched her back and reached for my cock. I moved her hand away and at the same time I played with the nipple on her other tit. She was really starting to moan out loud and I could tell she was really getting worked up. I kissed my way down her flat belly and down one thigh. When I got to her knee I went back up again. I passed by about an inch above her slit, and she was squirming trying to get my mouth on her pussy. I went down the other thigh, and back up again until I was at her center.

I paused for a moment to take in the lovely sight that was her pussy. She was almost completely shaved. She had a small red patch above her pussy that would not interfere with my devouring her sweetness. She was breathing hard and I watched as clear pussy filled leaked from her pussy. Her lips were swollen and spread slightly. My tongue zeroed in on her opening and I went for it. I had to hold her thighs down as she bucked against my mouth and shook. I worked her pussy hard with my tongue and a couple of fingers. She came a couple of times before I went to her clit with my tongue. I circled my tongue around it and she exploded with a massive orgasm that left her breathless.

I lay back and took a tit into my mouth and teased her nipple while she recovered. I had a raging hard on. She bent over and took my cock into my mouth. She looked up at me and progressively went lower and lower until her nose hit my belly. She got me all lubed up with her saliva then lined my cock up with her pussy. She took it in rode me cowgirl. I was not going to last too long at this point and I told her so. She got off my cock and jerked it all over her belly.

We took a quick shower together, chatted a little and I got dressed and left. Later that night at dinner I saw her chatting with Jenny. Jenny was a black haired cutie with huge tits. She has an ass on her as well. As her and Beth talked Jenny would look over at me and giggle. After a bit Beth walked away and I went over and said hello. I asked her what they had been talking about that had her so entertained. She looked at me and said "Your dick" and bust out laughing.

I laughed too and we talked until finally she said that Beth told her that she could get a sample of my cock as long as Beth was there. I could not have said Ok faster. I gave her my room number and went up to my room. About 30 minutes later there was a knock at my door. I let the girls in. I was already naked and I told the girls to get that way too. Jenny was different from Beth and I figured she would enjoy a good hard fuck. I had Beth lay down on the bed and told Jenny to get on top of her in a 69 position. I sat next to them and instructed them to eat each others pussies. Beth protested that she wasn't there for that, but Jenny dove in and Beth just got quiet and enjoyed the work. I told her to eat to and I helped her by fingering Jenny's pussy. As soon as Jenny was sufficiently wet I entered her from behind. Every couple minutes I would pull out and feed my cock into Beth's mouth.

After a little while of this I said "switch" and they swapped position. Now I was fucking Beth and Jenny's mouth. Jenny wasn't able to take my cock as far as Beth but she was a master with her tongue. Soon I felt the familiar tingling in my balls. I took my cock out of Beth and blew my load all over Jenny's face. Jenny squealed and laughed. Beth helped her clean the cum off her face. We had a great rest of the night as well. But I will save the rest of the story for another time.
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