The Rachels

I was relaxing by the pool at my apartment complex one day before heading into my part time job at a video store. The pool was really empty for a Saturday and I was sitting in a shaded area when most people go for the sun. I was joined by a girl named Rachel that lived in a different building in the same complex. I knew her as a customer at the store. She came over and set her stuff down on the chaise next to mine and asked if it was open.

I laughed because there was no one else around for 10 chairs in either direction and told her it was fine. She took off her terry cloth cover and revealed a very small white bikini underneath. She was about 5'8" with a very nice figure. C cup sized tits. I always had thought she was hot, but now I was really perking up. She sat for a while and we chatted. She decided that she needed to take a dip and jumped in the pool. At this point her bikini did what most white bikinis do, disappear. She swam for a bit then got out.

I was treated to a really nice view of her quarter sized nipples and an obviously shaved pussy as she walked back to the chair. I was hoping that my eyes under my sunglasses didn't give me away. When she sat back down she even joked about how she didn't realize her suit was going to go away once it got wet. I told her not to worry about it, she was hot and should be proud.

Soon it was time for me to go into work and I reluctantly said good-bye and went back to get changed. Work that night was pretty uneventful until about 9 when I got a call. It was Rachel, and she asked me if I would like to come over after work. I said sure, I was done at 10, I would shower and see her around 10:30.

I got to her apartment right on time and she answered the door topless. "I figured you knew this was a booty call, so I went for it" she said. I responded by taking one of her nipples into my mouth and sucking it until it was hard. The other responded under my hand and she moaned. She led me inside and to the couch. We sat and started kissing. My hands were still on her titties, massaging them and teasing her nipples with my fingers.

Soon I worked my hand into the back of her panties and rubbed her ass and reached for her pussy. From my angel I could only just touch it, but she shifted to allow me easier access. She was working on getting to my cock. After my shower I put on sweatpants, so she did not have to work hard. She soon had it out and was stroking my hard cock.

She pushed me back and stood for a second and pealed off her panties. She then straddled me and rubbed my cock on her pussy lips. She was soaking and my cock was quickly wet enough for easy entry. She lowered herself with a moan until my cock was all the way in her. We took turns with the work, she would lead for a while, then I would. After a few minutes of fucking the couch I asked if she wanted to move into the bedroom, and she responded with a no. OK.

We fucked in that position for a bit, then I pushed her back onto her back and dove into eating her pussy. She really seemed to like that as I fingered her clit and fingered her at the same time. When I took her clit between my lips and sucked while moving my lips back and forth she came. She held my head to her pussy a shuddered with after shocks.

I then sat back and she started sucking on my cock. She was decent enough, but I wanted to fuck some more and I guided her into the doggy style position. As I entered her she moaned, but I could have sworn that I heard another moan as well. Now that I was listening closely I definitely could hear it.

I got her onto her back and put her ankles on my shoulders. I was going at her hard and she was moaning and yelling, so as she built up I put my hand over her mouth to muffle her cries and there was no mistaking a second female voice moaning. I stopped and just sort of looked at her. She pulled my head to her mouth and whispered in my ear.

"My roommate Rachel, I know weird we both have the same name, likes to watch me fuck guys and masturbate. She is in that room, the one with the open door. She uses toys on herself and simulates everything that I do with the guys." I was a little freaked out, but also a little turned on. I asked if she would ever masturbate in front of us, and the answer was no, at least she never had before.

At this point my cock was getting soft so Rachel got on her knees in front of me and took her cock into my mouth. I looked right at the open doorway as she sucked me. When I spoke I talked to the open door. "God, that feels good", "Umm baby, you sure can suck cock" and finally "I am cumming". She pulled my cock out and pointed it straight up over her head. My cum landed in her hair and on her back. As I was done the door slowly closed and shut.

I figured the night was over now, but Rachel d**g me into the shower to wash my cum off. I love showering with women, soaping them and getting them clean. I then laid her on the bed and ate her pussy again until she came hard another time. We then fucked until I came in her pussy and I left.

I was called over again on Wednesday night, and again the door was open. Rachel whispered to me that her roommate was turned on by my looking at her, even though I couldn't see her and she encouraged me to do it again. Things went pretty much the same, until after I came, when the door was closing a hand appeared and made and OK sign before disappearing.

The next time I went over, about 3 days later there were feet visible in the door as soon as I got there. As she played with herself while we fucked the feet would move and it was very hot.

About a week later I got a call, Rachel told me that the other Rachel was willing to make a big leap. She would sit in the room with us, on the big stuffed chair across from the sofa. I could look, but I could not speak to her directly. I got there and I was expecting and ugly girl, but I was surprised that she was really hot. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and panties. I followed the rules and we did our thing. When it was time for me to cum I pulled out and shot my load all over Rachel's body while making eye contact with the other Rachel that was furiously fingering her pussy. She came, stood up and came over to me, leaned over and said "Thank you" before going into her room and closing the door.

This continued for about a month before the first Rachel went to Europe for her job. I called the apartment once and left a message for the other Rachel, but she never called back. I was interesting for sure.
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