Night for three

Kate, Patty and I were just hanging out watching movies. The three of us were all friends, and single. The girls had picked out the movies. The first was a forgettable romantic comedy but the second was a french film. It had subtitles and lots of nudcamie people. By the time we started watching it we were all pretty tired. Kate was curled up next to me with her head on my shoulder. Patty was on the Love seat across the way.

Things were getting heated in the movie and the tension in the room was rising as well. Kate was flexing her legs and squeezing her pussy subtly. I could feel her hard nipple against my arm and it was getting me hard. Patty had her hand in her pants, but I guess she figured that we wouldn't see that.

I was wearing a t-shirt and some gym shorts. Kate was wearing a cami and a pair of shorts, while Patty was in PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. Kate is tall, close to 6 feet and very well built. Her B sized tits made her uncomfortable, but I always thought they were cute. Patty was very short, about 5 ft 2 in, and she had a stocky gymnast body, but with big tits. D cup which looked even bigger on her frame. She was wearing a bra because she had to.

Sitting there with two sexy women, who were both pleasuring themselves gently was getting me excited. Kate was the first to see my cock sticking out from under my shorts and she sort of cooed. She gently wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to stroke me gently. I took this as a green light and I reached for her tits and played with her nipples through her t-shirt. She moaned and Patty looked over. She was now watching us instead of the movie and not being subtle about the play under her pants.

I took Kate's shirt off and she took off my shorts and laid down on the couch next to me on her side. She continued to play with my cock and I kept playing with her titties. Soon I reached down and worked my had into her shorts. I worked my hand between her legs and started to fondle her wet pussy. She took my cock into her mouth, but not to deep, really just the head.

Patty got up and came over to us. She knelt down next to my legs and took off her shirt and bra. With one hand she continued to play with her pussy and the other she reached over and rubbed my balls. Kate was intent on my cock and I was starting to get close to the brink, so I told her to back down. Patty took this as a sign and knelt on the top of the couch with her thighs straddling my head. I started to eat her dripping wet pussy.

Kate stripped off her shorts and lay next to us fingering her pussy. I reached over and played with her clit. She came several times very quickly. Meanwhile I was eating Patty's pussy and she came as well. My cock was still rock hard and Kate mounted me and began to ride. She would build up speed and then slow down and grind into my lap. She got me really worked up and soon I knew I was going to blow my load.

She got off and both her and Patty grabbed my cock and took turns sucking on the head. When I finally shot off they each got some on their faces and in their mouths. My cock didn't even come close to getting soft. I got Patty onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind. I fucked her hard and got her off a couple more times. I worked a finger into her ass and she really seemed to like that. I got her ass lubed well with saliva and her pussy juice.

I slowly worked my cock into her ass. Kate saw this and went to her room. She came back with a vibrator. She inserted it onto Patty's pussy and turned it on. The vibrations sent Patty of and really got to me too. Patty came very hard and cried Uncle. I looked at Kate and said "Your Turn". She assumed the position and put the vibrator in her pussy. I slipped my cock into her ass and started fucking her. when she came her ass squeezed my cock and set me off. I shot into her ass.

We all took a shower and curled up on the bed together. We played a bit more and all decided that we loved French films!
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very good
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very hot story
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pretty hott!
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Great story!