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It was a second date. I invited Brita to a wedding. I know kiss of death that early in a relationship, but it was a late minute thing. We had a nice drive down to the wedding which was 2 hours from home. We chatted and flirted and even talked about sex a little bit.

The wedding was fun and the wine flowed as well as other sorts of alcohol. Come time for the last dance neither one of us was in any shape to drive home. She suggested we get a room. Who was I to say no?

When we got in the room Brita grabbed a chair and placed it at the bottom of the bed. "I don't fuck on the second date. But I am horny, so you will sit here and watch me get myself off. You can jack off too if you would like."

What could I say to that? She stripped down and I got my first look at her naked. Her size C cup tits were firm with no sag in sight. Her narrow waist led to nice hips and a killer ass. The hair on her pussy, which was nicely trimmed was red like that on her head. She was covered in freckles from top to bottom.

She arranged the pillows at the top of the bed and sat on it facing me, and spread her legs. When she used her fingers to spread her pussy lips I could see the wetness glistening. She dipped a finger in and brought it to her mouth. Looking me in the eye she sucked the finger clean.

I stood up and stripped off my clothes. At this point my dick was getting hard and she seemed to like what she saw. She continued to play using her fingers she had two inserted and worked her clit with her thumb.

I was slowly stroking my cock. It was getting really hard and if could have cum in seconds if I had gone any harder. She worked herself into a fury and came really hard. I love watching a woman cum and she was so hot breathing hard and moaning in her pleasure.

She slowed for a second and looked at me, smiled and laughed a little. "That was a strong one, thanks."
"But I didn't do anything." I said.
She said "Sure you did, you watched and let me have fun without ruining it by climbing all over me."
"Has that happened before?"
"Yes, they get all excited and can not control themselves. But you haven't even cum yet."
"I know" I said, I had stopped when she did and my cock was now sitting at half mast.
"I want to watch you cum" she said.
I got some of the lotion from the sink and lubed my hand. I sat in the chair and grabbed my cock. She wants cum, cum she will get. I started jacking hard. As I got closer I changed technique and just had my thumb and finger wrapped around my cock just below the head.
"Where to you want me to cum?" I asked
She said, "jack off on my body"
With that I moved to the side of the bed and knelt at her side. When the first spurt came I aimed in the general direction of her crotch. My cum splashed on her thighs and aimed for her tits next. The second blast was strong and it over shot her tits and landed smack on her cheek. She started to laugh and the rest of my load was mostly on her tits.
I leaned back and I felt her finger wiping cum ff the head of my dick. She rubbed my cum into her body like lotion and my cock never really got soft seeing her do that.
She grabbed a shower and we got into bed naked and feel asl**p. I woke up to find her sucking my cock as I lay on my side.
"Good morning", she said, "Today is technically our third date, so now we can fuck."
We 69ed for a little bit and then I fucked her doggy style as I fingered her ass lubed with her own pussy juice. When she came I pulled out and jacked ff onto her pussy.
We fucked several more times until 10:45 with check out time looming. When we got home we fucked some more in her apartment. It was really a great time.
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