My Sex Journal pt6: Older woman

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I'm going to skip ahead a little now to when I was just under 18. As soon as I turned 16 I left care completley, turning down all offers of living assitance so I spent the next 16 months or so moving around from place to place where ever I could find a bed and a bit of work and sometimes sl**ping rough. It's a time of my life I don't think fondly of and very little happened sex wise so I'll leave it at that.

Spring 1998ish, I had been taken on as a grounds keepers assitant in a country house hotel in the Argyll area. Basically shifting shit around and getting the grounds ready for the tourists coming in spring. It wasn't a great job but it came with digs, a small single room in the staff quarters, so I was happy just to have a roof over my head and beer money in my pocket.

Anyway, I had been working away all through spring and into summer and I was now in the best shape of my life. I was filling out gaining muscle and my skin was starting to turn a deep brown from working with my top off all through the long days. I noticed women looking at me as I cut about the grounds about my work and every now and then I'd get the odd wolf whistle. I'm not the egotistical type but it was good to be noticed after over a year of being anonymous. There was one women in particular who had taken a shine to me.

For the life of me I can't remember her name but I remember what she looked like as I have an old photograph of the group that worked there that season. She was around her mid 30's and already divorced. She was about 5'5" had long thick red hair that was sort of curly, really pale alabaster skin and the brightest green eyes and a great smile. She was really slim with long slender legs and arse that looked fantastic in jeans and B cup tits with nipples so hard they showed through any material.

She worked in the hotel bar and was always flirting with me. Since I was under 18 I wasn't actually allowed in the bar but she would let me in for a pint after hours while she cleared up. As time went on I noticed her jeans getting tighter, shirt going a button or two down and an obvious increase in the time she spent bent over or on her knees picking things up. One night I popped in just after midnight as she was cleaning up. We said hello and had our usual small talk as I sat on my stool at the bar and followed her around the room with my eyes.

I was enjoy the sight of her slim arse in those tight denims and was starting to get a semi. She finished up cleaning and got us both a drink and sat down on the stool next to me. I watched as she untied her hair and shook it loose, I found that very sex. She caught me looking at her and smiled at my embarrassment. There was a bit of an awkward silence as we sat there drinking our vodka. She was watching me now, leaning her elbow on the bar with her hand through her hair. I could see her in the corner of my eye but pretended not to and continued nursing my drink. She put her other hand on mine and said something like "Why do you come here every night? You're a young lad you should be out having fun." I didn't respond at first then said "Is that your way of telling me to fuck off?" With a fake offended look.

She was serious all of a sudden and squeezed my hand tighter and said "No, no I like it when you come by." I turned to look at her and without even thinking I ran my fingers through her hair. She closed her eyes and sighed, stroking my hand lightly as she did. She looked so beautiful and sexy just then in that moment. I leaned in and put my head in the crook of her neck and she wrapped her arms around mine and started playing with my hair. Her perfume was intoxicating and I found myself pressing my lips into the soft white skin of her neck. Again she sighed and shifted a little further into me, put her legs over mine and heaved herself onto me so that she was sitting in my lap with her legs wrapped round me, my lips didn't break from her neck the whole time.

I kissed her more urgently moving up her neck, cheek, chin and then to her mouth. The moment our lips touched it became frantic. Her tongue slipped straight in my mouth and she began rocking on my lap making my already swollen cock grow and press into her ass as we were perched unsteadily on the stool. My hands worked their way down from her face to her ass and pulled even closer. My heart was going a mile a minute and I could feel hers beat against my chest as our groins ground together.

I was about to unbutton her shirt when she broke away and said "Let's go back to your room." I picked her up to her feet and began pulling her behind me to the door. She locked up and we made it down the corridors to my room in record time, lipstick smeared accross both our faces. The moment the door closed behind me she pushed me against it and dropped to her knees, lifting my shirt up and kissing my stomach as she began to unbelt me. She pulled me out of my fly and had her mouth around the head of my cock. She sucked hard on my head and pulled away with a slurp to kiss my shaft down and down until she reached my balls. She looked up at me and smiled and began to kiss and lick my balls. I had never had a girl lick my balls before and the sensation had me moaning and pressing her head into me.

She got up off her knees and went to the end of my bed. She stood with her back to me and slipped her jeans off very slowly so I could finally see that great arse that I had stared so intently at for months and it was worth the wait. Her tiny tight arse was tightly wrapped in a black lacy pair of french knickers that emphasised just how white her perfect skin was. She went to remove those too but I quickly blurted out "Leave those on, and put your shoes back on." She looked over her shoulder, surprised by my demands but clearly turned on and said "You certainly know what you want."

She was standing there at the edge of my bed in a white shirt, unbuttoned to show her black bra, black lacy panties and black heels and her long red hair wild and messy. I moved to her and stood at her back, pulling her into me and kissing her neck again while my hand crept down to her panties and slipped inside. I played with her pussy hair for a while, teasing her by staying just above her clit. She tried to wriggle up so that my hand met where she wanted it to go. The moist heat was rising from her pussy as I pressed my unsheathed dick into her arse and sunk my hand down, stroking past her clit to cup her whole cunt in the palm of my hand.

She let out a long breathy sigh as I just held her pussy in my hand and pressed hard against the bone. Within seconds my palm was soaked with thick hot fluid and I began to slide back and forward, the heel of my hand pressing hard on her clit while my finger tips moved just around her tight opening. I could tell just by feeling how puffy and swollen her pussy lips were, they felt fat and fleshy in my hand I couldn't wait to have my mouth on it. I was still kissing and licking her neck with one hand holding her hips, pulling her arse into my now solid cock, and the other stroking her pussy when she began to unbutton her shirt from the bottom up.

She turned us around so that we were facing the big mirror on my wall next to the door. It was long enough that I could see from my head down to her knees. She put her hand up to my cheek and raised my head to watch her in the mirror. I could see my fingers working in her panties while she unbottoned. When her shirt fell open I was surprised how fit she was. For a woman in her mid thirties she had a slim firm stomach and toned thighs. She played her hand up from her belly button to her bra, which her nipples were already poking through, all the time watching me watching in the mirror

I was rock hard now, my cock and balls still jutting out of my fly. She reached behind her and squeezed my dick so hard I flinched. She sniggered and started to stroke my length watching my reaction in the mirror squeezing her tits with her other hand as she commented how thick my dick was in her hand. She turned around, took off her shirt and undid her bra to release her tits. Although they were only a B cup they were perfect, firm and high with pale pink nipples almost the colour of her tits. Her nipples were slim but very long. I went straight for them and pulled them hard. She moaned as I pulled and twisted her long nipples as hard as I could trying to make it a little painful but she was obviously used to it. She reached up on her toes and planted a wet kiss on my lips and then down and down until she was on all fours facing my cock just inches from her mouth. She slid her knickers down so they rested just above her knees and asked "Can you see my fanny in the mirror baby?" I looked up again and had a perfect view of her fat pink pussy lips in that perfect "burger" shape. I stared fixated on her cunt as she swallowed me again. As her hands were on the floor she was pulling her head back and forth, wanking me with her mouth and I helped her out by thrusting into her, gently at first and then harder and harder. I could hear her gag and choke on my meat but didn't care, I was mesmerised by her perfect pussy, now clearly wet and gushing juice.

Watching this hot older woman loving my dick and watching her drip was making my cock throb. I suddenly had a strong urge to eat her out and pulled out of her mouth which brought a disapointed "Awww." I laughed as I pulled her to her feet and assured her my dick would be in her mouth momentarily. I pulled her knickers down the rest of the way and told her to get on the bed on all fours which she did. I hurriedly removed my jeans and t-shirt so that we were now completley naked except for her heels. I was going to do something I had always wanted to but never had the chance. I had always wanted to have a girl sit on my face and rub her pussy on my mouth.

I got on the bed and slid under her until my face was just inches below her dripping hole. It was only then I notice that she had a thick red bush which I had never seen before. The contrast of her red hair, white skin and puffy pink lips made her fanny look delicious. I didn't even have to ask her for what I wanted. She just sunk her cunt down onto my mouth and the instant it made contact her juices flowed all over me. I put my tongue out to drink her in as she did the same to my dick. My first 69 was underway and it was better than I had dreamed it would be all those times I had wanked thinking about it. Having my balls licked with the wettest red muff I had ever seen pushing down on my face and leaving thick hot cream allover me was the best thing that I had ever experienced.

She was moaning and groaning on my cock as my tongue danced around her hole lapping her up. She suddenly sat up straight and dropped all of her wieght on my face and ground into me. Her pussy was all over my face and even my nose was in her. Her pussy was slurping and sticking as she rolled it around on my face and I can honestly say my cock was the hardest it had ever been. Until that day I had only ever fucked tight school girl cunt and now was craving this wet red older pussy to the point my dick felt like it was going to burst.

I pushed her up a bit and she took the hint and climbed off. Before her arse had touched the bed I had pinned her down by the wrists, getting a yelp of surprise from my f***efulness, I doubt she was expecting this young lad to take charge. As I pinned her down I pressed my cock flat on her fanny and ground in, as I did I felt my dick leak out a gob of sticky pre-cum onto her pussy hair. I pressed my mouth to hers, still wet and sticky from eating her out and watched her lick her lips as she tasted herself. I took turns sucking and licking and gently biting her long hard nipples, feeling them spring against my tongue.

We were both raring to go now, pushing hard into each other and breathing excitedly. I positioned my cock head on her opening and teased it back and forward before ramming home, rewarded by a gasp and a wide eyed look and then a long exhalation. I pushed in hard and deep and stayed there just filling her up and feeling her sticky wetness push out around the base of my shaft and pubic bone. I had every bit of my 7 inches in her and I was surprised how tight she was for an older woman. She wasn't the tightest I had ever been in but she still hugged my meat snuggly.

Slowly I began to withdraw, right to the tip, then slowly in again. I was glad to see a wide grin on her face as my dick parted her lips slowly again and again. Just the knowlage that I was pleasuring an experienced older woman was turning me on massively. I sat up on my knees and watched my shiny wet dick move in and out of her red pussy, her soft lips dragging against my shaft going out and giving way going in. She started to play with her firm little tits, teasing her nipples between her fingers or squeezing them whole in her hand. I loved that she wouldn't let her gaze drop and kept looking me in the eye as I moved inside her. I can even picture her face right now, smiling seductivley and pouting her lips as she moaned and groaned, her gorgeous long red hair messy and damp with sweat, she was beautiful and it made my pleasure all the greater.

We fucked like that for sometime. The room was thick with heat since I didn't have a window so we were both hot and sticky now but in that good way you only get from intense and close sex. Our skin was slick against each other, we had barley moved position, my dick had not left her pussy since the moment I had entered her. As I was lying on top of her again, my chest pressed against her tits and hands in her hair I felt her pussy tense up so tight I shuddered inside her and couldn't help the noises I made. She grinned and said "Did you like that baby?" Before I could answer she did it again and my groans gave her my answer. It felt like a fist inside her, grabbing and squeezing my meat. I had only ever felt this when a girl was cumming and they were usually so tight I could barley notice, but I had no idea a woman could do it at will.

She kept it up and I timed my thrusts with her clenches and we both began to pick up the pace. We were soon breathing heavily and moaning together and knew it wouldn't be long. I was pushing into her so hard her hips rolled up so that her legs were off the bed and my cock drilled deeper into her. This shift of position brought me closer to orgasm and I was now at the point of no return. I kept drilling in, getting faster and a little rougher, my wet balls now slapping on her ass and my hands starting to clench in her hair. She was still clenching her pussy around me and digging her nails into my arms as she gasped with each thrust of my dick into the deepest parts of her. Her pussy clenched one final time before she screamed and swore. I followed immediately, my whole body tensing and driving me in to the absolute last millimeter, grinding in, spurting rope after rope of hot cum into her fanny.

Her pussy clenched and spasmed as we both held on to a long intense orgasm still wrapped around each other and pushing our hips hard together squeezing every last drop out of me. I finally collapsed on top of her, exhausted, and just lay there letting her kiss me and play with my hair. I lay inside her for a while, still quite hard loving the feel of our combined cum covering us.

I remember looking at the clock and realising we had been fucking for almost 3 hours. The room was sticky and hot and smelled of our sex but it was comforting and we soon fell asl**p together, still naked and wet.

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