My Sex Journal pt4: Julie

The week after my encounter with Debbie and I was finished with school. I wouldn't be going back after the summer and had only to wait until my birthday in July and I could leave the home too. That was a great summer, knowing that in a matter of weeks I would be free to go where I chose when ever I pleased. I could practically taste freedom and my spirits were higher than they had ever been.

Within the first few weeks of summer I had met a girl who had just finished school and would be going to university at the end of the summer. Her name was Julie, she was 17 almost 18. Julie was very pretty but at about 5'5" and a little over 9 stone (110 lbs for the yanks) she didn't fit my usual petite type but there was nothing bad about it. This extra meat was all in her bra and arse, made all the better with a pretty slim, firm waist. Those tits must have been a D or a very big C and were perfectly round and heavy. She had long auburn hair that she usually wore loose, and bright sparkling eyes that screamed fuck me. She didn't trim her pussy and had the biggest, hairest bush I had ever seen with thick dark hair that felt great when I ran my wet fingers through it. She loved how hairy her bush was and would wear sheer panties to show it off.

Julie had not long passed her driving test and her dad had bought her a little runabout for when she went to uni and we spent pretty much all our time together in her car. At first we just drove around locally and parked up any where quiet for some action. Any time we went out I was pretty much guaranteed at least a blow job and wet fingers. We would park up pretty much any where and as soon as the hadbrake went on Julie had her face in my lap and lips round my cock. She loved sucking my cock and swallowing my cum and I loved reaching round and fingering her pussy while she did.

The first time we ever fucked we had driven north and spent the day touring around the lochs. The weather was great so it was pretty busy but we managed to find a few secluded spots and even went skinny dipping. Seeing Julies big firm tits bobbing about in the water as we swam kept me hard for hours. When we got out of the water and back to the banks I couldn't, and didn't want to hide my hard on as I was getting dressed. Julie saw it and as she was slipping her short denim skirt on again she picked up her knickers and toyed with them a bit while she stared at my dick and eventually said "No point in putting these on then?"

When we were dressed again we started the walk back to the car. It was late now, about 21:30 but still perfectly light. Knowing Julie was pantieless under her skirt kept me hard while we walked back and every now and again she'd walk just in front and pull her skirt up so I could watch her sexy arse as she walked.

When we got back the car park was deserted. Julie reached it first and quickly jumped in the drivers side and locked the door. I was left standing outside the passenger side trying to get in. She was laughing and indicated to me to take my cock out or I wasn't getting in. I had a quick look around and seeing no one I went for it. I undid my fly and let it loose. My cock had been rigid for about 2 hours now and my head was shiny with pre-cum. Julie rolled down the window and leaned over so she was on all fours, her head on the passenger side, and just opened her mouth and shut her eyes. I moved forward and rubbed the head of my dick around her soft wet lips before pushing a good 6" right in to her mouth.

I was standing there, my cock out my fly and fucking Julies wet mouth through the window. I could see her uncovered cunt and that beautiful bush poking out beneath her skirt in the reflection of her side window as she blew me making my cock dance in her mouth. She pulled her top down and out came those incredible tits. I leaned in a little and started to squeeze them and pull on her nipples until they were swollen and hard earning a throaty moan from her that vibrated all the way up my cock.

I was now aching to be inside her wet pussy for the first time so I pulled my dick from her mouth, now drenched in her spit and walked round to the drivers side door, my dick still out of my fly and swaying from side to side as I walked. I opened the door and kneeled down so that my face was near in line with Julies arse still poking up in the air and pussy still peeking out from beneath her short denim skirt. I could smell her wetness even before I pressed my face into her sopping wet cunt and lapped up her juice. She was sticky wet allover, her thighs, arse cheeks and bush all dripping from having me in her mouth. My tongue danced in and out of her hole and around her clit and lips as she moaned face down into the seat.

I was unsure at this point exactly what Julie wanted do. Up until now this was the furthest we had went. I decide to go for it so I stood up and placed my cock head between her cheeks and slapped it on and around her pussy a little. She shuffled backwards a wee bit so that her arse was now just out of the door. I took this as permission and ploughed my cock up her fanny right down to the hilt. She cried out as my head reached right up inside her but started bucking backwards to take me deeper. Julie was no virgin but she was tight enough to grip my cock like a fist. Our hips were banging together as we both pushed into each other, making a satisfying slosh as her juice pushed out against my shaft and covered my balls in warm fluid. I pumped away at her fat arse like that for while, getting a good look at her tight little arse hole as I went. I was tempted to slide my finger in as I had never had any anal action before but decided against it since I was lucky enough to have 7" of meat in her pussy.

By the time I pulled my cock out it was covered in a nice sheen of her juice as was pretty much all of her arse and thighs. She shifted awkwardly back into the drivers seat and out the car to face me, standing there pulling my sloppy dick infront of her. It was about 22:00 now but the sun was still up as it was almost the hieght of summer. Julie looked around now to see if there was anybody around, probably realising she had spent the last 15 minutes with her face pressed into the seat and anybody could have been watching her getting fucked. To be honest I don't think she would have cared and I certainly hadn't given a fuck, I don't recall checking around once while I was banging her.

She stood up and led me by the hand to the front of the car, her skirt around her waist and her big heavy boobs out in the open. She sat her fat wet arse down on the bonnet and leaned forward and wrapped those heavy tits around my dick and bouned them up and down around my slick length. I reached down and cupped her cunt between her wide open legs feeling her gush into the palm of my hand when I slid 2 fingers into her hole.

She bent her head down and took my swollen head in her mouth, muffling her pleasure from my fingers working on her for a while. She drew her head back catching her breath and lay back on the bonnet, her legs still wide open and pink, open pussy throbbing. I didn't hesitate, taking hold of her ankles and pushing her legs back so that her knees came up to either side of her tits. I leaned in and with no effort at all I slid in and started to pump in and out of her. I fucked away at her tight fanny watching her pull and twist on her nipples as her huge tits bounced with my thrusts. It wasn't long before she was breating raggedley and moaning loudly. Her pussy tightened and twitched around my shaft and she let go of her boobs, leaving them to sway to my now violent thrusts, and planted them on the bonnet for purchase. I was going like a jack hammer when she screamed so loud I thought the whole country would hear. She screamed and screamed as I kept fucking her through her orgasm, my pubic bone slamming into her clit again and again until her legs and arms buckled and she slid down the bonnet on a growing wet patch.

I was knackered now and didn't have the strength to hold her up. She got back in the position she was in earlier, taking my cock in her mouth and wanking me with her tits. I put what little energy I had left into my hips and ground against her, fucking her chest. Those big soft tits around my wet meat and her lips on my head had me at the point of no return in minutes and I soon felt my balls tighten and my cock swell in Julies mouth. Without thinking I took a hand full of her hair and yanked her head up and down hearing little squeels of pleasure/pain as I started to fuck her mouth harder. I didn't even need to ask if I could cum in her mouth, I knew she would take my load and suck me dry. After a few more thrusts I blew my load in her waiting mouth feeling her tongue swirl around my head. She moaned happily as spurt after spurt of hot cum filled her mouth and was swallowed down. I had been hard and horny all day making the biggest load I had ever dumped in her mouth. When I was done she collapsed back on to the bonnet, grinning and playing her tongue around her lips where she had spilled some. I collapsed onto her, nestling my face in her tits, my still hard dick pressing against the warm, wet metal of the bonnet. At that moment niether of us cared a bit if someone was around, we just lay there catching our breath in the breeze as it gradually began to get dark.
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