My Sex Journal pt3: Debbie

Lauren and I continued to see each other for a few months after our first time. We had some really amazing times and she proved to be a great fuck. But come April it was time for her to sit her exams and, having spent more time on the end of my cock than in the books, she started to panic and spent less and less time with me to study. Looking back now I can't blame her, just because I wasn't going to do anything with my life doesn't mean she had to do the same, but at the time I was pissed off.

So for the rest of the school year I was single again. Since I had missed the best part of a year of school in 2nd year for reasons I won't go into I was a year older than I should have been for my class year. As I was adamant that I was leaving the moment I turned 16 I wouldn't be coming back for a 4th year. So for those few months left it was like the last days of Vietnam for me. It was time to do as much damage as possible.

I had set about fucking everything that moved. I scored a good few times and the going was good but I don't remember much of what went on. There is one however that is still pretty clear.

Debbie was a bitch. I mean a proper bitch. There must be a girl like her in every school world wide. She thought she owned the place and everybody kissed her arse accordingly but I hated her and did my best to avoid her even though our social circles sometimes overlapped.

I have to admit despite her being a grade A cunt she was very very sexy. She was in 6th year, her last, so would have been 18 or just about although she always looked older. She had bleach blonde hair that was supposed to be brown, worn in a sort of long bob and perect skin and teeth to go with her plump slutty lips. I'd guess her tits were a big C which were always on show under her flimsy white school shirt and lace bra and sometimes you could see her dark brown nipples through it. She definitely won the prize for shortest skirt in school and on more than one occasion I got a good eye full of her ample arse, covered by the barest of thongs, when the wind would blow the right way or she would bend over too far. She always wore knee highs that led your eye up her smooth tanned thighs. There's only one word that did Debbie justice...cum-bucket.
And that's the reason I hated her. I had been pushed around my whole life and this made me hate people who thought they could make you do whatever they wanted you to.

I must admit I had knocked more than a few out thinking about banging her. I mean really fucking her stupid and leaving her a broken mess such was my contempt for her.

Around the time I was banging my way through a fair amount of girls mine and Debbies path was crossing more and more often at parties and the usual hang outs. By this time I had figured out that the best way to combat her constant need for attention was to completely ignore her. She hated not being the centre of attention but to be ignored by a boy of barley 16 infuriated her. She started turning up the heat trying to get me to play for no other reason than to prove she could have me, she didn't even like me. She'd appear at the weekend wearing next to nothing and spend the whole night making innuendo and giving me the eye. Again and again I ignored her and the dance continued wherever we were together. Even in school one day she was sitting across from me in detention she, opened her legs to give me a good look at her shaven knickerless fanny under the desk. It made my cock rigid for the rest of the day thinking about her wet pussy just inches eabove that tiny skirt. But I wasn't giving in.

The weekend before the last week at school a big group of us hit the town for a few drinks. Although most of the group were 18 or just about we had to swerve the reputable places but the smaller pubs that were glad of the business legal or not welcomed us. I had no problem getting served since I looked atleast as old as the rest. The guys got there first and had a few pints while we waited for the girls to come.

It wasn't long before they turned up and surprise, surprire Debbie was with them. She looked like a whore. Short strapless dress that barley covered her big tits, big heels and too much make up. The old guys were enjoying the sight of easy young pussy and it wouldn't have surprised me if her cunt was dripping from all the attention. As soon as the girls had been served at the bar Debbie sat down next to me and said "You buying me a drink honey?". I didn't even look at her when I replied "nope". I lit a cigarette, sunk the rest of my pint, stood up and went to the bar.

I stayed out of her way for the next hour or so, standing at the bar or playing darts with the old guys in the pub. Whenever I went back to the table to get my smokes Debbie would act up. At one point I saw her rubbing the cocks of the two guys either side of her through their jeans, and following me around with her eyes as she did it.

As the night wore on a few had had too many and called it a night leaving about 7 of us including Debbie and one other girl who's name I don't remember. I was sitting opposite this other girl making small talk when I felt a foot rubbing up my leg. I stood up sending my chair flying behind me and shouted "How many fuckin' times do you have to be told you think cunt?! I don't want anything to do with you!"

I stormed out the pub which was now in shocked silence, the odd giggle here and there, and walked quickly down the street and into the park, the train station being on the other side. When I had calmed down and lit a cigarette I had to laugh. I was imagining Debbie sitting there calling me every name under the sun. No sooner had I congratulated myself for humiliating the bitch than I heard the quick clicking of high heels behind me. "Hey, hey, who the fuck do you think you are?" she shouted after me. I kept walking and noticed the few people around where staring in my direction. "I'm fucking talking to you dickhead!" she kept going, catching up with me now nearer the far end of the park, the people who were staring before had lost interest now (d***ks shouting at each other in the streets a common sight in Scotland).

When she caught up with me she was screaming in my face but I was calm now and more than a little amused which just pissed her off more. When she was done shouting and I was done laughing I calmly said "Debbie, what do you want from me eh? An apology? You've been a bitch since the day I met you and all of a sudden you're following me about like a fucking puppy". Her face was blank for a moment before she said "I just want you to fuck me idiot". Her directness threw me a bit "You want fuck you?" I said. She just nodded skeptically like I was a retard missing the obvious. "Ok, let's go then" I pulled her by the wrist down the path a little and into a little thicket of trees and bushes just off the path. I heard her moaning as branches snagged at her dress or she wobbled on her heels. I reached a tiny clearing where the ground was grassy but firm since it was nearly summer and yanked Debbie the rest of the way through so that she slammed up against me.

She looked up at me for a moment then closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and went to kiss me. I moved my head back out of the way so she couldn't make contact. "What's wrong?" she asked. Without saying a word I spun her round and pulled her close so that my dick was pressing into her arse. I yanked the front of her dress down and out popped those big tits, her big dark nipples solid in the fresh air. I ran my other hand up her thighs to cup her pussy over her panties but immediately I felt warm wet flesh. The dirty bitch was wearing niether bra nor knickers so I was now standing squeezing her big tits and rubbing her shaven pussy, the skin as smooth as her thigh.

I started to kiss and lick her neck making my lips nice and wet. This started her moaning and rocking her hips back and forth on my stiff fingers. Her motion parted her lips and soon my fingers were pressing at her opening. I don't know how she managed it but with one little movement of her hips my ring and fore fingers slipped right inside her hole down to the knuckle. Her wetness felt very hot trickling down my hand, thick as cyrup and my cock answered by swelling to it's max.

I removed my hand from her breast and undid my belt and fly awkwardly with one hand, still finger fucking her with the other. When I yanked down the waistband of my boxers my cock sprung out with f***e. I could feel the warm trail where my head brushed against my forearm leaving a coat of pre-cum

She reached round behind her and took my cock in her hands and started to pull. I hadn't wanted to show her any sign that I was enjoying her but the sensation of my sticky head rubbing against the material of her dress as she wanked me hard into the crook of her back made my shudder a bit and I grunted "Oooh fuck!"

I heard her laugh a little and could tell she was smiling at my pleasure. I was angry at my self for letting her hear me enjoying myself. I pulled out my fingers from her cunt hearing a wet slosh and stuck them in her mouth, she gladly lapped up her juice. I spun her round and pushed her to her knees, I didn't even have to put my dick in her mouth. Debbie wrapped her big moist lips around my meat and sucked away.

My god she gave a good blow job. I had plenty of blow jobs before but never like this, this bitch knew what she was doing. Her hands were on my arse pulling me in, she used her lips alone, pursed like a tight pussy, to hold me in her mouth while her tongue swirled around my head like a whirlwind. It was obvious Debbies mouth was no stranger to cock.

I was trying not to make a sound with my cock in her mouth and her tits pressed against my thighs. I took a good hand full of her hair and started to fuck her mouth whit renewed aggression. She gagged a few times as she swallowed most of my 7inches. I was happy with that "Come on you're a big girl you can take it" I said mockingly. Her eyes looked up at me with a look that said she'd bitten off more than she could chew but wasn't giving up the challenge.

I didn't give her the chance to prove it. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and left her in the position she was in and moved round behind her. She was still catching her breath when I knelt down, pushed her head down and lined up my cock between that amazing slutty arse and pressed forward until my meat filled her up.

She let out quite a loud cry and arched her back. I grabbed a handfull of her hair again and pulled to add f***e to my thrust. I was going hard, my balls slapping rhythmically against her clit. With one hand she reached up and squeezed a fat breast and with my free hand I did the same, pulling hard on her big erect nipple as I pumped her. Her legs started to give a little and she was breathing hard. I knew what was coming and fucked her harder and harder, slapping and grabbing her arse cheeks until my hand print was visable on her fake tanned skin. Moments later her head went down and she squeeled "Fuuuuck!" the cry interupted by the breath being fucked out of her body.

Her arms just collapsed and she was face down in the grass, her tits swinging as I continued to thrust into her twitching fanny. I withdrew my cock to loud a slurping sound, pushed her by the side so that she rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide. Her eyes were still shut when I lined up again and slid my meat up her to the balls. Debbie didn't have the tightest fanny I had fucked, that honour still belonged to Lauren, but it was definatley the wettest, stickiest cunt I had felt with the thickest cum that turned into a creamy foam on my cock. I had been on top of her all of a minute and my dick and balls and all round my groin were covered in her juice. The feel of fresh brisk air on our hot moist parts was something I had never expirienced before and I was soon getting close and began pumping my dick in and out like a piston, my hands on her shoulders for purchase.

I was grunting now getting close to blowing my load when it dawned on me I didn't want to cum in her pussy. The last thing I wanted was to knock up a filthy tart like Debbie. I pulled out quickly, drawing a quizzical look from her, and started to pump my fist furiously over her cunt. Debbie watched and began to rub ger clit as my cock exploded covering her bare patch of skin and her hand in ropes of hot spunk. I drained my balls onto her and watched her collapse back with a satisfied grin and sigh, licking my cum from her hand.

I was sat back on my haunches, semi still in hand and flesh sticky with both our cum when she said "Well I wonder what your mates will think when I tell them what just happened, couldn't resist me after all eh?" I stood up and pulled my jeans up and lit a cigarette and said "So what are you going to tell them? That you chased after me and begged me to shag you? That I used your fanny and left you lying in the grass covered in my cum? Go ahead." At that I walked back to the path still struggling with my belt, Debbie behind me muttering her reply "I'll be telling them you've got a tiny dick and you're a shite shag." Just as we made it back to the path a chorus of "Get in there big man!" Erupted from behind us. There had been a group of guys there drinking on a bench not 20 yards away, they must have heard the whole shebang. I laughed and gave them a wee wave as Debbie stormed back to the pub mortified, covered with jizz, grass stains and fuck knows what else, having to walk past the group and listen to them laugh and call her a slut.

I went home that night a very happy young man having got to fuck that whore in a way I had dreamed about and never thought would happen. I even rubbed one out when I got back to the home, her pussy juice and slutty scent still on me. For the last week of school (the last I would ever see of her) Debbie the slut was uncharacteristicly quite. I had finaly shut her up.

She never told anybody what happened that night...but I sure as fuck did!
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