My Sex Journal pt2: Lauren

I had not long turned 15 when I began my 3rd year of high school. It had been almost a year now since my encounter with Nicola and sadly I was still carrying my cherry. It was now back to the usaul dry humping and fingering routine which, after Nicola, was growing tedious. I obviously enjoyed the half a dozen or so blow jobs and pussy eating I had gotten since then but I was aching to loose my virginity. I needed to be inside a girl badly, and It would come from a very unexpected place.

At the start of the school year (1996) my living situation at the home had continued to get worse since my attitude had not improved any. I had become more sullen and withdrawn and drifted from my group of older friends as they moved on. My social position at school was odd too. Most were scared of me or had been warned by thier parents to stay away from me so I had real few friends. The girls that did talk to me were clearly looking for some danger fun...which I obliged. A new girl started in the year above me that term. She had been bullied the previous year and it began again after the summer holidays so her parents moved her. Her name was Lauren, she was from quite a well off f****y and well looked after. She had beautiful pale blue eyes and long thick raven dark hair that contrasted well with her pale complexion, the typical Celtic look. She always wore a long skirt and baggy grey jumper like she was from a Catholic school, so it was hard to make out the lines of her body. At first everyone showed intrest in Lauren until the novelty wore off and everyone realised she wasn't like us as she was far too proper. She quickly became an outsider like me but for the opposite reason.

Lauren and I ended up spending alot of time together, eating our lunch together and I would sit in the library with her as she studied while I fucked about making a nuisance of my self and she would come to watch me play football. It was the most non sexual contact I had ever had with a girl and I actually didn't mind. That all changed in December. A guy in Laurens year was having a Christmas party in his house on the last day of school before the holidays, and to her surprise she had been invited. She was quite excited at the prospect of being one of the in crowd but didn't want to go on her own so she asked me to go with her "Not a fucking chance" was my reply.

She went on and on at me for days begging me to go with her and give her a chance to make some friends. Eventually, feeling sorry for her I agreed. I remember vividly when I said yes she jumped up and hugged me tightly and kissed me hard on the lips as a way of thanks. As she was pressed up against me I felt her firm young tits on my chest and shoulder. They felt bigger than they looked under the ridiculously baggy clothes she always wore and for the first time since knowing her I actually saw how beautiful Lauren was. Her dress sense hid the fact that she was budding into a young woman. I remember feeling like I was staring at her forever as we stayed close and she held my gaze with her beautiful pale blue eyes. The urge to kiss her almost overwhelmed me and I sensed that she wanted it to but the moment had hung there too long and we pulled apart awkwardly.

Before leaving school that day Lauren asked me to come to her house so we could arrive together. All the way back to the home I couldn't get her out of my head. When I got back I jumped in for a quick shower and got changed and headed straight for the bus in a bit of a daze. My cock was semi-erect for the whole journey as I thought about her soft lips on mine and hoped that I would get the chance to make up for my earlier hesitance. I took a few nips of cheap whisky from my small hip flask to pass the time. By the time I was walking up the path to her door I was actually nervous, a very strange feeling considering I had known her for months now and until that morning had never even noticed any kind of sexuality. I reached the door, rung the bell and stepped back.

Through the full length frosted glass door I could see Laurens fuzzy figure closing in. She opened the door and I was blown away. I stood there dumb struck and staring as she stood, her long dark hair in loose curls, lips smooth and shiny in a pale pink lip stick that instantly made me want to kiss her. She was wearing a deep purple/blue dress that reached her calf but had a slit in the right leg that reached back up to mid thigh. The upper portion came down from her shoulders and cut across her B cup breasts diagonaly to meet just were the underwire of her bra would have been. That was the most of her body I had ever seen, I don't think I had ever seen her colar bones before. Her tits looked amazing, they were not large at a B cup but they were perfectly shaped, high and perky.

I suddenly realised I had been staring and snapped out of it. She was smiling at me and said "Are you coming in or not" with a little giggle. I smiled back and returned the laugh as I stepped passed the tresh hold and in to the hall. She closed the door behind me and we stood in silence for a few moments as I tried to appear casual with my hands in my pockets leaning against the wall. She looked down at her self and said "Is it too much? Jesus I must look ridiculous, this is my mums dress". I said " You look....beautiful, your mum has good taste". She seemed genuinley surprised at my compliment as if it was the last thing she expected me to say.

"Come up to my room while I finish getting ready" she said already starting up the stairs. I stood for a moment and said "Won't your mum and dad mind?" "They're out for the night" she said with out turning around. I followed her up the stairs and into her room. Her room was quite small for such a big house. She had a single bed against the far wall and a large mirrored wardrobe which she went to and continued doing her makeup as I took a seat at the foot of her bed. "God I'm sorry" she said "would you like a drink or something?". I took out my little hip flask and said no thanks. "You're terrible" she said laughing "you better not be d***k!". At that I put it to my lips and drained the last of it wincing as it burned all the way down. I sat on her bed with my elbows on my knees and watched her apply her mascara. My eyes wandered down passed the smooth skin of her neck and back to her tiny hips and arse. I could just make out her firm round cheeks throught the thin satin like material.

"Beautiful" I said almost whispering. "What?" she turned around to face me now with a nervous look on her face. I hadn't meant to say it out loud and hoped she hadn't heard me but since I had I thought fuck it. I stood up a little awkwardly not realising how much the whisky had effected me, and walked slowly towards her. I was now standing almost toe to toe with her looking up at me. "I said you're beautiful", and before I knew what I was doing I leaned down and pressed my lips softly to hers. She just stood there totally still and I heard her masscara drop from her hand to the floor. After the initial shock of her friend kissing her she began to kiss me back. I brought my hands up and gently cupped her face pulling her toward me. She kissed me back harder now, her lips soft and glossy with lip stick. She stood now on her tip toes and hooked her hands around my neck pulling us close now so that our bodies were pressed tight together as we had been earlier that day.

We broke apart and I opened my eyes and looked down at her. Her eyes were still closed and she bit her lower lip soflty and let out a sigh. She opened her eyes and said shyly "I've wanted you to do that for months". I was sort of touched by her honesty and although it was a lie I replied "Me too, should we make up for lost time?". She smiled at that, showing her perfect white teeth and leaned up again to kiss me. I moved my arms down to the crook of her back and picked her up. She let out a squeel and giggled as I carried her over to the bed and sat her down on the edge. I removed my jacket and let it fall to the floor and kicked off my boots. I was about to sit down next to her when she pressed her hand to my stomach and said "Take your shirt off too". I was shocked at this but done as I was asked and began to unbutton my shirt. Lauren had seen me topless before when I played football but had never touched me. She ran her soft hands around my firm and slightly hairy abs and chest.

As I stood there in only my Levis she leaned in and began to kiss my stomach. Her lips felt so soft and wet as she kissed me allover. I ran my hands through her thick dark hair and let out a moan. She was looking up at me from waist hieght as she kissed me making eye contact the whole time. By now I was sporting a full hard on, easily noticable through my jeans. Lauren either hadn't noticed or was afraid to acknowlage it. I took her hand in mine and moved it down to my dick. Her hand resisted at first and then just settled on my bulge as I removed my hand. She did nothing at first but then stopped kissing my stomach and stared at my cock. She started rubbing it lightly around my head. She was staring intently now and began to rub hard, I could feel pre-cum leak form me onto my thigh. After a few minutes I was so worked up I couldn't stand there anymore. I took her hands and pulled her up then sat where she had been sitting. I ran my hands from the hem of her dress up to her mid thigh and pulled her onto my lap so that she was straddling me.

I immediatley felt how hot her pussy was as her panties made contact with my crotch. Her mouth was open slightly as we lightly ground our crotches into each other. she seemed to hesitate a little before saying "I've never done this before". Of course I had guessed this and told her I hadn't either. Given my reputation she didn't believe me but I assured her I was being truthfull. She must have believed my then and realising we were equally new to what was about to happen she seemed emboldened. She pushed me down onto the bed and kissed me more urgently as she resumed grinding her still covered pussy into me. I could tell she was getting very wet because her panties were gliding along her fanny as we dry humped. I slid my hand down in between her legs and cupped the gusset of her knickers. A long "Ugghhh" escaped her mouth into mine as I rubbed her clit over the now soaking wet nylon. Her legs began to quake a little and her breathing became heavy as I pressed my fingers harder into her. Her riding motion became more urgent and wild and she stopped kissing me, burying her face into the bed beside my head so that I could still hear her muffled pleasure moans. I buried mine in her hair, smelling her sweet perfume and whispered in her ear "Are you going to cum?". Lauren answered by moaning louder. Within seconds she straightened her legs tensing her thighs and began quivering all over, she gasped and let out a squeel as she came for the first time by someone elses hand.

Her rocking slowed to a stop and she lifted her face from the bed sheets to face me again, her raven hair stuck to her face by a fine sheen of sex sweat and her face flushed red from her orgasm. She rested her head in the crook of my neck and giggled through ragged breaths. At this point I started to dread that we were finished now as it had already gone further than I had expected it to. Just then Lauren got up off of me and then the bed. I was up on my elbows watching as she stood at the foot of the bed and turned round with her back to me. She half looked round at me as she undid the zips at the sides of her dress. In one quick movement she let it drop to her feet and stood there in just her lilac nylon knickers. She was so petite with the slim waist and perfectly firm rear that only a 16 year old could have, her cheeks perfectly rounded and smooth with milky white skin. She remained facing away from me, hesitant to let me see her naked. I shuffled toward her until I was sitting at the foot of the bed behind her and reached out to place my hands on her hips.

She trembeled a little as I touched her and gently pulled her toward me. I started to plant soft kisses on the perfect skin of her back and gradually worked my way down to her cheeks and was rewarded with a long moan of pleasure. My cock was throbbing now and I could feel a warm wet patch were my cock had started to seep sticky fluid. I stood then, turning Lauren to face me in the same motion. Her tits were magnificent, small and perky which suited her frame and in a "skislope" shape, with surprisingly large nipples, almost as pale as her skin, that stood to full attention under my gaze. I was still aprehensive about spooking her so asked "Do you want me to stop". Her answer was to press her firm tits against me and reach up to kiss me again. At around 6 foot I was at least a head taller than her at about 5'3" so that when she kissed me she was standing on her tip toes, her nipples grazing gently against my mid torso. I don't know why I recall that so well but I found her tiny frame against mine very erotic.

I began to undo my belt and button fly and noticed she was looking down and holding her breath. I let my jeans fall to my feet and kicked them off so that I was standing in only my tight white boxers. My throbbing purple head was visible through the translucent cum patch. She just stared at my bulge wide eyed and I'd guess a little scared. I asked her if she had ever touched a cock before and she just nodded in the negative without taking her eyes off it. I didn't know how to approach this so I just slid them off and let my 7" cock snap up to my belly and sat back at the foot of the bed. I pulled her close again and took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to run my tongue over the erect bud as I kneaded the other between my fingers. Lauren threw her head back and sighed. She snapped back and reached her hand down to my engorged dick and tentativley touched the head. By now my cock was aching and had probably released a load worth in pre-cum and it was very glad of the attention and showed it by jerking around. The feeling of her finger tips brushing along my slick head was immense and made me groan.

My vocal approval spurred her on to wrap her whole hand around my meat and start pulling. She pulled me as I sucked and squeezed her tits and for a while we were both lost in the moment. I was really worked up now and stood up quickly, picked her up by the waist and dropped her flat on her back on the bed. Before she had the chance to do anything I had spread her legs with her knees and pressed my mouth to her pussy. She moaned loudly as my mouth met her hot, wet panties. Her juices were seeping through enough for me to taste and smell her. It was entoxicating breathing in her hot moist scent and feeling the outline of the soft flesh beneath. I raised myself up enough to grab at the waist band and pull her knickers off, Lauren arching her back to allow me, I pulled them off and held them in my hand as I caught my first glimpse of her cunt. Her bush, if you could call it that was so fine and wispy, the dark hair soft to the touch and existing only above her pussy. Her lips were bare and puffy, swollen from excitment and glistening with sticky cum and completley hid her inner flesh. I started lapping away at the outer lips and listened as she whimpered softly. I parted her puffy pink lips and revealed a nice big swollen clit above her deep purple hole. I wasted no time getting in amongst it and lapped like a mad man at her virgin fanny.

I don't know how long I had eaten her out but I'm sure I only stopped because I couldn't take it any more. Her virginity was there for the taking and I wanted it now. I crawled up from between her legs and came face to face with her. I saw her looking at my now glistening mouth with a worried expression. I had no way of knowing if she had ever tasted herself before but removed any choice by pressing my mouth to hers. She didn't seem to mind the taste of her own sex as she kissed me back, our wet tongues dancing together. My cock was pressed flat against her pussy and I ground it in. This was it, I had been waiting for this for years and I was so close.

I looked her straight in the eye and said "Are you sure this is what you want?" She laughed nervously and said "Yes, I'm scared though". At that moment I was honest and said "So am I" and I meant it. This was new ground for both of us and I knew I was going to hurt her and the thought frightend me. The thought of contraception hadn't even crossed my mind when she asked if I had a condom. Shit! "No" I mumbled. "It's ok, I've been on the pill for a year now". I was shocked at that as at my age I didn't know that women used the pill for reasons other than contraception and I began to wonder if she actually was a virgin.

My heart was beating hard and fast now as I positioned my cock head at her hole. It was immediately sticky and hot with her juice which made me gasp. I looked her in the eye one more time for a sign of a change of heart but I saw only the same expression of anticipation I imagine I was wearing. I pressed my head hard against the resistance of her hole and felt it begin to give. We both gasped a little at the tightness of it but I continued on. I was about half way in when the resistance turned into full a full on block which brought a short cry of pain from Lauren but instead of stopping me she put her hands on my arse and and pulled me in. I let go of the tension holding my hips back and felt my dick break through feeling a sort of pop. Laurens eyes were shut tight and she was biting hard on her lower lip. "You ok?" I said willing her to be, "Keep going" she replied through gritted teeth. I did as asked and continued sliding inside her. Her pussy was clamped tight around me making every milimeter an effort. I could feel the warmth of her trickle down my shaft and on to my balls as I slowly edged every bit of my dick inside her until I could fell the very deepest parts of her vagina pressing against my head like purssed lips.

She held me tightly against her as I began to withdraw slowly and slide back in again. With each gentle thrust she bacame wetter and the action smoother. She moved her hips in time with mine now as the pain subsided and she was clearly enjoying it now kissing my chest and shoulders. I picked up the pace a little so that we were both moaning louder and breathing heavier. Each time my pubic bone and balls made contact with her inner thighs and arse I came away wetter and stickier as her pussy covered her flesh in a sheen of juices. She was now drawing her legs up allowing me deeper in as we kissed hard and I ran my fingers through her long hair. As my arms began to tire from holding my wieght I withdrew my dick and sat upright on my knees and both our eyes were drawn to my cock which was glistening with pussy juice and flecked here and there with spots of her bl**d.

She looked embarressed at the sight but I paid no heed. I lay next to her and turned her over on her side so that her back was to me and lifted her knee from underneath so that her foot was flat on the bed. I wasted no time grabbing my cock and pressing it to her wetness again between her sweet arse cheeks. This time I slipped in much easier although she was still vice tight. She gasped as my dick once again went in right to my balls. I pumped her a little faster now, so turned on by her obvious pleasure and her firm little tit in my free hand. I started to kiss the smooth milky skin of her neck and shoulders until she was trembling and bucking back at my dick. I was so close to cumming I had to screw my eyes shut and concentrate really hard. She seemed to be in the same state and quickly moved her pussy away from my outward thrust so that I slipped out of her.

She turned around and with a hand on my shoulder pushed me down flat on the bed and swung her leg over me and into a straddling position. She took me in her hand and stroked me a few times before awkwardly shifting her cunt onto my head and guided me in. I just lay there waiting for her to start riding me but it was clear she didn't really know what to do so I placed my hands on her hips and rocked her back and forward on me until we both got the rhythm. The constant eye contact between us and her sexy, flirty smile was enough to highten my arousal back to the point of climax again. She started bouncing gently on me making her little tits jiggle with the motion. The action of her clit slapping on and off me was obviously bringing her close. I pushed my hips toward her each time she was bringing hers back down to increase the impact on her swollen clit.

I could feel her thighs tighten around my waist and hips and her breathing became very ragged and I heard her mutter "Oh..oh fuck..oh fuck". That was the first time I had ever heard Lauren swear and it was plainly obvious she was about to cum again. We were both pushing harder at each other now and I reached up and squeezed her tits hard, she put her hands over mine and squeezed back as only a few pumps later she went over the edge. Her mouth was wide agape and she quivered all over as she came on my solid meat. Her cum flowed all down my shaft to my balls and even on to my arse. The hot fluid brought me to that point every man knows, you're going to cum and nothing is going to stop it. As she was winding down and enjoying the orgasm as it passed I pulled her down so that we were chest to chest and began thrusting as deep and hard as I could. Her pussy still sensitive, she squeeled loudly as I kept going. Her face was buried in the sheets again as I went hard at it. It was less than a minute before my balls tightened up and my dick began to twitch inside her. I wrapped my arms around her torso and relentlesly pupmed my cock into her until it blew. Spurt after spurt burst from me and I growled like an a****l as I filled up her hot, wet hole with my spunk.

We lay there for ages and I was still slowly moving in and out of her to savour the feeling of her cum coated pussy around me. Eventually I collapsed back to catch my breath next to Lauren who was facing me now, her face a sheen of sweat and flushed red, her hair a complete mess of sweaty curls. She giggled a little and planted a wet kiss on my lips before lifting off me, spilling our hot fluids on my balls and belly before she lay next to me, her head in the crook of my arm and her arm over my chest. We lay there for ages enjoying the heat and feeling of our bodies toghether and contemplated what had just happened.

We never did make it to that fucking party.

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2 years ago
very good & hot
3 years ago
realy good well writen, I felt I was there
3 years ago
Thanks for reading and glad you all enjoyed it. Writing these stories is really bringing things back to me and i'd urge you all to do the same. Some of the things i'd forgotten are truly worth remembering!
3 years ago
Awesome story. Loved this chapter. Thanks for sharing and looking towards the next installment
3 years ago
very well me good and hard, 5 stars!
3 years ago
Nice one. Well written!