Gym workout

This day started out like any other day at my local gym, it was a 24 hour gym and I was there in the late hours due to my work schedule. It wasn't filled with no more than 3 guys, all working on various equipment. I first started out my routine on the treadmill for an hour and then the hit the weight bench. My workout was a little on the intense side, I built up a nice sweat and funk If I might say myself. I went to the locker room, took off my workout clothes, grabbed my body wash and went into the shower. I took a glance around and there was only one other guy in there, I went turned on the shower head, closed my eyes and let the warm water run over my head. I heard foot steps coming towards me and I casually opened one eye and say the other guy walking towards me, I held up my head to greet him. “Hey, I'm new in town and was wondering what is their to do here:”. I look at him and couldn't help to notice that his cock was hard, I didn't really pay it to much attention because guys in the shower room sometimes walk around with full on hard-ons, hell I've even gotten it a few times myself. We continue to talk and I tell him there is quite a few things to do here and as I'm talking my dick starts to grow and get hard. He looks down at my dick and says “Nice black dick” and smiles, I reply “Ummm thanks, I grew it myself”, he laughs and then walks away. I turn back to my shower and then all of the sudden I feel a hand grab my dick from behind and starts stroking it. I am taking by surprise, my heart is beating so fast and I couldn't help but moan because it felt so good as I was so fucking hard. He gets closer behind me, I could feel his hard hot dick head pressing against my ass, he starts to grind it up and down my ass cheek, I could feel his breath going down my neck and hear his heavy breathing. He grips my dick even tighter making my knees weak as he jacks me off at a faster pace, making sure every time he comes to the top he rubs his thumb across my bl**d filled dick head. All I could think of is how fucking good it felt and how bad I needed to cum. He turns me around, my back leaning up against the wall to help me stand, he continues to stroke my dick and then leans down and licks the precum from my head, I moan louder, the words “Oh Fuck!” escapes my lips. Then he gets down on his knees and licks my head again but this time he lets his tongue slide down my shaft and to my balls and then back up to my head where he then sucks it into my mouth. My knees begain to shake as he starts to give me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had or maybe it just felt so fucking good because of the situation....either way I was enjoying the fuck out of it. He starts to rub my balls with one and had twist his hand around my shaft with the other as he slurps and sucks the head. I put my hands on the back of his head to start from falling over on him. He removes his had that is on my shaft and starts to deepthroat me, using my hard black dick to fuck his on throat. I moved my hands from the top of his head to the back of his neck and started to thrustt deep into his throat as I could feel my load about to explode in his mouth. I start to moan louder as I keep going, grunting and thrusting. “FUCK!!” I yell out as I shot a firehouse thick jet stream of nut down his throat, he gags and coughs. I'm not sure if he was ready for it or not but I didn't give a fuck I was cumming hard. He pulled back off my dick, still stroking it, my thick creamy cum running from his nose, the edges of his mouth and down onto the shower floor......Should I tell you what happens next?????
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11 months ago
My wet dream!!!!
11 months ago
great story!
12 months ago
Loved it - I wanna do that to you!!
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
1 year ago
Hell yeah. I want more
1 year ago
hell yea... great so far...luv gym sex.. done it many times myself
1 year ago
sooo hot more plizzz
1 year ago
Tell us what happens next!
1 year ago
nice i like the story