I loved my mom then and i can only imagine how she is now,19 years later.
I found these pictures in my portfolio titled "arlene gallagher" and its a identical match in every way that it even questions myself if its her or not? i have one old picture of her and you hold it up its so identical it has me totally confused. its HER but with some age! but it CANT be! can it?
I get so hot talking about her that im only this far into my story and my cock is oozing precum,my hearts racing, and my hands are shaking. i want to run and get my wifes dirty panties and jack off so bad but i want to get this story out and i know IF i make it and then i do jack off it will be that much more INTENSE! But anyway. like i said in every way its her. the way i remember everything is the same. just 20 years older and even that much sexier!
she use to always wear black real thin spaghetti strap nightgowns just like the one in these pictures. the way she stands with that sexy smile-smurk on her face.the way she peals her panties off in someof the pictures. OH MY GOD! thats the same way she would take them off and after rubbing her wet hairy pussy to get that fresh musky scent on them,throw them at me and i would bury my face in the crotch. I think about her all the time wondering why she cut off all communication with me.All i have now are memories of what used to be and fantasies of what i hope everyday ill still have sooner or later.like i said though it confuses me because maybe it really is her and she still has the desire to be with me again but cant or doesnt want to physically. my mom has always known that i had a thing for her and older women in general so she would know if there were pictures of her out there i would find them.
IF i can figure out how to upload pictures ill take a picture of her pictures and put her on my profile and i gurantee every would agree its my mom. i only hope and dream so bad that it is and i want what i see so bad. BUT then its not hard to get ahold of me or track me down if she wanted to be with me again. so i dont know? another funny thing about the only 2 pictures i have of my mom are shes sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace and alot of these pictures i found on the web are centered around and on the floor in front of the fireplace! is it her trying to tell me something or did i smoke to much weed? she always loved wearing black undergarments same as in these pictures. we use to have sex alot with her laid back in a chair same with having sex on the floor like shes spread out and open in these pictures.
The only picture i found on her knees looking back is just like the first time she got on her knees rubbing her pussy and looked back at me inviting me into her pussy.
These pictures she obviously loves her tits, my mom LOVED massaging her own tits licking and sucking on her own nipples. ANYTHING to do with her tits she loved.she would have me wash her tits in the shower,she loved tity fucking wether she would jack me off with them or i would fuck them. of course she loved rubbing my cum allover them when i came. If i laid on her side sucking her right tit rubbing her pussy she would cum like crazy! she herself loved sucking on her own nipples. also the pictures are all so inviting. even back when we were messing around if though we both knew something sexual was going to happen between us when we spent the weekends together she would just catch me off guard walking into the living room and she would be on the floor or on the couch legs spread wide open holding her pussy apart and look at me with that "cum eat my pussy and fuck me real hard" look!
These latest pictures i found she has her panties on but pulling her panties aside. throughout the day when we needed to get a quick fix she would pull her panties aside let me hit and we would go on with our day.
my mom always kept her nails done same as the pictures! you know how if you think a picture might be someone you know you look for a resembling feature.
these pictures are so identical im looking at every sinlge detail for something to tell me its NOT her. dont get me wrong i hope and wish its her but i dont just want pictures,i want HER! to be with her and have her again!
thens theres kitchen pictures, she would be cooking and get on the floor for a quickie or jump up on the counter and say "want a taste of what your gonna get later" and let me eat her pussy. she loved to have her pussy eaten.
that was usually where we started. i get off more eating pussy than a getting blowjob there nice but im a pussy eating,licking,sucking junkie!
love it hairy,sopping wet,and a slight natural musky scent!
My mom would go crazy having her pussy eaten the whole time rubbing my head and rubbing all over herself. we would go and go and go until she couldnt take it anymore and then beg for me to fuck her which of course i did but sometimes made her wait. i always loved the smell of her pussy. from the time i would take her dirty panties and pantyhose up until she was sitting on my face rubbing her hairy wet pussy back and forth. when i would eat her out i would bury my nose deep in pussy and take the biggest whiffs i could of her.
I see these pictures and can only hope. over the years ive wondered if she changed, if she still had that amazing figure, big boobs,wide hips,most of all ive always wondered if she still had that nice hairy pussy? hoped and wished it is also she always loved rubbing her hair down there.
MY mom cums like crazy in all sexuall positions or acts,but i could only get her to squirt 2 ways. when i was fucking her from behind i would be right behind her going in deep and then after awhile i would get more over her going deep but also down and she would squirt like crazy! the first time she squirted it caught me by suprise. she was on her back and i was fucking her good but not real hard and and of a sudden she squeezed her legs real tight to wear i pushed me out of her and she started rubbing her pussy real hard and fast for about a second and she squirted all over herself me and the blanket and lost her breath for a second. I was like whhhhooooooaaaaaaa AWESOME!
I didnt know if she pissed or what but I KNEW I LIKED IT! Then obviously she explained, and it was a goal of mine since...make it squirt!
So i know what i had and know it could only get better with age and i want it again. I long evryday for you!
Well ive had all i can take im going to go get a pair of my wifes fresh scented panties,get out the picture of my mom, look at these pictures of her on my profile. all while stroking my cock and telling my mom out loud how much i love smelling her musky pussy while fucking her,and how i want her to pussy fart while fucking her on her knees and how i want to shoot my hot cum allover her wide open pussy,at the same time she cums allover my cock.

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