I MISS YOU MOM. I miss seeing you walk around the house naked. i miss seeing your big tits and big nipples. i miss the way you would let me suck on them and lick them while squeezing them. i miss the way you would get so turned on. i miss the way you would ride my cock and bend down swinging your tits in my face and occasionaly stop to let me suck on your rock hard nipples. i miss when you would ride me you would sit straight up massaging your big tits and you would lick and suck on your own nipples.i miss seeing you walk around in your panties and i could see your hairy pussy peeking out. i miss havng your dirty panties and pantyhose to smell your sweet musky smelling pussy when i didnt have you. i miss cumming on your panties thinking of you. i miss how it would turn you on knowing i loved the smell of your pussy and would jack off with your panties. i miss the time you loved it so much you handed me your panties when you took them off and asked if i would sniff them while fucking so could watch me do it.i miss licking allover your body starting at your neck all the way down to your asshole.i miss how turned on that got you. i miss how just as i got to your bush i would start to get that slight musky pussy smell. i miss how i would tease you licking all around your hairy pussy and on your thighs without touching your pussy. until you couldnt take it anymore and shove my face right into your wet hole. i miis how sopping wet you would get. i miss how you would massage my head and rub allover your body while i ate your pussy. i miss how excited you would get until you finally gave in and begged me to fuck you. i miss how excited i would get just laying on top of you getting ready to put my cock in your hairy juicy pussy and the head of my cock would feel your wet hair just as i would put it in. i miss that little gasp you would do when it went in. i miss how it would swallow me up and i could feel your sopping wet hair on me as i went in you deep. i miss how when we fucked i could smell your scentand when we fucked on your knees i could watch your asshole quiver and see my cock going in and out of you. i miss when i would pull back your wet pussy hair would caress my cock and when i would go in you your pussy would talk to me by farting. one thing i miss and remember the most is the first time you squirted. i was amazed and from then on loved making you squirt. i miss the way you always changed up the way we finished. i miss cumming on your tits, imss cumming on your stomach, i miss pulling out doing you doggy style and shooting my load on your back, of course i miss cumming in your mouth.you would lick me clean and you would tell me you love the taste of your pussy on my cock but most of all i miss cumming deep inside your wet hairy pussy! I MISS YOU MOM!
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