When I worked at the womens prison.

When I was 25, I got my CNA liscence. I got hired on with a temp agency,and I was assigned to work at the local correctional facility for women.My first day I was given the nick name "Busy Bone", cause I'm light skinned,had super long hair at the time,and I talk fast. My job was easy, too easy all I had to do was take bl**d preaasure so I always asked my boss Carl." Is there anything else I can do to kill time around here, cause if I'm not moving.The clocks not moving, so he put me in charge of supply inventory among the diffrent units.Kool, the first time I stepped into the yard. I swear to Mrs. Butterworth, it sounded like a bunch of construction workers when they see a hott chick. First rule of the womens prison, never touch the female inmates!!! Instant charge and you get sent up the river where guys with muscles as big as your head, tries to make you their girl friend. So Making that known up front, this 6 foot 6 chick with the biggest tits I've ever scene,and they were real too couse they looked like 2 queen sized water beds. She said, I know they'd try for ya at the men's prison cause I wanna try ya. My jaw dropped in shock and awe with a little smile cause, hey we're men we're used to being the perv, not the other way around. She continued to,I just wanna shove your whole body up my pussy and smuggle you back to my cell.Every lady on the cell block hoots like horny well inmates, then they all bust out in a chorus of Lollipop by Lil Wayne. I cauld tell right away,This job was going to best the most fun I've ever had while getting paid.
So,I've been working the women's prison 6 months, they made me an unofficial counselor. I'm a big hearted nice guy who treats everyone with the same respect I would want. Which really goes a long way with inmates. I'm going through the chow line and there she is again, with them wonderful water beds, the whole kitchen crew serves my tray everytime I come through the line, her the Egyption has giant tits and eyes like a siamese cat,a white lady who was an UUUBER lesbian tells me "I don't like men,at all.You are are the sweetest lil thing, and fair warning if any of us in here ever catch you slipping, We takin that dick. I'm like a deer caught in head lights at this point,literally I guess it's all the bread they eat cause them titties were fucking huge, and eye level I could do a motor boat while slow dancing.So I keep my reserve, I tell her,If I fucked any one of you girls in here, They'll send me up the river.Her girl friend says there's ways around anything if you look hard enough, and speaking of hard enough.They notice my ereection,scrubs are very thin and leave little to the imagination. Damn you gotta big Dick the Egyption blurts. I was'nt trying to advertise anything,but when you got G cup titties staring you eye to eye. Sorry I'm a man my dick got hard.So I started thinking about Golf, jabed myself under the finger nail with a fork, and walked away with my tray.My nick name changed from "Busy Bone" to "Biggie Bone".

After lunch I make my rounds,I get to they gymnasium with supplies for the first aid kit. I'm standing in front of the the metal box then suddenly my head down past are drapped with a pillow case.I feel arms around my mouth,arms,waist,and legs as I'm beeing lifted up and carried away.A voice says told you there's ways around anything if you look hard enough.If you fuck us you go to jail, if we hold you down and take the dick then you become the victom. my scrubs are paper thin and I feel what seemed like 5 sets of hands on my dick, pulling my scrub bottoms and I still have the pillow case over my eyes and I feel hott sweet smelling lips pressing starvingly against mine, and a happy trail of sex starved lips all at once going down my neck,chest,dick and balls I counted right it was 5. They took the pillow case off my head as my eyes came into focus I could see 2 nipples as big as man whole covers going up and down while my dick was pressed between 2 wonderful waterbeds. I almost moaned like a sullen whore,but maintained myself and as my head drew back in extacy holding my breath so not to make a sound, they Egyptian sat on my face, her pussy taste like cherry pie filling.I don't know How I got so lucky and wasn't asking questions. her waterbed titties are going up and down her girl friend sucking my dick and like she was sucking on her big soft nipples while she took a taste, starting with soft licks, light kissing and then of my god. I couldn't tell she was a lesbian the way she pushed her titties out of the way and deep throated all 8 inches of me. I got of track and broke my concentration,I wasn't even trying to come,but the waay she throated me I couldn't hold back another second. I mumbled with a mouth full of egyptian pussy I'm cumming,and she mumbled back with a mouth full of dick, cum in my mouth. Her girl friend is sucking my balls so good I feel it in my stomach.egypt is cumming,I can taste it, While water bed swallows me her other girl friend is eating her pussy,and while her main girl sucks my balls some other woman is eating her. How I love cum together day.She swallows what felt like a river cumming out of me I've never cum so hard in my life,but it's far from over.We just gettin that first one out the way.Egypt slides off of my face and slides my dick inside that pussy,and it was so tight.She said it's been 6 years and she felt almost like a virgin.they were true to their word.They took my dick, they held me down and rode me so hard I wanted to scream like a bitch. waterbeds came to me I had to suck those titties I'd never forgive myself if I didn't. One of her titties was bigger than my head.I know you been wanting to suck on these titties for a long time.Egypt comes She almost screams She pulls my mouth off that titty and jamms my mouth into hers so hard it almost takes my head off. almost like she's eating me I loved. Her body quivers as she muffles her screams with a hott passionate kiss that sent shock waves through me.Waterbeds side girl friends suck her ginormous titties while she climbs on top of me, that pussy never held a real dick befor in her whole born lesbian life.she quivers as it penetrates deep into her dripping pussy, she moans with pleasure and leans forward.She whispers suck my titties and speeds her stride to a gallop. she's riding me like a soldier headed full charge into battle. I was her valliant steed and loved my job. her main gril friend grbas her by the breasts and eeases her back exposing my face for a brief second befor climbing ontop.Her pussy was sweet tasting like she was masturbating with a hershey bar. their moans are muffled by the extra titties that came along for the ride, I didn't know them but they were welcomed strangers,after all.A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.Waterbed's grinding me so hard I feel like I'm sinking in to the floor.She cums and squirts a river so massive it's like a damn bursts. Her girl friend hops off of my face and Waterbeds jams her tongue down my throat so far I thought she was trying to get that snicker bar I hhad before lunch. She slowly licks the roof of my mouth, she looks me in they eye and says almost laughingly, you are just the sweetest lil thang. Well not lil thang her girl friend says.Waterbeds lover licks her girl friends juices off my dick and balls while her two friends lick my stomach and chest. she slides me into her her tight and anxious pussy, she came on penetration seemed like she quiverd and put her lips on my neck and started to sink her teeth in,then remembered no marks, she kisses me and starts to ride hard, Waterbed sucks her titties while one of the strangers sucked on the other one. The other stranger she sat on my face I can't lie she tasted only okay, no where near as sweet as Egypt Waterbed or her main girl,but not bad tasting just not great.Main girl friend was cumming for the second time,Waterbed moves the stranger off of my face so main girl friend can get to my face. She kissed me and I felt steam come out of my ears. Woman kiss diffrently when they're cumming it's like thry're trying to devour you and I love it. The stranger that was on my face climbs on top of me and slides my dick inside of her so tight and wet, felt like a loaded baked potatoe, without the bacon bits. She knew it would be a while befor she got some more dick and she didn't waste a single moment.she moved my hands one to her breasts the other to her face, she sucked my finger as she grinded her hips faster and faster until hher body quivered she presses her huge titty in my mouth as she came and she slipped out a scream but held her mouth the last stranger climbed ontop just quickly she rode me fast as to say I'm just here for a quick dick fix.I guess she's just not that into you,she's more into women.I can't hate Egypt comes back. She climbs back ontop she kisses me sweet but hard, she says I know you hadn't came yet. Yeah I, unh uh she interrupted. The first time you nutted,there's a difference.I want you to cum, she said as she dropped that pussy with all that sweet round ass behind. She fucked me like she was in love with me at that point, the strangers were sent on look out detail she was slapping so hard I thought we were caught . I felt my toes and my eyes curl back she was coming all over again and I was coming with herThat last kiss felt like a bomb going off in my soul.After glow, but there was no time there should be a law against what did to me, oh wait there is. So Egypt, Waterbeds and her girlfriend, kiss me one more time.That was the best dick ever,Egypt says. I hate to have to do this,but you understand.They put the pillow case back over my head, tied my hands behind my back with my scrub pants. Egypt put a nice sized scratch on my neck,just enough to make it look like I was held at knife point. I'm sorry baby. Next I remember waking up in the Inferm, with a Bunch of nurses asking me what happened,while trying not to stare at my dick.I didn't see who did it, I was Tied up and blind folded.They never made a sound.I said THEY NEVER MADE A SOUND

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thanx, glad you liked it.After review I realise I misspelled a few words,and left out a few pronouns,but thanx.Share it with your friends. If you want.