sj33 and jim II

so. watching you two play with eachothers beautiful cocks has me soo horny. ur both enjoying the sensations, the full on naughtyness of touching eachother.

Bella though wants u two to enjoy this to a level uv never bn to before... n that needs to involve some pain. I reach out n pick up the paddle I stole from the church n spank ur ass hard. jim gets the same n I tell u to drop eachothers cocks n stop squirming about like teenage girls.

I crawl over btwn u again with ribbons in my hand. I tie one around ur balls, bending down to lick ur cock at the same time, pulling the ribbon tighter n tighter until im satisfied that the pain is strong enough, ur gasping n swearing but not telling me to stop. I slap ur cock hard n move on to jim. I tie jims balls so tight that hes begging me to stop, I tell him to shut the fuck up n take his cock n wank it so violently hes close to saying the safe word... well he would b if we'd chosen one.... he starts to moan n buck n I drop his cock n slap it.

I look at you n say "sj, jims in a bit of a state, I think u need to care of him. kiss n lick his cock, but no taking it in ur mouth" u smile at me n move down jims body, u r so excited to b tasting his cock. I reach round n slide my fingers in ur ass, working in n out of you, my other hand wanking ur cock, pulling at ur balls, pinching ur nipples. oh baby, I think wer all gonna cum.Bella had planned that you two would only get to cum once n that it wouldnt be until much much later but....

"nah. fuck that, u total pair of pussies, as if im gonna let u cum yet. stop now steven. u two need to calm the fuck down. light a fucking joint sj. now" you two lie on ur backs n I lie on my tummy in btwn u, smoking n stroking eachother n kissing you both. I watch ur cocks go soft n ur breathing get slower. we start to talk n giggle n relax. it feels so good babe.

I stand n u both watch as I put my strap on. it looks amazing, so beautiful n soo hard. "jim. come n play with my strap" jim kneels infront of me n kisses my strap on, licking up n down, taking it fully in his mouth. hes stroking n massaging my thighs, sliding his hands up to my pussy, slipping his fingers inside me, oh fuck.

I slap jim away n say "what the fuck are you doing, u know the rules, u useless fucking sub. don't fucking touch. lube up my strap jim, u need teaching a lesson" jim takes the lube n covers my strap with it, I tell him to give it to u n tell u to lube his ass, you cover his asshole n slide the lube in n out of him so hes drenched.

I sit u on the floor infront of ur mirror with ur back against ur bed. I move jim so hes standing with his legs either side of u n his cock in ur face. u can see us in the mirror n r so turned on by it. I tell u its time to suck jims cock, to take him deep in ur mouth, to use ur teeth, to pull hard on his balls, to taste,n lick n fuck... u want it so much by now, ur not even nervous anymore. u do as ur told. n u love it. my little slut toy.

jim leans over u onto the bed n I stand behind him, rubbing
the tip of my strap round his asshole. hes squirming n moaning at you working his cock while I tease his ass. I think he thinks im gonna break him in gently but instead I suddenly plunge my strap on deep inside his ass. he screams at the shock n pain, it feels so good to finally be fucked. he pushes his cock deep in ur mouth as I start to fuck him sooooo slowly n deeply, he's moaning n moving n his breath is all over the place. Iv taken off my biker boots n slide my toes around ur balls n cock, massaging, pushing, hurting. I tell u that u r not to allow jim to cum. I fuck his ass harder n faster, sooo strong, u sense his body changing, tensing, his balls going hard. u pull away n say "Bella hes going to cum. ... I lookat jim and im not sure he even knows his name anymore. u pull ur mouth away from his cock n I pull my strap out. i lie
him on the bed n stroke his back, hes breathing heavy n so spaced out. I move u to sit on the bed with ur ass against the pillows. I move jim so his head is on ur lap n tell him that he must lick n suck ur cock while he gets his breath back to say thank you to you for sucking his cock. u can see him start to lick, to stroke ur balls n cock, to be gentle n then to scratch or bite. he may be nearly ruined but he still knows how to be a gd sub.... he slides his finger in ur ass n starts pumping his mouth on ur cock. ur moaning n sooo close to cumming. i spank him hard n tell him he is not to let u cum.

I light a cigarette n tell u to kneel infront of me n clean my strap......

Ready for part III.
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2 years ago
Great story !

Enjoyed looking at your pics whilst reading them. Good times ;-)
2 years ago
Wow! This Jim is gettin it every which way! Looking forward to reading part III, seeing how you see fit to treat his sub ass!
2 years ago
What an amazing time one and all had....xx
2 years ago
More please...