Sissy out of control in the toilet

I'd describe as a fit rough looking submissive guy. Recently love to dress in panties and stockings and get interfered with....

One of the first and hottest experiences was in a quiet public toilet. It was about 3.30 on a summer afternoon and I'd had no luck down a nearby cruising area - which was unusual as it was normally reliable. The lack of action was most probably down to feeling slightly inhibited by what I was wearing under my shorts.

As I entered the cottage (as we call public toilets in the uk) and judging by the scurrying that occurred I'd interrupted a scene.

I went in the furthest cubicle and slipped my shorts off and put them in my rucksack. I rolled up my slutty red fishnets that were hidden underneath football socks which came off. I opened a sachet of lube and slipped it up my shaved hole. My panties were already damp with pre-cum and tenting out in front of me.

A foot appeared under the door; so i took a big hit of poppers - I was already totally wired and then noticed a guy leering over the cubicle wall. "Slut" was all he said.

I opened the door - there was about four guys standing facing me. The nearest a fit guy in his 40s f***ed me down onto his juicy cock. He slapped his wet uncut cock over my face, before face fucking me some more. He then manouvred me so i was bent over with my pantied pussy up in the air. I felt his finger working my lips and within a short while I felt his fat cock slide in my panties just as he emptied a hot load all over my lips. He left quickly - it was risky anyone could just walk in and we were very exposed.

I stood in the doorway massaging his cum into my hole and then sucked a huge builder guy till he spunked over my face. Followed in quick succession by an old guy who I exhibited for. By now I was covered in cum - my face, down my chest and best of all - all over my cunt lips.

I was by now desperate for a cock up me and up stepped a guy in his late 20s - big guy with a big smooth uncut cock. He pushed me into the cubicle and pulled my panties to one side and brutually got started on me. I looked up to see the horniest guy still leaning over the cubicle wall who mouthed 'I'm fucking next'. I nearly came there and then. The young guy moved me around and one of the older guys lifted my leg up as I supported myself - which gave the assembled guys a perfect view of that big cock poking me as he pulled my sticky with cum panties to the side. With the encouragement of the others he pumped his big load up me.

By now I was punch d***k with fucking. But the final guy got his wish and had me bouncing up and down on him facing out with the door to the cubicle open. He worked his way deeper up me and I could feel him banging my prostate. Just then an old fucker came in started interfering with my hard wet clit tenting up my red panties and before I knew it I was squirting everywhere. Within seconds the cock below me emptied up me.

I got off him and he slid past me - giving me a wink and a promise of meeting again.

First times are always special....
94% (42/3)
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3 months ago
Nice story
5 months ago
god that was good stevie love it too
5 months ago
Thank you Leslie - that means a lot to me coming from u xx
5 months ago
slut lol
7 months ago
so fucking horny...I want that to happen to me
8 months ago
love it wish it me lol
8 months ago
9 months ago
wow that was fucking awsome very hot
9 months ago
loved it wish I was there
9 months ago
10 months ago
stevie loves it tooo heheheh
10 months ago
love it
11 months ago
good story
1 year ago
1 year ago
thats exactly what happened to me in a cottage when i was 14 and only wearing undies
1 year ago
mmm,nice one that...
1 year ago
wooow nice
1 year ago
lovly storie