My first time

I had been talking to her online for a few weeks , when I saw her profile pic I knew there was something different about her. "there is something about you " was the comment i left on her page.

a couple of days later she messaged me. "Is there something about me?" was the entire message. I knew I had to try to get her attention, so i replied back "Yes ...Yes there is. I am pretty sure You have a surprise for me"
It was a risky move , but I am an all or nothin' kinda guy.
"Wow i generally dont get "clocked" that easy " she sent back. I knew i was right , a Tgirl. I have a unique talent of spotting them even when they are TOTALLY passable. I have come to realize its because i want one.

After messaging quite frequently i think she realized i wasnt a creeper or a threat... Merely a guy looking for what i wanted. And finally being Man enough to go for it.

We set a date at a local Alternative bar for friday. When i woke up that morning i already had butterflies... and thoughts swirling through my head.

"What if my buddies found out?" i thought , what if I'm gay?" was another ...the longer the day ran and the closer the time to meet the more freaked out i became.
I actually walked 3 miles to the bar just to try to clear my head. I stood across the street staring into the parking lot Knowing i couldnt go in.Frustration and anxiety playing incredible tricks on my psyche.

As i walked away from the bar after a few minutes , angry at myself...and more importantly disappointed. I decided to call her. "Hello ?" she answered.

"Whats up Hun?" she inquired
"Im freaking out baby"

"Why ?"

"Im scared and insecure. I'm a fucking retard. i cant do this tonight"

"ummmm oookaaaayyyy" she said with obvious confusion (i would like to think disappointment as well)

i hung up the phone.
After a couple of days , I couldnt stop thinking about her. Gazing at pix and wondering what could have been i called her again.

She picked up and before she could say hello i intruded "Look i Know im fucking retarded, and i didnt handle things well but im going to the bar and waiting for You right now. i have to meet You its friggin killin me. im so sorry for the other night please forgive me and come down" and i hung up the phone.

While at the bar (gay bar in town to be exact) i began to get comfortable with my surrounding , had a couple drinks and started playing a couple at pool.
The woman of the couple asked what i was doing there, i replied "waiting " with a bashful smile. She said "for what?"
"For that" i replied , as i watched the Beautiful girl i wanted to meet so bad make her way to the restroom. She looked at me with a grin ,wniked and continued on her journey. Tight canvas pants a form fitting gold Vneck shirt gorgeous eyes and beautiful blond hair. i couldnt take my eyes off her.
The couple i was playnig with got the hint quickly and said "go get her" at the same time ...we all chuckled

i waited at the end of the hall for her to make her way back through to the bar.
And she did.
Hips swaying, tits bouncing and a huge smile on her face "im in !" i thought to myself. She grabbed me by the hand and started walking to the bar. My Heart raced, my face flush. I was totally embarrassed a really good way.

We sat at a booth and had drinks. her hand crept to my crotch under the table, I kissed her. After a short make out session i asked if she wanted to go for a walk considering everyone was watching us. Some in admiration. Some with a get a room look. She agreed and we did.
We walked , we talked ,we kissed we played. we ended up in a suite at the local hotel.

I lay her down on the bed in complete amazement of her gorgeous features.
i started licking my way from her feet to her panties. i could see her bulge rising and i knew i HAD to have it in my mouth.

I kissed her panties, rubbed her stomach and took her cock in my mouth through the satin material. Gently i pulled them down with my teeth and exposed her perfect cock. I licked the head as she moaned with delight. I took it all the way to the hilt with eagerness. I choked on it , drooled on it and gagged just a bit as i furiously fucked my hungry face with her cock. She began to gyrate wildly and fuck me back. Moaning she said "Oh fuck baby im going to cumm" I pressed down further and opened my throat... i wanted it ....had to have it...bobbing my head up and down as deep as i could i felt the first bit of her warm juices flow out of her , it was too much. i backed off just in time for the next eruption , and took it all over my face as i jacked her up and down. My mouth open hoping to catch a lil more..."You nasty fuck " she said with a smile as she came over and over again....

in the morning i took a cab home... ive yet to hear back from her.
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