The fantasy

The fantasy:

My Mistress wife and Master after partying hard in a club call me to tell that they are on their way to home and I should prepare myself. For continuous 3 days I was starved as a punishment by the Mistress- The reason was that some minor spots were left on Master's boots by me while giving them a tongue shine.

The moment I heard this I hurried with washing my Mistress lingerie's and stockings and Masters socks and undergarments. I dried myself, wore my dog collar and get myself nude at the door waiting for Mistress and Master on my fours. After nearly a hour I heard Master's SUV brakes. I shivered and lowered my head touching the ground. After few minutes Master and Mistress ventured in joking and laughing. The moment door open I pressed my forehead on the floor. I felt a mild nudge on my head- whether It was Mistress or Master I don’t know actually. Then suddenly with a thud a foot was placed over my head. I guess that it could be of Master as I could feel heavy weight on my head. I didn’t bothered and within second slithered prostrate along the floor.

Master withdraw her foot but soon I was blessed with another foot on my head. This time it was my Mistress. She stood on my head full weight for sometime making me suffer under her cruel high heel boots. I heard them laughing. They even comment on me but the pain was so intoxicating that I was forget to give attention. I remained lying idle on the floor without any moment. Then Mistress step over my back and walk away. After a moment Master William place his boot on my head and crushed my head. "so slut pig did you learned your lesson"? I stammered "Yes Master William".

He stepped out full weight on my back in his black engineer leather boots, the ones I had tongue shined 3 days ago. I squeal in pain as he dug his heels into my back. "What's the matter wimp? You trying say I'm getting fat?" Like hell. He was an absolute chiseled Adonis. "No Sir. I'm sorry, Sir. Thank you for stepping on me".

He stepped off making sure he stepped on my fingers on the way down. "Not a bad job on my boots, slave-boy. Check the soles for a touch-up." I flipped onto my back and he stood over my chest . I then swabbed the soles one at a time as he pressed the cold leather carelessly against my face.

"I'm getting bored, hurry up asshole" he roared and wipe soles of his boot I was lapping all over my face.

"Meet me inside. My dogs are roastin' in these boots and need your attention."He shouted. While I could regain my senses He stepped down and walked away. I lift myself up , get on my fours for a while, then again slithered back on floor crawling my way to the couch where Master and Mistress were sitting & enjoying a t.v show.

I first approach my Mistress and as a set protocol I started kissing Her boots. After few minutes she pushed me away by Her foot. "thank you Mistress" I said and then crawl where Master was sitting. Master didn't notice me. I started kissing His boots. Must have kissed just thrice only and Mistress ordered me to fetch drinks for them. Master stared at me and barked "Obey!!!". "Yes Sir" I crawled back to kitchen. I returned back with a bottle of red wine, a bottle of Chablis and set there glass and again kneel down on floor with head bowed down. After few minutes I heard moaning of Mistress. I dare not lift my eyes (as per the protocol). After they had done with cuddling and kissing Mistress ordered me for more Chablis. I prepared her glass and approached Her crawling. With head lowered down I presented Her the wine. She lifted my face placing the tip of Her boot under my chin and she spitted right over my face in disgust "Why can't you ever do anything like this?!".

Master grabbed her roughly by the hair with one hand, and scooted the other under her dress squeezing her butt. He pulled her soft face to his own bristly strong-chinned mouth and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She melted and moaned.

They remained this way for several minutes, when he looked down at me and said, "What the fuck are you lookin' at, footwipe? You'll get your chance to give me a proper kiss hello." They burst out laughing. They plopped on the couch, legs finding each other and intertwining. Mistress' toes shined with a glossy red finish

They began kissing again. This time his greasy hands found my wife's breasts and he kneaded them fervently. I knew the routine well -- a booted foot extended out onto my waiting lap. It rotated about the ankle in teasing circles. I lifted her foot in my arms and started kissing and licking his leather boot top. Suddenly I received a kick on my chest. I fall back on the floor. "What a pathetic dog is he? Always desperate to use his slithery tongue on my boots. Asshole I want them free. Hurry up!!!".

"I beg your pardon Sir "I replied

Listening our conversation Mistress began to laugh "pathetic loser".

I gripped and pull hard in one motion, and winced as the spicy tendrils of foot odour quickly curled up my nose. There was actually visible steam coming off his foot-print stained white sock. ( I hand scrub these, but it doesn't help when he walks around outside without shoes.) He pressed the huge damp sole against my face and held it there while I worked on the other boot -- this time it was a little more difficult as I was blinded and basked in the dizzying aroma of his sweaty foot.

He and my wife never slowed in their sloppy kissing and groping while I prepared to give my Master the kiss hello he was referring to. His other foot joined the first as both hot raunchy soles pressed my head backwards to the floor pinning my head to the carpet. My head hit with a painful thump. I dare not complain and I began kissing and kissing and kissing.

I heard a break in the action above and my heart raced wondering what I had done wrong. "My little footlover, tonight you're in for a treat. You gave me such good head today during my lunch break that I'm going to let you have my BARE FEET!.

I laid prostrate again. He lifted his strong denim-clad leg revealing the beefy wrinkled sole of a REAL MAN. He let it hover over my face and told me to beg for it.

I pleaded, "Please Master. I want to kiss and lick your beautiful feet while you enjoy my lovely wife." He teased and wriggled his gnarly toes, mocking my compromised position. "You're pretty lucky aren't you? All you have to do is surrender your fuck privileges, your house key, buy me a car, grovel, and be my servant, and YOU get an incredible pair of MANFEET to worship! I don't know who got the better of this deal!"

They snickered hysterically, and he finally said, "Oh alright, carry on pervert. But NO DINNER for you! There should be plenty of sock lint to fill your worthless tummy for tonight. He splayed his toes and sure enough there were plenty of chewy clumps of toe jam awaiting my tongue flossing.

My tongue began its arduous task of cleansing his enormous soles of his workday's briny sweat. I began to get used to their musky odour.

He moved his soles now down alongside my cheeks and looked down to check out my bleeping reddened face. He squeezed my face between his soles squishing my face into a silly expression, puckering my lips. "Enough foot feast, you freak.

and then I was ordered to harden his pole with my mouth and guide it past my Mistress wife's pussylips so that she could go for the ride of her life!

I unzip his pants and give a kiss on his flaccid weapon. Mistress pulled my hair and f***e me hard to suck his member .when I gained the required momentum Mistress left my hair and after a span of second I received a hard kick on my balls from Her pointed boots. Pain was intolerable, it make me open my mouth wide and Master grasp my head in his palms and increases my back and forth motion.

Both laugh @ me, ridicule and abuse me and when its complete I was made to swallow his cum right there."Here's your feast, happy you cocksucker faggot and he kicked me away".

I was then made laid on my back and serve both of them as their foot stool for hours while both of them enjoy sitting above me they rub their soles on my face, entire body and exposed organ, twisting my body and kicking me away. And I remained their pushing myself every time for licking and shining their boots, feet and soles. They abuse me, spit on me but i still hold my position shining Mistress boots and worshiping Master's feet. What's more humiliating: being told to do something or being commanded simply by a click of a finger or a tap of the foot?

--------------- END ------------------------------------------------------

Your ideas please. do tell me you like it or not
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