A very sensual first time with another man

This is my first story. Let me know what you all think!
Back when I was a lot younger I realized that I wasn’t completely straight. I thought girls were sexy but I every so often I would check out some cute guy. In high school I wasn’t too popular but I also had a lot of friends. I was always scared to say anything about how I would watch gay and sometimes shemale porn or even check out guys so I would just play it off as if I was a homophobe (my f****y is very homophobic which is why I was scared.) The only gay k** that I knew of in my school was Glenn. He was in my Astronomy class which was my favorite class because every day I would be able to check out Glenn’s nice ass since he sat right in front of me.
One day my teacher assigned us all a very long and challenging project and he also assigned us partners by picking random names out of a hat. When my name got pulled out I was nervous as to whom I would be assigned to but I was not at all disappointed when Glenn’s name was pulled out. Now, Glenn had a very nice body, he was probably 150 lbs but it was all lean muscle and he had blue-green eyes and blonde hair. Since my dumbass teacher gave us no in-class time to do it we had to work on it after school if we wanted to get it done which would mean less hanging out with friends and spending more time with Glenn. Secretly I didn’t mind at all but since I didn’t want to be made fun of I acted as though it was the worst thing that ever happened.
After class I told him to meet me at my car after school ended. Once it did end we decided to go to his house since it was closer and he said he had all the supplies we would need. I was extremely shocked when we got to his because his house was gigantic! When we went in we sat down on some comfy chairs in the entertainment room. I was still amazed at this point and said..
“I never knew you were filthy rich!”
“Yeah I don’t like to talk about it because whenever I tell a friend they like to use me and then don’t really care about our friendship much after that.”
“Oh… well your secret’s safe with me.”
After that he told me that his parents are never home due to business trips and meetings and stuff like that. He had a sad look on his face and looked like he was about to tear up. I just wanted to cuddle with him and tell him it would be alright but knew that I shouldn’t.
After a week and a half of going over to his house after school every day we became pretty good friends and started to get comfortable with each other. One day after a long session of work he asked if I wanted to go in his pool and of course I wouldn’t say no to him getting his shirt off  . His body when he took his shirt off was so damn hot I couldn’t help but stare for a little while. After a little while we began dunking and wrestling each other in the pool and I “accidently” pulled his pants part way down. I only got a glance at his beautiful ass but it was enough to get me rock hard all most instantly. Once we got out we continued working and the day was over before I knew it.
The next day is when it all started. After school I went to his house and we began working. After a long time he asked me if I wanted to go into his hot tub, I didn’t know he even had one but I quickly said YESS. Once we got to it he started taking off his shirt and then suddenly his pants also.
“What are you doing?” I was surprised but my heart also began racing.
“Just going in the hot tub, it’s way better when you’re completely naked!”
“I don’t think I’m going to take all my clothes off”
“Come on! Don’t be scared!” Glenn said in a very teasing but somewhat seductive tone.
I took almost all my clothes off but I was still a little bit embarassed to take my boxers off. Just as I was about to get in Glenn said-
“If you don’t take your shorts off you won’t be allowed back at my house.”
At this point I figured what the hell I might as well.
“I’ll take mine off but you have to take yours off first” I said.
Then he took his boxers off and right in from of me I saw his lovely cock! It was completely shaven and I would say it would be about 6 and half inches hard. I instantly began getting hard and told him I had to piss before I got in so he wouldn’t see it. When I got back I took my boxers off and I could see him staring at my cock so I took a little extra time getting into the tub. I could tell he was rock hard by the way he was moving around and trying to conceal it. I was also hard but I chose a spot before I got in that the jets would cover it up for me. Once I got in he asked me-
“Have you ever shaved your dick?”
“No, why?”
“It would look a lot nicer if you did… from a girls point of view I guess. I could for you since I shave mine a lot and know how to.”
“Haha thanks for the advice but maybe another day though.”
Once we decided to get out I lingered in the tub for a minute longer just so I could watch him get out, I got one hell of a view, his ass was so perfect and got me so damn horny. But he put his clothes back on and I snapped out of it and did the same and then I had to go home. Once I got home I couldn’t get him off my mind. I decided to shave my cock and ass just in case I got naked in front of him again! ;)
The next day during gym I hurt my back badly, I figured I would try to tough it out but by the end of the day it still hurt like hell. Once we got to Glenn’s house I told him about what happened.
“I could massage it for you it would feel a lot better.”
“I don’t know I think it will go away in time.”
“It probably will but who knows how long it could be. Plus I’m very good at giving massages!”
I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist so I just agreed. I took off all my clothes except for my boxers and laid down on his couch. Before long I was in heaven and luckily for me I was on my stomach so my boner was hidden. He had a way with his hand and that sensual lotion that he was rubbing all over me. Before I knew it he was taking off my boxers and I knew that this was my chance to have sex with him. Once he got them off he was surprised that I actually shaved.
“Wow! Your ass looks so nice shaven!”
“Thanks, I did it just for you now let’s not waste more time talking.”
I just wanted to get down to it so I turned around and we began to kiss. It was the longest and best damn kiss I had ever gotten. I began tearing off his shirt and kissed and licked all my way down his nice body, once I got to his pants I pulled them off and right in front of me was his hard 6 and a half inch cock! I didn’t waste any time and began licking the head then started sucking and before I knew it my face was against his stomach and I could feel the warmth of his balls. After 10-15 minutes of blowing him I could tell that he was about to blow his load into my mouth so stopped. He quickly began giving me the best blow job I had ever had, he was easily taking in all of my 7 inches and at the same time massaging my sack. It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to blow so I pushed his head away and began to fuck his mouth with my tongue. I moved him on top of me so that we were in a 69 position, I began to fuck his ass with my tongue while he began to blow me again. His ass tasted so good to me at that moment( it was probably just because I was in ecstasy…) after who knows how long of rimming each other and sucking each other’s cocks I flipped him onto his back.
“You want me to fuck you don’t you?”
“Yes!! There is lube and condoms in that drawer over there before you do though.”
I got the lube and a condom and began to finger his ass with a decent amount of lube. Slowly I began got another finger in and then another and when I began tearing the wrapper of the condom he told me he wanted to do it bareback! My dick was pressing against his and I slowly popped the head of my cock in. He let out a loud moan but told me to fuck him good so I slowly put my whole cock inside his tight pink asshole. I pulled my cock in and out slowly and once his ass was feeling loose enough I began going faster and harder, shoving my whole 7 inches inside of him while he moaned and screamed my name. After who knows how long I finally began to feel the cum coming on, and by the moans and sounds of him I could tell he was about to blow too. Glenn blew his load just before me, his cum hit his chin chest and went all over his stomach, I had never seen that much before! Just as he finished I felt the rush of cum coming so I shoved my cock in deep and blew my load deep inside his ass, I had never cummed so hard in my life! It just kept coming out and when I had finally emptied the last that I had I collapsed on top of him. We licked each other’s cum up and then spooned next to each other and fell deep asl**p.

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2 years ago
HOT story
2 years ago
Good story!
2 years ago
WOW So hot... My Cock was Rock Hard Just Reading that.. MMMMMMM
2 years ago
Hot hot hot!!!
2 years ago
Great Story! Hope there's more cumming!
2 years ago
Damn, well done.
Look forward to more.....
2 years ago
Fantastic!. Who gave this less than 5 stars???