Confessions of a Bisexual Man-Whore Ch. 1 Victoria

Little did I know that Wednesday afternoon thatit would be fondly remembered as the beginning of a lifetime of treasured debauchery. My friend Jason and I were sitting in my bedroom relaxing after a long day at school. Before I begin, I suppose a quick description of the two of us is in order. Jason, while a year younger than me, was both taller and a bit burlier than my own 5'8 115 lb. self. His sandy blond hair and blue eyes contrasted with my own dark brown hair and hazel eyes, but we both wore our hair short. I was wearing my usual Levi's jeans paired with a T-shirt while Jason was sporting a pair of gym shorts paired with a tank top in deference to the warmth of the mid May day.
"So what do you wanna do?" Jason asked, lounging on my beanbag chair.
"I dunno," I shrugged. "Nintendo?"
"Nah", he quickly replied."We did that yesterday."
My next four suggestions were shot down as well until I remembered my Mom's collection of Victoria's Secret catalogs. Minutes later we were flipping through them, comparing pictures and boasting about whjat we would do with the scantily-clad girls. Empty boasts of course since my furtive groping of my girlfriends budding breast one night made me the veteran in the room. We had been staring at the lithe models for about a half an hour or so when a devilish idea popped into my head. Since we had been in grade school we played an elaborate game of chicken that could pop up at a moments notice. In his barely hidden excitement I saw a chance for a win. He wasn't even paying attention to me when I decided it was time to make my move.
"I bet you'd freak out if I pulled those shorts off, I announced with a grin. I was sure he'd be too embarrased that I'd see his obvious hard-on from the images he'd been looking through, so you can imagine my surprise when he said.....
"Go ain't got the balls."
After that I couldn't back down. I could see him watching me surrepticiously over the top of the magazine. I had to back up my words so I tenatively reached up to grasp the legs of his silky gym shorts. Taking a deep breath, I tugged the shorts off in one swift move. I expected the shorts to slide off easily, but what I wasn't ready for was for his tighty-whiteys to be dragged down as we.. His hard cock slapped against his belly before finally settling, jutting up from it's nest of fine curly, blond hair. My breath caught in my throat as my gaze locked on the hard shaft of flesh before me. His cock was about 6 inches, but thick with a fat purplish head. Veins sttod out all along it's length and my mouth watered as I drank in the sight.
"you want to touch it?" Jason whispered looking at me, mnagazine now tossed aside. Slowly I reached out, fingers hesitating just at the point of no return before tenatively wrapping aroung his rigid flesh. Neither of us made a sound, not wanting to break the fagile moment we were sharing. Without moving my eyes from the first cock I had ever seen that wasn't mine, I began to stroke him gently. In silence I hesitatingly picked up the speed of my fondling until I was jerking his dick at a steady pace. When a few drops of precum leaked from the swollen head I didn't even think. Instinctively my head dipped and I swept the salty fluid up with a quick swipe of my tongue.
"Oh!" Jason tensed suddenly, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me to him. "Fuck yessss!"
I had seen one porno movie at this time, a veritable babe in the woods, but I knew exactly what he wanted. I dodged his attempts to push his cock between my lips half-heartedly, swiping his veiny shaft a few times with my tongue. Every lick brought another needy gasp from him. Finally I looked up into his pleading eyes, opened my mouth, and while he watched gulped his fat dick down my throat. I reveled in the new sensations. The scent of his crotch, the feel of the twitching flesh against my tongue, and the strangled moans of pleasure escaping from my friend. Gradually I grew useed to his cock and soon my nose was buried in the blond scruff of his pubes on every downstroke. Faster and faster we went, spit covering my face as my boyhood friend fucked my face mercilously.
"Oh yeah!" he growled thraotily. "Fuckin' take my dick!"
Even if I had wanted to stop, Jason's vice-grip on my head wouldn't have allowed it. Furiously he pounded my head onto his crotch, jarring muffled grunts out of me with every stroke. Drool ran down and matted the course hair that I was driven into over and over.
"Oh god Nick! I'm gonna cum. You're gonna make me cum!"
At that announcement he released his hold on my head, leaving me with the decision of where Jasoin would spill his hot cum. I didn't miss a beat, sucking as fast as I could with one hand jacking him at the same time. As his groans came louder and faster I threw my tongue in, lightly fluttering it across his shaft.
"Oh fuck," Jason moaned, hands gripping the blankets. "Don't stop. Please don't stop."
And I didn't. A few seconds later my efforts were rewarded as his whole body started twitching uncontrolably.
"Oh Nick! I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your fuckin' faggot mouth!"
It was then that the reality hit me, right as his boiling hot load filled my mouth. I savored the salty tang of the cum spurting from his twitching cock and i realized that I was gay! Well, maybe not all the way gay, but I had loved sucking him off. The pwer of controlling him, the submissiveness when he took over and fucked my face. The smells, the feel, the taste. All of it felt right and as I rocked back off his crotch, still swallowing the remnants of his cream I could feel the grin on my face.
"That was awesome," Jason mumbled, breathing slowly returning to normal.
"So you liked it?" I shot back with a smirk. I was quickly shoving my own jeans down as he watched. Soon my own hard dick was in his hand as he stroked it gently.
"Mmmmmm," I purred. "You gonna suck me too?"
"I could," he replied. "Or you could....." He looked sheepishly at me as his voice trailed off.
"I could what?" He looked away shyly and his voice was barely a whisper.
"Fuck me."
"Fuck you?!" I exclaimed incredulously. "Like in the ass?"
He merely nodded, but the mischevious gleam in his blue eyes was unmistakable. This wasn't a snap decision. He'd been thinking about this for awhile. It would be months till I found out why.
"I'd love to," I answered, flipping him over onto his hands and knees. It wasn't hard since, despite his shyness he eagerly got into position while I fumbled for the vaseline I kept in my nightstand. Quickly I lubed myself up and slathered a big dollop up his fuzzy asscrack, rubbing it up and down before drilling a finger into his slick hole.
"Ohhhh yeah," Jason groaned, pushing back into me. "Another one. Gimme another finger."
Adding my middle finger alongside the pointer I was drilling into him, Jason looked over his shoulder at me. He hissed as I worked his tight hole, twisting my fingers as I pushed in and out of his pliant ass. Soon he reached back spreading his cheeks apart, giving me an easier path to his (i thought) virgin ass. I got behind him and lined my cock up, ready to plunge into his puckered hole. Pausing to give him one more chance to back out.
"You sure about this?" I asked, hoping he didn't back out now. Luckily he seemed even more eager than I was to nail him.
"I'm sure! Fuck me Nick! I want you in me!"
I didn't hesitate after that. Steadily I pushed into him and the little slut didn't even flinch, pushing back into me until his ass rested firmly against my crotch.
"Oh Nick," he groaned. "That's it baby. Fill me up sooo good."
"You like that?" I taunted, stroking in and out slowly. "You like my dick in your ass?"
"I love it," he hissed back. "Fuck me hard."
Steadily I started pushing in and out of his tight ass, slowly at first but gradually picking up the pace till I was pounding him almost frantically. My balls slapped against him and a sharp, tangy smell filled the room as we both began to sweat from out carnal exertions. Through it all he kept looking back at me, gritting his teeth as strangled grunts escaped everytime I bottomed out in him.
"Wait a minute," Jason said suddenly, pushing me away.
"You alright?" I asked reluctantly pulling out of him. "Does it hurt?"
"Hell yeah it hurts," he rplied flipping over onto his back and spreading his legs. "I like the hurt. Now get over here and fuck me so I can watch you."
Smiling I slid into his arms. Jason reached down, guiding me back into him and with a few adjustments we were fucking like horny rabbits once again. Our sweat slicked chests slapped together while we thrust our hips into each other furiously.
"Oh god!" he screamed, arching his back and clawing desperately at the sheets. "Fuck me Nick! Fuck my dirty ass!"
"Like that, don't ya bitch?!"
"I love it! I'm your bitch!!"
My strokes had become ragged as my orgasm grew closer. Jason must've felt my impending explosion, because just as I was about to cum he reached behind my neck and pulled me into a tongue dancing, soul searching kiss. I moaned my ecstacy into his mouth as my cock exploded into his used ass with jet after jet of hot cum. He didn't release me until my unconcious spasms had calmed, kissing me through it all. Wrapped in each other's arms we came down from our panting bliss. Barely a word was spoken as we self-conciously dressed and I walked him to the door of the apartment. Finally there, he turned to me with a searching look.
"Can we...." he began haltingly. "Can we do this again?"
Relief filled me as my arms pulled him to me, nuzzling his still sweaty neck as I groung myself into him so he could feel my reawakened cock.
"Yes," I replied." We can. If my parents weren't coming home I'd be fucking you right now."

Well there you all go. My first submission. Please feel free to comment, message, friend, or send applications. Lol
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1 year ago
dude! that was fucking hot!.. i hope there's more to CUM!
3 years ago
Very hot! Good work.
3 years ago
This HOT story really turned me on! Got totally boned up.
3 years ago
fuck you made me hard your style
3 years ago
that was so fucking hot - u write really well & i cant fucking wait to read more