Leanne learns

About a week later, this was the email I got from my daughter Paula’s Uni friend Leanne. Leanne had asked me to watch her masturbate, because this was the only way she could orgasm. http://xhamster.com/user/size12/posts/8526.html

“Here is the picture I promised you. You can just see the snail trail where your cum dried on the right cup. What happened to me after was really exciting, and it will be a real turn on to tell you about it.

“My boyfriend Mick came back a day early. He came round to our house that afternoon and let himself in as usual. I was the only one in. I was doing an essay in my bedroom and all of a sudden there he was. We kissed and soon he’d pushed me onto the bed, he was really randy. And so was I. His hands were soon up my tee shirt, lifting my bra over my tits and raising my t shirt so he could nuzzle, kiss and bite. I was a bit worried that he would see the cum stains on my bra, but it was exciting too. It was such a turn on knowing he was licking your cum and didn’t have the slightest idea.

“I hadn’t shaved, so my pussy was all stubbly. And I thought about you looking at me earlier. It all made me so wet that when Mick finally got his hand up my skirt, he could feel my pants were wet. He said I must be pleased to see him. Too right. I ripped open his trousers and got his dick out. It’s bigger than yours, I think, and was much, much stiffer. As I put it into my mouth and sucked and licked on his lovely hardness, I thought of yours, and how it wasn’t fully stiff when it came, and how the cum just flopped out of it in a sexy, gentle way. Mick’s cum shoots across the room, but yours can’t have gone more than a few inches. Perhaps it’s an age thing; I guess you must have come so many times in your life. It made me even randier, thinking of how you wanked at me. I’ve never ever orgasmed without being touched down there, but I did this time, running all through me like an electric shock as I tongued Mick’s hardness.

“He fucked me then, just normal, with my knees over his shoulders. He went so deep and I was so wet, it was great. His cum was dribbling out of me all evening, there must have been loads. The sex all weekend was great, and I know it has something to do with Thursday morning.

“Can we do it again sometime? As long as we stick to the no touch rules, I’d like to see what else we can do. I can’t go for weeks on end without coming. Perhaps next time I can watch you wank properly? Paula has classes on Monday afternoons, and I don’t. I could swing by on the way home, about 12:30. Let me know”

- - - - - -

I cancelled two meetings to make sure I could work from home. I made sure my daughter Paula was not skipping classes. I even trimmed the hair round my dick; not much, just tidied it up, and shaved all my bum crack and armpits. I put on some nice after shave, and, as expected, at 12:40 there was a ring at the door.

Leanne looked great. What’s not to like in a 19 year old, in leggings and a short skirt and a loose summery tea shirt? Her blond hair looked superb against the black tee shirt.

“Same rules, Andy?” she asked. “If you can’t do no touching, I’ll go”

“Fine with me, no touching. Shall we go upstairs?”

“No, it’s a nice sunny day. Your back patio isn’t overlooked, is it?” asked Leanne. “I hope not, anyway. Paula and I have been sunbathing topless there all summer”

“Only from the house” I replied. “And there’s no-one in but us. Roger is away and Anna is at work till late. Paula said she had classes till 3, so let’s take the risk”

We went into the dining room which has big patio doors. Leanne kicked off her shoes, and peeled off her leggings. I could see her panties. Nothing exciting, just plain, white and clean. I thought I could see a damp patch between her legs.

She didn’t stop there, taking off tee shirt and skirt, and leaving them in a pile. I quickly whipped off my shirt, shoes and jeans. In matching white we went onto the patio. Her little-girl pants and white sports bra gleamed in the sunlight. My Sloggi basics briefs looked good too, brand new and with a growing bulge.

We sat on the swing chairs, one each, facing each other. “Want to see my tits?” she asked. I could hardly speak, my dick was getting firmer and I just nodded. She did that lift over her head thing, peeling off the sports bra. Her little tits were so appetising, firm as anything, big brown nipples standing out. That bra seemed a complete waste of time; it just made them even smaller. “Your turn” she smiled, blue eyes looking randier every second.

I stood up and pulled down my pants, my half hard dick sticking out towards her. I moved slightly so she could see it in profile, and began to wank, slowly up and down, not peeling back the foreskin. Almost like I’m giving a handjob lesson.

“Will it go straight up, like Mick’s?” she asked.

“Not without a good suck” I said. “It will get more vertical when I come, but it will go down pretty quick afterwards. As you said, I think it’s an age thing. But it fucks ok, all three holes on a good day. Well, Anna doesn’t complain”.

I sat down. She stood up and came across to my swing chair. Her tits were so firm they didn’t move at all as she walked. “You up for everything, Andy?” she asked, peeling off her panties. It was only ten days since I’d last seen her fanny, and she’d clearly not shaved since. The hair was now over a centimetre long on her belly, blonde in the sunlight. I could see it between her legs, a golden covering. A true blonde; not like my wife, whose pubic hair is black.

“Pretty much”, I replied.

She walked either side of my legs, being very careful not to touch them. Her tits were right in my face when she stopped, I had one hand on my dick and the other along the top of the chair. Anna and I had been doing watersports for about 5 years, I hoped she was going to shower me. “Slide down a bit” she suggested and I did, just as that lovely hissing noise that women’s pissing makes began. It went everywhere, down her legs, onto my dick and hand.. It was warm and very, very intimate and sexy. I could feel it running down my legs, and soaking into the cushion. Then, still pissing, she backed away, went back to her seat and, as the last drops were still falling, put three fingers of her right hand along her wet slit and then straight up her cunt.

It almost made me come as she took them out and licked them, “I love that taste of pussy and piss” she said.

“So do I”, I replied, thinking how much I’d like to be between those thighs with my tongue tasting it. “Now watch as I come.”

I stood up and walked to her seat, wanking with my right hand. I’ve given up any ideas of foreplay, I just take it hard and very fast. I was nearly vertical, I let go for a second so she could see all the veins standing out and my big purple end, and see all the piss on my balls and legs. “Where shall I come?” I asked, breath coming fast as I held my balls with my left hand and wanked as fast and hard as I can with my right.

“Wherever. Just shoot it” she said. It seemed to me she was longing to have it in her mouth, but rules are rules.

A few more strokes, and I came, tingling all over my body. My balls draw up. The first jet was pretty tame, just dribbling out and onto her legs. The second shot further, onto her tummy and the third hit her tits. It kept pulsing, dripping out onto those gorgeous legs. I felt my balls come back down.

“That was very sexy. I love the way it just flops out at the beginning and the end, and the way those veins stand out. Next time you must come on my cunt hair, then I can rub it into my clit. That’s always very sexy. That was really exciting and so sexy, my cunny is dripping. Watch me!”

So I did, standing back to give her a bit more room, as her right hand rubbed her clitty really hard. She didn’t take long, and soon was panting and clenching her teeth as she rubbed out a first orgasm. She didn’t stop, chasing a big climax. My dick was all limp now, and pointing down at her cunt, a long strand of cum dangling from it. I knew I had some piss, but didn’t know how much, but I f***ed it out, directing it at her hand as it worked on her orgasm. “Yes, yes, it’s coming! More!” she panted. I f***ed out every drop and her arse left the chair as she climaxed in a shower of my piss. She opened her legs wider and took her hand away and I watched her reddened fanny pulsing. She really does go hard at it.

We sat in the sun for a while drying off, both panting, and then I offered her a Coke. As we stood up to get them, she picked up her panties. “Try them on; they may be too small”. I could get them on, but only just, she’s an 8 at the most. “Swap!” she said, picking mine up. She rubbed her fanny with them, wiping up the last bits of piss and her wetness, and then went indoors, putting them in her bag. I followed, and got dressed. She didn’t bother with the sports bra, just put the tee shirt back on. I could see bits of cum starting to show through as blacker patches. She pulled her leggings on, and then her little skirt.

“Same time next week?” she asked.

“No I can’t. I have to go to a client”. I went for the big one. Anna and I have never done spectator sports, but I thought I could persuade her. Or face a divorce. And I might, just might, get a threesome. “But what about the weekend? Paula will be at Dave’s , and Roger’s still in France. We’ll just be chilling. And Anna is very interesting in the bedroom department. A fortnight is a long time to go without”.

She looked worried and a bit out of her depth. “I don’t know. Same rules?”

“Up to you,” I said. “e-mail me”

- - - - - -

Those panties were pretty uncomfortable. I kept them on though, taking my dick out round the side to have a piss later in the afternoon. Once I’d got my dick out, balls too, I left them out and just did up my trousers, carefully.

Anna got back later in the afternoon, and brought me a cup of tea in the office. I closed the door, and kissed her. “Someone’s randy” she said, as I turned her round, put her hands on the window ledge, lifted her skirt and moved her panties out of the way to take her cunt from behind. She reached under to help me in, saying “that feels pretty stiff, what have you been doing?”

Wearing a pretty 19-year old blonde’s panties, that’s what I’d been doing. Thinking that my dick had been pissed on by a pretty 19 year old, that I’d come on those firm little boobs and then pissed on her whilst she masturbated. That was what I’d been doing. And my pissed on dick was now right up Anna. And I was still wearing Leanne’s panties. And she’d emailed a yes.

Anna was willing but pretty dry when I started. She soon wettened up, and I gave it to her hard for several minutes, reaching round to touch her clit and bring her off. As she came she pushed back hard against me, driving my Leane-flavoured dick further into her. I pulled out to finish, a few dribbles was all I had left, on her panty-covered arse. I rubbed it in and pulled her skirt back down.

“I’ve got another surprise for you”, I said.

- - - - - -

Friday evening, and no k**s! What a week it’s been. Time to go out to the pub. I fend off Andy as I put my makeup on. Why does he think I need my arse fondling just because I’m at the mirror wearing a towel? Get dressed, a nice shortish skirt, a sexy thong, a wonderbra. My boobs swing out too much to go without, and I feel like showing some cleavage, so a scoop neck top. Boots with high heels? No, too expensive for a stroll to the pub, too hot to wear. Ballet shoes.

I’m ready to go. Andy has money. I grab a little handbag. At least I have the keys, lippy, condoms and tampons. We walk hand in hand, laughing. In the pub we have a couple of beers sitting in the garden. I’m on a bench seat behind a table, Andy’s on my left. There’s an old guy sitting at a table opposite. His eyes are attached to my tits by invisible wires. When I lean back his head comes forward.

We have a third beer. I’m getting giggly, need a pee. I move to the right, to the end of my bench. The old guy’s wires have moved to my skirt. I sit at the edge of the bench, so he can see just inside my skirt. His eyes are locked on like radar. I bend over to adjust my shoes. As I straighten up my skirt rides up and he gets a good look at my thong. I open my legs. He must be able to see the hair peeping out of the sides by my cunny, if his eyesight is that good. Should have done a proper bikini trim! I get up and go for a pee. I can feel his eyes on my bum as I go. It’s a good bum.

I come back bringing more beers. I’m sitting on the edge of my bench, my thong is in my handbag. Old guy is getting a full upskirt. He can’t move his head, perhaps he’s in shock or having a heart attack. We finish our beers. Andy says we should go.

He leads the way. He’s not looking at me as I lift my skirt front for old guy. He sees everything I’ve got, I push out on my fanny, give him the works. He does not smile or look up at me. I stand up and walk past his table. I leave my thong by his beer glass. His beer is getting warm through lack of attention. I smile at him. I think he has probably died now from shock. I’m wondering what he will do with the thong. What will he say to Mrs Old Guy if she finds it? Or maybe he’s gay? Can you still wank at 65? I think of an old wrinkly dick getting half erect – even less stiff than Andy – and dripping tired cum onto it. I giggle to myself, a bit d***k.

We buy food at the takeaway and walk home. I explain to Andy about the old guy. I’m seeing this as part of my new role as sex ther****t. Leanne is coming tomorrow evening. I’m not sure I believe Andy’s story about Leanne asking him to ask me to help her with having an orgasm. Why would anyone ask someone’s husband for something like that? It’s so unbelievable, it might just be true. But I’ve never done anything like this before. Andy says we have to promise that we don’t touch her. I’ve never touched a girl sexually, well not since fifth form, and that was just exploring. Will it be weird? Andy’s told me we just see what happens. Oh and once or twice at Uni - that was cool, now I come to think about it, very sexy.

We get in, eat, drink wine. I am very d***k. We put a dirty CD on and I lie in Andy’s lap. I get his dick out and I put it in my mouth, start a long slow blowjob to make him come. It’s one of the best things when I take him into my mouth when he’s all floppy. I lie there, snuggled down, with his limpness in my mouth. I roll my tongue around the floppiness, I push it into his foreskin. I bite gently and he starts to swell and stiffen. I peel back his foreskin with my hand, lick all round the head. I like the taste of cum after wine. I’m looking forward to it, but he’s not getting much harder. Andy starts to snore. I remember that bit.

Fuck it’s cold. Could I be any more uncomfortable? Andy is snoring quietly. My head is in his lap. His willy is under my head. That is definitely not cum. I’ve dribbled in my sl**p. I am thirsty, I need to pee. Those idiots on the CD are still fucking each other in stupid positions. It’s 230. How long is that CD or was it on repeat?

I get up. I am not d***k any more, well not very. I manage to walk past the dirty plates without kicking any of them. I go upstairs. I get the cat and come back downstairs and put him out. Andy snores. I clean my teeth and take off my make-up. I find a very pretty teddy to put on, and go to bed.

I wake up as the birds are singing. It is 930. No sign of Andy, but I’m feeling aroused. The teddy has risen up around my tummy and I reach down to my fanny. It is lovely and warm. I spread my hand so my labia are in between my second and third fingers and I press my lips together, putting pressure on my button, rub gently, big strokes, pressing on the outside on my clit and right back to my fanny. It feels warm, sexy, erotic. I start to tingle, I’m wet and on the edge of coming. I decide to go and give Andy a bit of his own medicine.

His dick is where I left it, but it’s hard as he sl**ps. It’s magnificent, proud and swollen. I wonder what he’s reaming about. It looks stiff enough to take up my arse, but I don’t want that. I straddle him on the sofa, pick it up and lower myself onto it. He slides in so easy. He wakes up, looks at me in the sexy pink teddy and smiles like he’s gone to heaven. I reach for my clitty as I fuck him, he likes to see me do this, I like him to see me come. He can’t get me off in this position. His hands are facing the wrong way and whenever he’s tried he can’t be gentle enough, it’s a prod not a stroke. So it’s better if I do it. I start to come.

He is big inside me, touching everything. I feel filled up nicely, he’s stiff as anything and I come twice; I’ve really found the spot this morning. The third is the big one, I feel my body drift away, I tingle from head to foot. I cannot move as it sweeps over me, I fall green and pink. My pulsing pussy takes him to the edge. I quickly get off and get him into my mouth. He tastes of my pussy, what a sexy taste, it arouses me more. The head swells, I feel the pulsing on my lips. His hardness fills my mouth, touching the back. Jet, swallow, jet, swallow. Then just take it all in, swirl it round with my tongue, caress his dick end, taste the saltiness, suck more out, swallow most of it, suck him dry, lick him all clean. Up and down to his balls.

He’s nearly limp and I take him back in my mouth, I wash his dick with the cum, suck out the last little bit. Tuck him back in his trousers. Do them up. I lean back, show him my vagina still open and wet, “Go on, one more!” he says and I frig myself one more time, keeping that bit of his cum in my mouth. He smiles and enjoys the sight. One more small orgasm, just in my fanny, not an all-over tingle. I kiss him full in the mouth, give him back some cum. Swallow the rest. He swallows too.

- - - - - -

I must be quite crazy, I think as I get off the bus and go up Andy and Anna’s drive and ring the bell. What is the worst that could happen? I get fucked maybe. Or they do some really gross stuff. I can always tell Paula, they won’t want that.

Anna is sweet, she welcomes me in. She’s wearing shorts and a baggy tee shirt, her legs are quite good for a forty something. She’s a blonde, with brown eyes and she is beautifully groomed. She’s probably very attractive to men, she exudes confidence. Andy’s also in shorts and a tee, he smiles at me. He is 55, he told me. I cannot believe he is so old and can still do sex. But I do like his dick, I’d like to feel it in me, see what something not as hard would be like. And it was good to pee on him. It marks him out as mine, in my mind anyway. I wonder if he feels the same way, his piss all over my pussy like that was a real turn on.

Andy offers us a drink, and both Anna and I have a glass of wine. Andy has a beer and we sit and talk about Uni and Paula, my boyfriend Mick and Paula’s Dave, and would they get on if they met. All very pleasant. I look across at Andy and say “you’re very like Paula, Anna. I feel like I’ve known you for ages”. He takes the hint and leaves us.

Anna asks “so, what happens next? Help me out here, Leanne”

I remember what Andy and I agreed. “This is how it is. I can’t orgasm unless someone is watching. I don’t know why this is. I can get off if a boyfriend is watching, or a girlfriend, or anyone, I suppose. A week or two ago I was in your spare bedroom and I heard you and Andy doing it in the morning. You really sounded as though you knew about coming. I just thought you might be able to help. And I can’t ask my step mum. I mean, she’s no older than me really.” And all that is true, my step mum is 28.

You could tell that Anna is a professional by the way she phrases her questions. “And what does help look like?”

“Well, I just thought maybe I could talk about it and maybe watch how you do it. I mean, you can masturbate to orgasm, can’t you?”

Anna sits next to me on the big white sofa. She turns round to face me. “So, tell me about when you started masturbating. How did it happen?”

“I heard about it when I was twelve, I suppose. Other girls talking about it, how they rubbed their clits till they get an all-over body tingling”

Anna smiles at me. “So you tried rubbing?”

“I did, I still am”. I start to cry. Anna puts her arm around me, draws me in like a mum would.

“And what do your boyfriends do?” she ask.

“I guess they rub me too, but it’s different, somehow” I sigh through my tears.

“Why don’t you just settle down, and watch me. You can touch whatever you want, do whatever you want to me or to yourself. Don’t say anything though, let’s see how we go” says Anna. She stands up and slowly takes off her tee shirt. Her boobs are much bigger than mine, they have very pink nipples, they swing outwards. She softly touches them, one in each hand. She plays with the nipples, they’re sticking out now, quite big. She strokes her nips, she dribbles onto one and smears the spit around. It’s all wet and she lifts each tit up with one hand and traces a finger where it joins her body, all the way up to her underarms, which are shaved so perfectly.

I am being turned on. I peel off my top, and start to do the same. My boobs are so small, there aren’t bras to fit except trainer bras and sports bras. I trace my finger round my right nipple and then my left. I try the dribbling thing. I miss first time, try again, get my left tit and start to massage with the wetness. It is so sexy, I’ve never done this before. I stand up and take off my jeans and my pants, sit down naked.

Anna has put one hand on the top of her leg, near her pants, she just tracing her fingers up and down the edge of her shorts. I watch and try the same thing, tracing the join line between my leg and my fanny. It’s nice. Anna isn’t paying much attention to me, she’s just stroking the edge of her shorts. She unbuttons them, stands up and lets them fall to the floor. She has pretty pink panties on. She takes these off. Her pubes are dark, but her hair is expensive blonde, an airplane blond with a black box hidden away. I can see the blue string from a tampon tracing out towards her arsehole. She sits down, she’s still tracing that line. She forms her hand into a v and squeezes her pussy lips together gently, right at the top. She takes her right tit in her left hand and presses it in, pushing her thumb on her nipple.

My pussy is soaking. I can feel it on the chair. I notice we’re sitting on a huge throw over the sofa. Anna is still gently squeezing her lips together, I could almost come right now.

I try what Anna is doing. I press my lips together, squeeze them gently, release and then do it again. This is seriously nice, how come I’ve never done this before? I feel those pre-orgasm tingles.

Anna’s now touching herself around her vagina, seems to be just pressing gently at the entrance. I do the same, it feels so good. I feel the wetness, and gently press like she’s doing. I can see Anna’s tampon string behind her hand as she moves it back up to her clit, she starts to rub there, not doing anything to separate the lips, just on top. Her eyes are shut, and her hand rubs faster and I guess a bit harder. Her hips are rocking and that hand is going quicker now, her left hand has stopped playing with her tit and she’s reaching under her arse, I can’t see what she’s doing with it so I stand up and go round the other side. I feel the wet running down my leg. I am unbelievably turned on. Sitting on the other side I can see that she’s just pressing her finger on her arsehole, too. Not inside, well not much anyway. She sighs and her right hand slows down, I guess she’s come, she opens her eyes and looks at me.

“Now I’m going to leave you to do it by yourself” she says. She stands up and makes me lay me down on the sofa, she takes my right hand and places it very gently in that v shape around my pussy lips. She takes my left hand, takes it under my leg and puts my second and third fingers into my wet cunt. I almost come as I feel her fingers touch my cunny lips. She shows me how she squeezes and rubs my putting her hand on top of mine and doing it. It feels so gentle and intimate. I move my hand out of the way so she is doing it to me directly. It is so erotic I nearly come. She stops.

“Start from there, when I’ve left the room. I think you will come very fast, as soon as I leave the room. Come as many times as you like. But afterwards I want you to get up and get dressed, finish your drink, wait a bit. Perhaps take a shower, use Paula’s en-suite, maybe walk in the garden, till you’re closer to normal. And then try again. Take it very slowly, take as long as you like. Don’t press hard, just try being gentle. I’m going upstairs to see Andy, who’s probably in the office. It would be great if you find us and tell us how you got on, but if you want to just go, feel free. There’s more wine in that bottle.

“And thank you for watching me. I can see how it helps you come!”

She picks up her panties and puts them on, then her shorts and tee shirt and leaves the room. She closes the door.

I do as I’m told, very gently I rub as she showed me. I have an almighty orgasm, my hips leave the sofa , I find I have to shove all four fingers into my cunt. Such a strong orgasm, my cunt is throbbing. Thank you Anna. I don’t stop and I smear my wetness on my clitty. I rub myself a bit harder, and come again and again. I could do this all night, I’m so aroused.

I stop after five, my legs are shaking and my hand is tired. I pick up my clothes and do as Anna suggest. Still naked and very aroused, I walk upstairs to Paula’s room. It’s on the second floor. I pass the office and Andy and Anna’s room, both doors are shut.

Paula’s room is organised and tidy, just like Paula. I have a long, hot shower, wash my hair, get most of the moisture off with a lovely soft towel, and lie down on top of Paula’s quilt to dry off.

I wake up and it’s nearly dark. It takes a while to work out where I am. Can’t remember getting under this cover. I do remember Anna’s instructions. Slowly gently, I touch myself. I do all the things Anna taught me, I take it slowly and a few minutes later I get the tingling, and soon I’ve made myself come. At last, on my own. I’m about to have give myself another when I hear the patio doors open. Curious, I go to the window and see Anna outside, kneeling down. Looks like she’s naked, but I’m not sure. There’s only one place this is going, and I’m going to join in. Well she said come and tell us.

- - - - - -

I’m on my second bottle of wine, and Andy is on his fifth or sixth beer. We’ve had a pizza from the freezer to eat, and I’m feeling like it’s time for some sexual intercourse. I nip upstairs and put on a brand new fishnet body stocking, put a short skirt and tee shirt on. I go up to Paula’s room. Leanne is still asl**p, snuggled under the blanket I put over her earlier.

I can’t get her sexy pussy out of my mind. Those few seconds when I was touching her won’t leave my brain, her short blond hair, the softness and wetness of her cunt. I want to taste it. And those small tits, fantastic. She can’t be on the pill. I’d love to feel them with my tongue, press them against mine, put them in my mouth and against my fanny.

Andy takes the body stocking hint, he kisses me, and I feel the skirt being undone. He says “What about Leanne? Should we go to our bedroom?”

“She’s asl**p. And anyway, what’s she going to do? Get offended? I wouldn’t mind her joining in. Would you?” I ask but get no answer. I didn’t need one, I’m sure that if he got a chance to plant his dick in Paula he’d grab it with both hands. He lifts the tee shirt up and I’m in my body stocking. I rip open the buttons of his shorts as we kiss, he’s not wearing pants, his dick springs into my hand, already half hard. Then we stop kissing, he opens the patio doors and we go outside.

I get a cushion and kneel on the patio to take his dick in my mouth. I’ve just got it comfortable when he pulls it out and pisses all over me. The lovely warm evening, more than a bottle of wine, and the warm piss running off my hair and boobs and down my front. I can feel it running through my pubes and down my legs. It’s making my pussy even wetter. Then I get his dick back in my mouth, taste the salty piss, make it harder again. I go into doggy position, with Andy’s piss still dripping off my tummy, and cool on my legs. He takes no time to kneel down behind me and rip a hole in the body stocking. I help him into my cunt. At last, full and warm in my wetness as he starts long thrusts in and all the way out.

And then we both realise that Leanne is there, standing by the patio doors, naked, her lovely little tits sticking out firmly, nipples hard. “It worked, Anna, thank you so much. Can I play?” she asks.

I’m so excited, I can’t speak. I just stay there in doggy with Andy right up me. We’re like a statue. Andy says “please do”.

Leanne comes across and steps over my back, so she’s arse to Andy. She then lies on top of me, I feel her tits on my back. Her tight little bum is against Andy’s stomach. She’s not heavy as I take all her weight. “Well, go on” says Leanne, “fuck your wife then”

Poor Andy must think he has gone to heaven. I definitely have as I feel her, the short hair on her mound pressing against my arse. Andy starts to move again, his dick feels stiffer now. He’s giving it me hard, it must be to feel Leanne against him. I feel more warmth on my pussy and realise Leanne’s pissing on us. Andy feels it too as it runs over his balls. He stops thrusting and he leans forward over Leanne, wrapping us both in his arms as he puts both hands on my tits and enjoys the feel of Leanne’s pee on his dick, balls and legs. I come in a big orgasm, nearly shaking Leanne off.

She stops pissing. He says “it’s too sexy for me, sorry” and pulls out of my fanny. He fucks between my arse and Leanne’s mound and comes in two quick thrusts, I can feel the cum pulsing up his dick and I’m sure Leanne can on her mound too. He comes for ages; I can feel it warm, now it starts running down my bum crack and down my legs.

Leanne realises she’s getting heavy and pushes herself off. She kneels and licks what’s left of Andy’s cum off my arse, then she lies on the patio table, tits up, with her fanny just on the edge. “Anna, don’t you want Andy’s cum?” she says. My dreams come true, I lick the cum off her mound and swallow it. I hope I can remember how to tongue a girl, I start at her vagina and run my tongue up her slit to her clitty and soon she comes, shaking all over. She can’t say anything because Andy has just offered her his wet dick to clean up, and she’s got all of him in her mouth.

I keep on licking at her pussy, the feel of the short hair is really erotic on my lips and tongue and I decide to trim mine to the same length. She comes once more as Andy starts to face fuck her. He’ll be starting to get less limp about now, he always does. He won’t come for ages though. I look up and put my hands on those gorgeous little tits and I give the nipples a hard tweak, which she seems to like. I tongue her more, probing the entrance to her vagina. I slip two fingers in. So much tighter than mine. So warm and wet. I think she comes again. I rest my head between her legs so my wet hair is against her pussy and I reach my own clit and barely have to touch myself to bring myself off.

- - - - - -
All my dreams came true as I see Leanne there. It was good to have looked at her asl**p and naked on Paula’s bed, with Anna holding my dick and jerking me off, but to have her standing there and wanting to join in was fantastic.

She lay on top of Anna, I could feel her fanny against my tummy as I was inside Anna. I was thinking about pulling out of Anna and just taking her when she told me to fuck my wife. And then I felt her piss on my balls and legs, it nearly made me come straight away. I decided to cream them both, and Leanne lifted herself a little to let me into the gap. I seemed to go on coming for ages.

Leanne got off and I watched in amazement as she licked up my cum from Anna’s back and swallowed it. Then she lay on the table in a real fuck-me position and invited Anna to lick up my cum from her tummy. Anna told me she’d had sex with a girl once or twice at Uni, but I wondered what she’d do. She always finds lesbian porn uninteresting. Anna started to lick Leanne’s cunt and my cum. I was so jealous! Leanne had her hands on Anna’s head, stroking the wet hair. I went towards Leanne’s mouth, and tried to put my dick in. She wouldn’t let me. “Condom” she said.

I went inside and got three from Anna’s bag. She always one or two in case we want to do anal sex, at least that’s what she always says. My dick was slippery and too limp to get a condom on, so I wiped it on the curtains. I tore open the packet and squeezed my dick in. Then I went back to Leanne and she started to suck me. She came, shivering all over as Anna tongued her.

I caressed her lovely blond hair and started to face fuck her, my dick began to get semi erect. I knew it would stay like that for ages, quite hard enough to fuck Anna, who’s quite loose. I wondered if I could get it into Leanne’s cunt.

Anna made Leanne come again, and she turned her head away to get more air in, and moan. She took my dick in her hands and began to wank me. She was a lot more gentle than I thought she would be. She slipped the condom off and played with my foreskin, running her hands on my balls and looking at my dick like it was a prize. I felt really proud as it stood horizontal and semi hard.

I looked towards Leanne’s cunt. I couldn’t tell, but I thought Anna was bringing herself off. I felt the beers begin to demand an exit and I let go, pissing on Leanne’s hand and tummy. She pointed me at her tits and at Anna’s head. My dick stayed semi firm. Leanne seemed to love this, and she saw her tummy move. I guessed she was finding some piss to surprise Anna.

I thought Anna’s bladder must be pretty full too, she’d d***k at least a bottle of wine. I love it when she pisses on my dick, and I thought there’d be room for two on the patio table. The sight of Anna resting between Leanne’s legs was beautiful, I wish I’d had a camera. I could tell Anna had just come and was chasing another. She shuddered all over and I think she bit Leanne’s leg in her excitement.

I waited a bit and took her by the hands, telling her I wanted her to wash my dick. Leanne sat up to watch as Anna opened her legs wide and held me against her fanny and let her balder empty as she very slowly wanked me. It really is one of the best feelings in the world.

As Anna stopped, Leanne asked “Anna, can Andy fuck me please?”

“He has permission, but whether he can get that old thing in there I don’t know. I’ll help him”. It was like they were talking about an invalid. I was still holding two fresh condoms, and I suggested we all go inside. We went to our bedroom and Anna got Leanne to lie in fuck-me position on the edge of our bed. I gave her a condom, and she did her best to wank me stiffer before putting it on. I had three fingers up Leanne, she was so wet there was little resistance. “Here we go” I said. I moved my dick closer to paradise. There were six hands down there, but actually only one was needed, as Leanne guided me into her vagina, and I went in up to the hilt with no problem at all.

Anna stayed at the business end for a bit, stroking my balls, and then crawled to put her cunt on Leanne’s fabulous tits. I couldn’t blame her, I bet it felt great. As I gently moved in and out of her, Leanne pulled Anna towards her mouth and began to tongue her. Anna shrieked out as she orgasmed, which pushed Leanne over the edge, her gorgeous body rocked in a major climax and I could feel her pulsing good and strong. Once she’s stopped I pulled out and crawled up to her tits. With no touching out of the way, I had a good feel, running my hands and cock over them, before coming on them, just a dribble really, which I rubbed in.

All three of us lay down on the bed, exhausted.

“I couldn’t masturbate to save my life now!” said Leanne.

And what happened in the morning is another story.

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4 years ago
great story , nice combination of creampies and watersports ,and more then a few others
don't keep us waiting
4 years ago
excellent story wish i was him
4 years ago
Two great stories- hope to get the third one soon.