Discovering watersports ch 4

“Let’s go for a drink across the road. Fancy some more cross dressing?” Anna asked as we went into our bedroom, having just fucked on our daughter’s bed. Both k**s were at her mother’s for a sl**pover. When they’re away we try to fuck in every room of the house and generally enjoy ourselves. “Can I try your new football kit?”

“Why not?” I said. I watched as she peeled off the damp split crotch panties and took off her bra and went into the en-suite to have a shower. “But just wait there a moment”.

“What for?”, she asked.

“Can’t you guess?” I asked. “That last beer and coffee...”

“Oh alright. I see. Good idea, don’t want to waste it”.

I took off my thong, still damp with her piss and followed her into the en-suite. I took her hand and led her into the shower, closing the door. “Where do you want it, my love?” I asked.

Anna took my dick in her had. I could see the red marks on her tits from biting them as she was fucking me earlier. “My dad always said piss was a good disinfectant, all they had in the desert war or something. Somehow I don’t think he had this in mind”, she said as my piss started to flow, slowly at first onto the shower tray and then onto her body and, as I strengthened the flow, on to her beautiful, small, outward swinging, 34B tits.

When my last drop fell, Anna moved towards me, still holding my dick. I could feel her wet body against mine. She kissed me, placed my dick between her legs, and closed them. Our legs are nearly the same length, and I bent my knees a little so that my dick was nestled against her hairy cunt. Still kissing, I felt glorious warmth as she let go and the piss ran over my dick and down our legs.

We showered and then towelled each other dry. She went to my drawers and found a pair of black, wet look boxers. “We’ll have to be quick to get to the pub before closing”, she said, putting on the boxers. She looked really sexy as she looked for my new season football kit..

I was by her cupboard now, and reached in her lingerie drawer. She has a pink bra that has holes for the nipples that I think is very sexy. I found it and tossed it across the room for her. I selected a pair of pink French knickers for myself. It’s a great advantage, both being size 12.

I found one of her baggier pairs of jeans, and pulled them on, struggling to zip them up over my hardening dick. Anna looked fantastic in my shorts, the glossy black nylon with the three stripes just above her knees, and her nipples through the pink bra. She put one of my football shirts, and her own trainers. I found a baggy jumper in her winter drawer and was putting it on. “Coward”, she said.

“It’s alright for you”, I said, “I have to play soccer with these guys in the autumn”.

Quite a few of our friends were there, and none of them noticed anything odd about our clothes, which was a little disappointing in a way. I had a couple of beers, and Anna had a beer and a brandy. It was dark when we said our goodbyes and walked home.

Anna had the keys to the back door, and so we went up the side of the house. “bl**dy hell, I can’t hold it” she said. She quickly pulled off the shorts and pants and the shirt too. In just the open bra and some running shoes, she did a girly squat with her back resting on the back door and pissed all over the step.

I needed to piss too, so I followed her lead, stripping naked – even taking off the nice French knickers. She was still squatting as I just let my piss go, no hands, in her general direction. It was dark, but there was enough light to see that some of it went over her face and hair, and some on the wall and some on the door. I seemed to piss for ages, and when it stopped I moved forward for Anna to lick it dry.

Once we got the door open, I bent her over the kitchen work surface and took her from behind. I was so aroused by her wet body, the smell of our piss, and the kinkiness of our games, that I quickly came, pulling out and creaming up her back. In the dark I could sense her wet hair and hear her pleasured moans.

Then I took her hand and led her, cum dripping down her back and onto the floor, upstairs two flights to Paula’s room. There I gently laid her on our daughter’s bed and started to lick her cunt. She came very quickly, twice in succession. Then we snuggled down on Paula’s bed and went to sl**p.

We slept long into Suturday, with the drink and the exercise we needed it. I woke early, my dick solid as a rock, as it often is in the morning. I wanked it a bit and woke Anna. “Come on, I’m going to give you my dawn surprise!” I said, and led her, still half asl**p, downstairs to the office.

This is a very small room, just big enough for a desk and chair. It’s next to our bedroom and has a window looking onto the road. I wanted her from behind again, and I wanted the world to see – if anyone cared to look. She was still drowsy, and I bent her over in front of the window with her hands on the window ledge. I was just shoving my dick into her cunt when “Fucking hell! It’s my mum with the k**s! There’s wet clothes all over the house. Shit shit shit!”
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4 years ago
morning fuck then piss is best for me but not with the kids & g-mom there
4 years ago
loved the ending caught me by suprise to as I was half expecting you to give her your morning piss