Discovering watersports ch 3

Anna came down looking formal and sexy in a knee length pink skirt and a black nearly see-through blouse and ballet pumps. I looked hard and I could see the half-cup bra, her nipples half-visible. I’d dressed in chinos and a button-up shirt, with basketball boots. Underneath I’d put on a nice lacey men’s thong, balls and dick nicely held in place and I was conscious of the band up the crack of my arse.

The k**s were on a sl**pover at her mother’s. Every time we get a night alone we try to fuck in as many rooms of the house as we can, and generally enjoy ourselves.

“Let’s walk to the posh Chinese, Andy” said Anna. “It’s a lovely evening, and a fifteen minute walk will be nice”.

We were shown to our usual corner table, and had a lovely meal. After the main course Anna went to the ladies’ room (why do women always take handbags?), came back and sat down. Checking no-one was watching, she put something on the table. “Swap! I dare you”.

I picked up her panties, put them in my pocket, and went to the gents. This was something new for me. I’d once tried on a pair of her jeans to see if they fit me better, and I knew I was a size 12 like Anna, but... Little black silk panties with a split crotch held together with pink ribbon? Not the best thing for keeping a stiffening dick in place, but never mind. The feel of the silk was soft and slidey, very nice, and it was certainly a turn on.

Back at the table I waited for an opportunity to pass my lacey purple thong across the table. “This is quite a turn on isn’t it?” said Anna. I agreed, feeling my dick getting harder.

We had another beer, coffee and a brandy, paid and got ready to go. On the way out Anna nipped into the ladies. “Strange shape, men’s pants” she said when she returned.

So we walked home. The sun had set and it was starting to get dark, and we were arm in arm as we turned into the road we live on. It was quiet and there was no one about. I pulled her to me and we had a long, intense kiss. “Let me walk ahead for a bit” she said.

“What for?” I asked.

“You’ll see” she said, smiled at me, and walked ahead. She had to cross the road to get to our garden path, and as she did so, I saw she was leaving a leaving a wet trail. Piss was running down her legs, and onto the street. The back of her skirt was going darker in colour as the piss spread.

She turned into the garden and walked up to the door, then turned round holding her keys. I’d just reached the pavement on our side of the street, and she said “Go on, dare you again!”

It was harder than I thought, even though I wanted to pee. But I managed to let go and felt the warmth as the piss spread out in my trousers and started running down my legs. My dick hangs to the right, and that leg was soon soaked, and the piss was running into my trainers as well as dripping straight to the ground.
By the time I reached the open front door my piss had stopped, and my trousers were very wet. Anna was waiting in the hall, wearing only the very sexy black bra and my thong, A little drop of piss fell from between her legs and I could see all her right nipple as her tit had come fully out of the bra and was pointing outwards as usual. “Come on, slowcoach” she said, closing the door behind me and pulling me into a deep kiss.

Her body pressing against my damp trousers was very sexy, and she began to undo my shirt. She pushed her breasts into my chest, the bra slightly rough compared with her soft tit. I kicked off my shoes and shrugged out of my shirt, and she slowly kissed her way down my dry chest. She reached my trousers and carried on kissing, sucking in the wetness and dribbling it to the floor. She kissed down my left leg and up the right, then unbuttoned my trousers.

“Mmm, what sexy underwear you have” she said. I stepped out of my trousers. The wet silk panties clung to my dick, which was three-quarters erect and sticking out the right hand side. One of my balls was also poking out of the tiny split crotch panties. Anna led the way into the sitting room, and pushed me onto a chair. She knelt down and, not touching my dick at all, she started by my arse and began undoing the pink ribbon holding the split crotch together. She gently pulled my balls through the opening and began worshiping them with her lips and tongue. My dick was soon rock hard and sticking out of the side of the panties.
She straddled me, with one leg on each arm of the chair and, still wearing my wet thong, began to rub her cunt against my dick. I could feel the wet fabric and see my pants, with the empty fabric at the front, and the narrow thong part well between her pussy lips.

She reached between her legs, lifted up my dick and slowly, slowly lowered herself onto my dick. It seemed to take minutes until all my dick was embedded in her cunt. She sat there, looking pleased with herself, and put both her hands on the chair back behind me. She leant forward and kissed me, and then began very slowly to grind her arse round and round. I could feel the wet silk against my belly and legs, and couldn’t see anything of her cunt, no hair or anything. I took her left tit in my mouth and began to suck it, licking the nipple and then moved up to her armpit, kissing and biting.

It felt like my dick was getting fatter and fatter as she gently pulled it around and around in her cunt. She started to breathe more heavily with the effort. “Do you like that? It feels fab inside, just like Cosmo said it would. I think you’re bigger than usual. Cosmo said it would make me come, in fact. Let’s see” she said and started to go faster. And faster. I moved to her right tit, giving her a big love bite underneath it just where it joined her body.
There was a tearing noise as the split crotch in the silk panties became more split, and I began to bite her armpit. This made her go even faster, and she was panting now. “Cummmmming” she panted and carried on the circles. Then she stopped moving to enjoy the orgasm passing.

Gently, I withdrew my dick. I pulled her to me, got up out of the chair with her in my arms, and carried her into the dining room. Gently I sat her on the table, with her legs hanging off the edge. She watched, still panting as I undid the rest of the ribbon on the silk panties. I moved just enough thong aside to see just her cunt, and pushed most of the ribbon up her vagina. I pulled the split crotch panties around so that my dick came through the spilt. I looked great, my stiff, pink, wet dick sticking out of the black, wet panties. I pushed her body back so she was lying on the dining table, legs off the side. Holding the pink ribbon, I slowly pushed my dick inside her. When I was fully in, I slowly pulled the ribbon out. I could feel the movement against my dick, and it felt so good that I pulled out and pushed it in again and did it again, even slower.

I took the pink ribbon and held it above Anna’s mouth. She opened her mouth and accepted it, covered in her cunt juices and my piss, and began to suck it.
I moved her legs over my shoulders and then I started to really fuck her, pounding my dick into her. It didn’t take long before I was ready to come. I pulled out, and tucked my dick sideways into the split crotch panties, and then rubbed myself against her legs and pants to come. The feeling of my dick rubbing against the wet silk was fantastic as the cum pulsed out of me into the panties and onto her leg.

When I’d finished, I gently took my pants off Anna, and carefully took off the cum-filled panties. I then put these on Anna, lifting her arse off the table to put them fully on. I rubbed the cum well into her pubic hair and belly. I then put on my thong, damp with her piss and and flecked with my cum. I picked her up off the hard table, carried her upstairs to Roger’s bedroom and gently put her on the bed. I lay down beside her on the little single bed, reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy, which was easy to get at through the split.

As she was about to come, she moved her legs over me, plunged her hand into my damp pants for my dick and pushed my soft dick into her cunt to feel the pulsing. Once she’d stopped, I realised I wasn’t going to get hard again quickly, and let it stay there, kissing her gently. After a while, I pulled it out and knelt above her. She gently licked it and sucked my dick clean, sensing I wasn’t able to stiffen yet.

“Probably time to get out these damp things before Roger’s bed needs laundering” she said, spitting out the ribbon.
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4 years ago
very sexy and hot
4 years ago
had to read this one twice , love her giving you her panties to wear out in public