Discovering watersports ch 2

I was sitting on the bench in the garden at home, finishing off some work. It was Friday, the k**s were on a sl**pover, so Anna and I were home alone. The sun was shining and I was nearly finished – and my glass of wine was nearly empty.

Anna came out bringing the wine, looking fantastic in a denim mini and tee shirt. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, her boobs naturally swing outwards, and I could see the nipples pushing against the material. “How’s it going?” she asked.

“Five minutes more should do it”, I said.

She filled my glass and went back indoors, coming back out about 5 minutes later. She came over and said “Time’s up!”, and sat on my lap. I had to move my laptop out of the way, as it was hopeless to carry on with her sitting there.

She snuggled and nuzzled. “I was thinking maybe we’d get dressed up and go out to eat later”.

“Good idea”, I said. “Do we need to book anywhere?”

“I don’t think so”, she said, looking up and kissing me. And as we kissed, I felt my dick getting rather warm, and then round to my arse. She was pissing, as her tongue sought mine. Soon I heard the dripping sound as the piss fell onto the decking. It seemed to go on forever, and my dick was getting harder as I felt the warmth and imagined the piss coming out of her big pussy lips, into her panties, onto her skirt and then onto me.

Anna wriggled a bit down my lap, so she could see her handiwork. And then she started undoing the top button of my jeans, in went her hand. “You liked that, then? Does this little dick want to get any wetter? Piss for me, I dare you!”

“But I can’t. I don’t need to and I’m half hard, and you know I can’t piss with a hard on” I said.

“Well, I’m not taking it in my mouth till it pisses. Here, on this bench. Where I point it”

What could I do? I tried and pushed and managed to squeeze a few drops out, and then the stream started. Anna pointed the stream at her thighs and then up towards her tummy and tits. There wasn’t much piss, but it made her pretty wet.
“Now, do yourself up and come inside and fuck me” she said.

So there we went, Anna with her titties showing through her wet shirt and her denim skirt dripping, and me with my jeans a very different wet-looking colour above the knee.

No sooner had we got inside than Anna peeled off her wet tee shirt, throwing it to the floor, and her denim skirt followed it. She was naked and shouted “fuck me where you find me!”

I’ve never got out of my clothes so fast, leaving a damp pile on the floor. Where had she gone?

Downstairs, no sign.

First floor of the house. Our bedroom, our bathroom. Roger’s bedroom. k**’s bathroom. Office.

Second floor. Turn the corner on the landing. There! On the top step, legs wide.

You can’t keep an erection running round a house and up stairs. Fact.

So limp and a bit damp, I shoved it towards her mouth. She’s always been a great cock sucker, and she had one hand on my balls and the other stroking my dick.

Then she stopped. “That’ll do, shove it in now”

She was so wet the squelching noise was unbelievable. Normally she doesn’t come unless she has oral sex, but watersports clearly change something for her. She shouted “I’m coming, harder, harder” and I could feel enormous pulsing round my dick as she brought her legs together to lock me in.

I still wasn’t there, and when she finally let me go, I tit fucked her, coming all over them, her neck and chin, the stair carpets and the wall.

Exhausted, we both burst out laughing. We had a gentle bath and went out for dinner.
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4 years ago
Loved it, spontanious sex is great but pissing first is even better.
4 years ago
hot & horny sexy
4 years ago
you got me even harder with this 2d story , and do want you to tell us more !!!