Milk for breakfast

“I’m just going out for some milk for our breakfast, back in ten minutes” my daughter Paula shouted.

“OK” I replied, and carried on working. I was surprised by a knock on the door, and Leanne came in. She was a friend of my daughter, who, it seemed, had been staying over.

“Hi Leanne. Didn’t know you were here. Did you sl**p over? How are you today? Mick not here?” I asked the nineteen year old, a pretty, giggly girl with freckles, blond hair and blue eyes, still dressed in the guestroom bathrobe. Mick is the long-standing boyfriend.

“So-so. No Mick – he’s away, working” she replied. “But I was wondering if you could help me?”

“Sure. If I can” I replied, not really looking up from my spreadsheet.
“Well, it’s like this. I woke quite early, and I heard you and your wife...”
I think I blushed a little. We had been fucking, around six, and certainly we weren’t whispering – we had no idea there was anyone in the guest bedroom and nothing would wake Paula. Teresa had shouted encouragement as she came to orgasm – nothing too embarrassing, just that normal “harder” and “ooo yes” stuff, and I suppose I’d done the usual grunts as I finished.

“And well, this is so awkward. I can’t say it” she blushed.

“Go on, you’re already doing well on the embarrassment stakes” I reassured.

“Here goes then. Hearing you two aroused me, and the thing is, well... I can’t orgasm without somebody watching, I don’t know why, that’s just how I seem to be. And I don’t want to ask Paula because she’ll think I’m turning gay. And Mick isn’t back till tomorrow. And if I don’t get off somehow, I’ll be shaking and distracted all day. There. Said it.”

Now that was unexpected.

“And you want me to...” I said, hoping she would say she wanted me to give her a good, quick fuck.

“Look. Watch. Not touch at all – I’ve promised Mick that he’s the only man to touch me. Will you? Please?”

What would you say? “Let’s go” I said, “Paula will be back in ten minutes.”

We went into the guest bedroom, she quickly lay down on the bed and let the robe fall open. She had lovely small tits, with big nipples and she had no tan marks at all on her upper body. Her fanny was shaven but starting to grow out, I could see what looked like gingery bristly stubble as her hand shot between her legs. The tanned bikini line was clear to see. She was rubbing her clit really quickly, and her hips were already starting to rock. She must have been pretty close when she came to see me. My dick began to harden, I could feel it growing into a visible lump in my trousers.

Not that Leanne was bothered. She was already somewhere else, I could hear that lovely slimy, squelchy noise as her fingers occasionally whipped into her wet cunt, then dragged moisture up to her clit. She was so close to orgasm, she was panting now, left hand squeezing her left tit, right hand pounding her clit and cunt. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Conscious I had promised not to touch, I got my dick out and wanked, standing at the foot of the bed and staring at those fingers and the distracted face. Her teeth were gritted together now and her eyes were shut. Her arse was coming more and more off the bed and she was rocking from side to side. She moved her left hand from her tit and put three fingers straight up her cunt, continuing to rub with her right. Right handed then, I thought.

My dick was throbbing, I really wanted to get in there and replace her fingers. Her arse rose once more off the bed, and settled. Her fingers stopped. I could clearly see her fanny pulsing, and her face looked hot and happy. She moved her left hand to her mouth and then seemed to remember where she was, opening her eyes just as she was about to suck her wet fingers.

“Wow, that was so good. Never done it like that before. I really came. I see you’re wanking”. Yes she really did say this.

My turn to be embarrassed. “How could I not. You were so sexy” I spluttered.
“If you come on my tits, I’ll put my bra on and send you a picture later when I get home, as a thank you – I won’t mention how it happened! I feel so much better. Thank you” she said. Practical girl, Leanne.

Hard to keep it up in the face of such practicality, but a few seconds later I shot a load onto her right boob and the bed. Just then the front door opened, and I quickly stuffed my busy and dripping dick back into my jeans and quietly crept back to the office. I left Leanne putting a very pretty lace-trimmed black bra carefully onto the cum covering her tits.

Paula dropped off the milk in the kitchen and raced upstairs into Leanne’s room. “Pretty bra and panties set! Don’t let Dad see! Breakfast time.”
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Nicely written got a clear picture out the story
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user and photo non existant