First time bi

I had never thought of myself as anything other than strait, even tough I had some thoughts about men a couple of times before, but I had always pushed them away, and moved on.

Up until recently I had a up and down relationship with a long term girlfriend, but in the last year the sex had become stale, and then nearly nonexistent. When we broke up I dove into work and had not had time or interest in other relationships, and had not even slept with anyone. Even though I had jerked off it was normally a quick session in the shower before work, or in bed at night.

After a month of this routine I was getting restless, and needed a good night of sex.

One Saturday I got up early, worked out, and then came back to watch a football game. A friend called and I asked him to come by and watch the game. When Steve showed up he was wearing guy shorts and a t-shirt, but I felt like there was something strangely attractive about him. He is athletic, handsome, and an outdoorsman, and had always been able to pick up women with little effort. Again, I ignored the attraction, and wrote it off as being horny.

Steve came in and sat down, and we blew through several beers as we watched the game. It was very lopsided, and we started talking about things other than football. I could tell Steve was a bit uncomfortable, and he finally said he needed to come clean about something.

"I know we have been friends a long time, but there is something you don't know about me. For the last couple of years I have been hooking up with guys from time to time. I know you will think I am crazy, but I am bi, and I really actually enjoy men at least as much as women." He paused, took a deep breath. "I really hope that this won't ruin our friendship. I really didn't want to tell you, but I felt I needed to."

I looked at him with shock for a minute, and then said "No, no, man it is OK. I am shocked, but it is OK."

We sat in silence for a minute, and then moved on to other topics.

After the game Steve got up and said he hoped he hadn't shocked me too bad, and I assured him I was fine. He asked me almost in passing how my sex life was since the breakup. I made a joke about it being a dry spell, and he said "Well, at least now you have a buddy who would be willing to help you out."

For the second time that night I looked at him stunned, and then said "Oh, yea I am good. But thanks."

He looked at me knowing that I was feeling more awkward than I should and with a smoke he jokingly said "Are you freaking out, or are you considering taking me up on that offer?"

"No, really man, I am good with all of this."

Steve, always the salesman, said "Look, I am going home to watch porn and jerk off, and you are going to sit here and watch porn and jerk off. Why don't we just sit down and watch something together. If you want me to help you out, great, if not we can just have a good time watching porn."

Before I could catch myself I shocked myself by saying "OK, but I don't have any gay or bi porn, so you are going to be stuck with my stuff."

He eagerly went right to my cabinet and asked what my favorite DVD was. After loading a great facial DVD and headed to the opposite end of the couch. As the first scene came on and a large breasted woman showed her skills deep throating a well hung man, I could feel my cock coming to life much faster than normal. I started feeling self conscious and tried to cover my growing bulge.

I glanced down at Steve and could see that he was also enjoying the video. Steve sat with his legs propped up, and he was gently rubbing himself as he watched. Before I could look away Steve looked up and smiled. I looked away quickly, but felt a draw to him.

A couple of minutes later the woman on screen was treated to a nice facial, and Steve said "Wow, that guy let a nice one go." He looked down at me and noticed that I was straining against my shorts. "Feel free to stroke it. This is the best way to get over a breakup."

Our eyes locked for what seemed like minutes, but was actually only a couple of seconds. Steve said softly "Really, feel free to rub it, I would love to see that."

I kept staring at him, and slowly let my hand start to touch my cock through my shorts. Then I closed my eyes and laid my head back and tried to ignore the distraction of Steve being there. A moment later I felt Steve move closer, and I opened my eyes. "Keep going, you are looking great." At this point a part of me wanted to stop, and another part could not stop.

I rubbed a few more times, and could feel my balls rising.

"Slide your hand inside your pants" Steve panted.

I looked over and Steve's shorts were open showing he had no underwear on, and that he had a big and growing cock.

"Please, let me see you rub yourself," he said as I slid my hand down the front of my pants.

As I started rubbing i rolled my head over to look at Steve, and his face was even with mine, only inches away. His lips were slightly apart, and he was licking them slightly.

I watched his lips for a couple of seconds until he leaned toward me. I hesitated, but he continued toward me. I felt his lips touch mine at the same instant his hand slid to my arm, and followed the course of my hand into my pants. I wanted to stop, but i couldn't. I kissed him slightly, and tried to pull my hand out, but I was too hot and needed this too bad.

His hand slid form my pants and he started rubbing my chest. I arched in response and he started pulling my shirt up. One hand was rubbing my chest and the other pulled my head closer to him. His lips touched mine and his tongue slid to mine. I was trying to fight, but couldn't. "Can we go to my room?" Steve nearly jumped the steps as I followed him up to my kingsize bed. When we reached the side of the bed he grabbed my shirt and started pulling it up. I gladly helped him pull it off.

Before I knew it his lips were locked on one nipple, and then the other. I wrapped my arms around him, and pulled him close. I pulled at his shirt, which came off and revealed a hairy chest, and a sleek stomach. I paused, really almost froze, but he smiled at me, unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, and let them fall to the floor. He then pushed me onto the bed and told me to lay back. I obliged and nervously laid back. He then dropped his shorts and his rock hard 8" cock pointed at me.

I stared in fascination as I watched it bob slightly up and down, and then I reached out, almost by impulse, and felt his hardness in my hand. he moaned, "OHHH, yes, that feels so good." I started rubbing, and then sliding my hand up and down his shaft. Steve smiled and leaned over to kiss my lips. As soon as he pulled away he made sure his cock was right in front of my face. I looked up and he smiled and said "It's easy, just slide it in."

I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in slightly, then pulled out, then in a little more, and soon he was sliding half the shaft in and out. I could not believe how much this was turning me on. Soon Steve was moving his hips back and forth. HE started to moan more and more loudly, and he pulled out. I had not even bought about what to do when he was ready to cum. Instantly his cum started shooting all over my face and neck. I wanted to move away, but realized I was loving it. He leaned forward, and let the last of it drip down my chest.

Steve pushed me back and started licking the cum off my face. Each lick got me more and more excited. Steve worked his way through the cum, and then to my nipples. I arched my back and he slid further down, across my belly... I was almost in pain waiting for him to reach my cock. He slid right past it and started licking my balls. I spread my legs and moaned so loud I am sure the neighbors had to hear it. He slid my cock in and out of his mouth, working it like an expert. Soon I felt my cum rising, and I let out a final moan. My cum filled Steve's mouth and he swallowed it as fast as he could. when He looked up I could see some cum was running down his chin, and i leaned over and tentatively licked it up. It tasted sweeter than I ever could have imagined.

Steve eagerly kissed me again, and we fell asl**p side by side.

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9 months ago
Really hot story.
1 year ago
Excellent well written story. I would love to experience the same thing!
1 year ago
i want to sleep in a mans arms.wake up with him
2 years ago
Bi is best of both worlds!!
2 years ago
Bi is great..
2 years ago
Delicious story, loved it!
2 years ago
so hard right now!!!!
2 years ago
Great story. This got me rock hard.