Another nice day at the nudist beach

Sharon and I were workmates. I fancied her and she, me. Because of the restrictive work rules relationships were forbidden. We could only ever be like buddies. We flirted, but that is as far as it went. Sometimes we would go out for drinks with the rest of our group and it never progressed further because of fear of office gossip unfortunately. I was single at the time and had many fantasies about what it would be like with her. She changed jobs soon after and we lost contact.
About a month later she came into my life again. I have always liked the beach a lot and as an exhibitionist I am always keen on topping up my all over tan. It was a nice day so I put some cream on and dozed off I woke up from a heavy sl**p and there not more than two or three yards away on the semi crowed beach, was Sharon and another girl who she later introduced as her s****r. It took me a moment of two to realise the situation was not a dream. Her s****r was slightly older and bigger built with firm ripe breasts and a nicely trimmed lady garden. Sharon was topless wearing only a tiny blue bikini bottom. I looked at her small but perky boobs and cute nipples for a second or two before I realised it was her. Naturally we struck up a conversation.
Unusually for me, it was a little embarrassing being fully exposed like in front of her but a massive turn on too. She made a funny remark about how she always wanted to see me “down there”. I asked her if she liked it and she said “yes, nice” she said and gently reached over cupped my balls in full view of her s****r who giggled. I asked why she had her panties on and she said she was shy. I said I wanted to see her “down there” too and after some gentle teasing from me and her s****r she dropped her pants. I quietly whispered I had dreamed about that for months. She said the same of me. She had a cute little patch of light brown pubic hair which turned me on to the point where a little droplet of precum oozed out.
We shared a beer and we left her s****r to her book and went for a hand in hand walk down the beach. At the southern end of the beach there is a distinctly gay non-conventional nudist theme. Lots of solo men were standing around some with huge hard-ons, normally taboo on strictly nudist beaches but not here. There were also some women there for a sly look at the erect penises. I suspect Sharon wanted a look but was too shy to go on her own hence I was her “security”. Then to my surprise she began stroking me until I was standing there proudly erect and slightly embarrassed but the feeling was liberating. A couple of women walked by and it seemed so natural and such a turn on, equally so when some men cast sideways glances at my boner.
We got back to our place on the beach and her s****r decided it was time to go home. Sharon wanted to stay so I offered t give her a lift home. We could hardly keep our hands off each other in the car. We ended back at Sharon’s and I end up spending the night there.
Finally she put me out of my misery and we showered together. I think I almost came in anticipation. “Fucking hell, my balls are going to explode!” I yelled. She said “we can’t have that” and then proceeded to give me the most beautiful blowjob. I was a shattered man, my balls had truly been emptied. Sharon took extreme delight in the amount of sperm I had shot around the bathroom sort of a tribute to her handjob expertise. Who was I to argue? We dried off and went to her bed.
I was not ready to get it up so soon after cuming so I started off giving her a long and ultra-soft full body massage. Most girls hate it when you go straight for the bean so I spent ages working on her back, bum, legs and especially her inner thighs, innocently brushing her vagina very very softly every now and then to keep her interested. I deliberately circled around her vagina teasingly. She was moaning gently with delight as I moved closer and closer to her labia from behind. “Yes yes” she panted and I circled in. Then to my surprise she grabbed my hand and roughly thrust it inside her. That was the point of orgasm as she spasmed violently and loudly cried out before she collapsed in a sweating heap on the now soaking bed. It was a fantastic start to the night which only got better.

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9 months ago
wow awesome i love it
1 year ago
hot story!
2 years ago
excellent story
3 years ago
Thanks for that - feels real and heartfelt. Not just cock and ball.
3 years ago
That is a great me hard
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
got me hard, more stories please
3 years ago
very good