Some three weekends ago I had a date with a friend of a neighbour. A blond sexy little thing that you just Knew was a total whore. I loved it, her, that she honored me with a visit:) She had put her hair in braids. On top she had a black tight shiny sexy..thang that left nothing for ones imagination. Down below was more of a mish-mash of different garments: jeans, legins, short skirt and something else. Not that hot. But the weather was cold so you kinda understand the reason behind her choise;)

Ok. So we sat down, talked, drank. I advanced and kissed her. Minutes later were in bed. Me beeing a bit d***k felt I didnt have the boner necessary to enter her. So I decided to go down on her instead and hope time would help me get it together. So down I went. And it was hairy, my friends. Hairy and smelly. So I suggested getting my shaving kit and do something about it. No problem there: "Sure. You do that" she said. So towl under her ass, still lying in bed, shavingfoam and water applied, and then I started working my way threw the unatained wildgrown hedge she had going on. Made a great job. Not one drop of blod was spilled. Cleaned her up and aplied babyoil. Looked at my "work" and was pleased. My cock still not interested in doin the old in-and-out, I continued my alternative route. Started fingering her. One, two, three fingers went in with ease. Looked up at her to see that she was ok with what I was doin. Didnt get any reaction at all from her really. So I asked if I could go all the way and fist her: "Sure. Go ahead" she said sounding somewhat suprised that I asked. But thats me. The Polite Fister;) So anyway began pushing my whole hand in. Applied babyoil. Turned and twisted the hand whilst inside her. Fucked her with it. Hard and fast. Maybe went on for 5 minutes when she came all over me. Arm chest, face. "Ah! Fountainorgasm!" I thaught to myself. Pleased with my performance I felt more relaxed. She was happy having came. And I was releaved for not having to expose my erectile difficulties.

Tadaa!! Maybe not an experience You as a reader can get of upon. But what the hey. As if I care about making you come;)
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