on a night of heavy rain once
I met a woman who is cold
I told him bertaya
what are you here??
and he replied
sara: I was cast as my parents where I confused you signpost.
siswan: Could I acquaintances, you name anyone?
sara: sara my name? name who are you?
siswan: My name siswan
siswan: yasudah gini aja of you here cold mending my stay at home, while I live alone. you would not?
sara: yes I would.
siswan: yu me between my house?
sara: yu? your home away dri not here?
siswan: deket ko my house down the road?
sara: yes I would.
fitting until she lang sung bath home, fitting the same towel I would give him a direct say clothes?
sara: you handsome, you're good. I want to have intercourse with you
and tibah-tibah he ngembuka my clothes, and I enjoyed it all die.
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