nikki newgate fucks blacks

Chapter 5

Nikki considered the large black cock, just a few inches from her mouth. She'd never sucked or fucked a black guy before, and she'd thought Fabian's cock was huge! But hey! THIS was an excellent cock, and there's a first time for everything. The bulbous knob entered her willing mouth and Mahmoud's large hand started kneading a tit, and tugging her sensitive nipple. "Suck it good now, yo' white 'ho," she heard the deep voice of the butler instruct her. She fleetingly wondered what had happened to his fancy accent, but gratefully increased her sucking and licking, wishing she could please him by swallowing his entire cock. She knew it was impossible due to its size, but she so desperately wanted his approval. Someone began fingering her asshole.

Darcy was still fucking her doggy-style until he jerked and bucked a few times, spraying his come into her, and she sadly felt his prick soften and slip from her pussy. But almost before she could give it a second thought, another rock-hard cock slipped between her ass cheeks, to take its place. She knew it was a thick one, as her pussy really began to stretch to accommodate it. Is Fabian here, she wondered? But when she sneaked a quick glance back between her legs she saw another impressive black organ, not quite as large as the one in her mouth, and although her box was already feeling comfortably stuffed, there was still another few inches available. And I guess this has to be Rashid, the waiter, she decided, as a black hand began massaging her other tit, while one more moved between her legs to finger her clit. "Yo real' love the black cock, doncha yo' white slut?' her new rider asked, pulling her hips back and thrusting his pussy-stretcher ever deeper. Her cunt automatically responded by flooding with even more lubricating juices, and she happily realised it had never been so wet before, so she obligingly spread her legs just a little wider, and twitched her hips in a come-on gesture to let him know he was correct, and she was thoroughly enjoying the fuck. "Dat's it, whitey, Yo' spread dem pretty legs nice 'n wide fo' ole Rashid....". Obligingly, she tried to spread even wider to please him more, as she thought, "Oh, yes!...Yes!....Yes! I just LOVE black cock!"

From the corner of her eye, on one of the numerous large-screen TV's suspended around the room, she saw a close-up of a woman's mouth, working hungrily along a thick black cock which was being pounded mercilessly into a quivering pussy. Then the view changed slightly, and Nikki realised that it was her own pussy which filled the entire screen. Other screens around the room showed the naked body of her licker being penetrated anally by some man who was not her husband, and working a large vibrator into herself as she stretched her neck to continuing licking Nikki's pussy. Behind her, she heard Rashid say, "Suck them big black balls more, yo' fuckin' white trash," to her licker, then the scene changed once again, to show Nikki from various angles, the central figure in the midst of a tangle of naked, writhing and humping bodies.

She abandoned herself completely to the enjoyable sensation of her box being expertly licked while having it stretched by her first black cock, as she contentedly sucked on its larger black twin, and made up her mind that this definitely wasn't going to be the last time this happened......On-screen she saw, and felt, a large black thumb being slipped into her well-lubed ass, and mentally thanked her rider......Now, time to show some appreciation to the owner of the thick velvety cock in her mouth she decided, and began to take her big stud deeper and deeper until he was hitting against the back of her throat......She throatily began humming a nameless tune, knowing that the vibrations would travel the length of his cock and hoping that would increase the pleasure level for her ebony stud. The watching audience, a few of whom had already removed their clothing and were themselves beginning to become involved in frantic rutting, began to murmur appreciatively as the long, thick cock pumped rapidly in and out of Nikki's accommodating mouth..........

"White bitch can't do it," she heard Mahmoud rumble to someone. "It's jammin' at de back o' her froat. She fightin' me."
"Aahhh, make de cunt do it," the voice of Rashid replied, seemingly unconcerned. "Le's move her onto de table." Nikki felt her hand and leg restraints being unfastened, and although she made a grab at the rock-hard cock as it slid from her mouth, she was unsuccessful. Her licker reluctantly allowed her to be peeled from her face, and walked offstage, swinging her hips sluttishly, to offer herself to a group of waiting men who were already stroking their dicks in anticipation..

Nikki's greedy eyes never left Mamhoud's hard column of flesh, as he saw him move towards a table upholstered in red velvet padding, that looked like a miniature gynaecologist's couch. She felt strong hands at her waist, then she was being lifted easily from her little podium, still impaled doggy-style on Rashid's stiff cock. She wrapped her feet around the backs of his thighs, and reached her arms back to enfold his neck as she didn't want to lose contact with his dick too. To a loud roar from the audience, her black stud held her in position by holding a tit in each hand and spun around slowly to show everyone his dick buried deep in her pussy, then he walked across the stage to the little table.

Placing her on the softly-padded table, he spun her over, still impaled on his dick, by grabbing her ankles and using her legs to encourage her to twist onto her back. "Tha's it, yo' fuckin' ho'. Now hang dat pretty head of yo's over de back." Nikki, flat on her back, scrambled quickly to do as ordered. She only wanted to please him, but she was happy to find her other black stud already standing over her when she got into position, his stiff cock within sucking distance. She struggled a little however when he pulled her hands down and fastened them to the base of the table, somewhere beneath her, She wanted her hands free to stroke, squeeze and pamper both her studs black velvet rods, but when Mahmoud offered his to her eager lips, she sucked and nuzzled at it greedily, like a baby at a bottle.

Rashid had already returned to pumping his prick in and out of her sopping wet box. "Dis li'l ho' sure likes de cock," he grunted to Mahmoud.
"Yeah man," agreed Mahmoud, "Look at de horny li'l cunt go at my dick. She jes' can't get enough!"
"Man, she shore be one fine piece o' white meat. Iffen I own her ass, I wouldn' have to work for no livin'. De bruthas would line up aroun' de block to fuck dis fine white pussy. I'd be buying me a shiney new Cadillac ev'ry week," he chuckled. Nikki sucked contentedly on Mahmoud's dick as Rashid, mind on shiney new Cadillac's, increased the pace of his pumping....She was thrilled to hear that she was pleasing them -- And if all the bruthas could fuck me like you two, she thought wickedly, I'd happily go into business for you......

"Yo 'bout ready?" she heard Rashid ask after a few minutes. "Jes' 'bout," replied Mahmoud. "Jes' gotta adjust de table to give de white folks what day came to see." His right hand stopped rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and Nikki felt terribly sad about that. She heard a quiet hum and realised that part of the table was pushing her upper back skyward, causing her to arch her back and drop her head farther back while her tits were pushed upwards. Her hands were still securely anchored somewhere, and she couldn't move away, as her legs were stretched wide apart, in an upward angle, securely fastened to the extendible table wings. Rashid stood between them pounding his fat prick steadily into her pussy, and she could feel his wonderful dangly balls slapping against her ass with each stroke and she loved it, so she didn't want to move away anyway. "Think this one can do it? Yeah brutha, lemesee yo' give it to de fuckin' ho'," Rashid said, his voice thickening with lust as he bucked his hips hard and repeatedly until Nikki thought he was going to drive her head straight onto Mahmoud's cock.

Suddenly she realised why her head had been allowed to drop and her upper back pushed up slightly while her hands were still pulled back, over her shoulders. It wasn't as she'd thought, to display her tits nicely for the audience - although it certainly did that. It also straightened her neck and gave Mahmoud a better, upward angle of attack, straight down her throat. She felt his big hands grip her tits, and use them like handles to help push his dick past her tonsils, She panicked as she thought to herself, it's too thick. Too thick! It'll rip my throat open. The length wasn't really a problem she knew, but his cock was thicker around than her own wrist and she'd never even attempted swallowing anything that size. She knew the cock was really too thick for her to deepthroat, but she wasn't being given much choice. The audience were cheering wildly, as involuntary tears flooded her eyes and she began gagging -- but Mahmoud was both pitiless and relentless.

Her hips bucked and heaved as she fought to get away, and the audience thought she was simply caught in the throes of passion, as Rashid continued to hold her legs tightly, while he fucked her pussy solidly. Mahmoud had her held firmly by her tits and kept pushing into her mouth, ignoring her grunts, strangled gasps, and attempts to shake free. Finally realising all was lost, and that she was completely at their mercy, Nikki simply gave up. There was no fight left in her, so she surrendered totally, and abandoned any further resistance. Knowing that her throat was about to be split apart, she closed her eyes and reflexively gagged then swallowed again and again. Amazingly, the huge cock began to slide down her gullet smoothly. Through tear-filled eyes and Rashid's legs, on a large-screen TV she had a close-up side view of her mouth, and the outside of her own neck swelling up like an inflating balloon, as his thick dick slid deeper and deeper down her throat. Finally, although she couldn't believe it herself, Mahmoud's big black balls dangled on either side of her mouth and the audience began cheering hysterically, as Nikki found she could even breathe quite easily through her nose.

Her frantic struggles had meanwhile provoked a natural reaction unwanted by Rashid, just yet. She felt him buck and grind into her, and her pussy suddenly flooded with so much of his cream that it overflowed and tickled the crack of her ass as it momentarily collected in her puckered little asshole, then dripped on, to travel down the crack between her cheeks, and form a wet spot at her back. "Damn!" she heard Rashid say. "I wannid to fuck her in the ass, but I jes' popped a nut in the fuckin' ho'. She sho' is one fine piece o' white fuckmeat, though. Now hurry up n' finish the goddam slut b'fore my dick softens up," he grumbled to Mahmoud.

Mahmoud started to fuck her face a little more quickly, as Nikki relaxed and began to use her tongue on him again, to let him know he'd won and she was completely and utterly his. Intuitively recognising her complete surrender he said, "Yeh, dat's right white fuckslut. Yo' MY muthafuckin ho' now, an' don' yo' forget it." Nikki felt an incredible wave of happiness, knowing he'd honored her by accepting her as his whore, then his muscular body, glistening with sweat, leaned forward on top of hers, his dark skin brushing her bruised tits. Her leg restraints were released, and her right leg was pulled towards her head. She felt a hard slap burn her ass, and knowing he'd symbolically placed his brand on her, her heart almost burst with pride. He spread his legs wide, to allow the audience to see her head and mouth still working beneath his black ass cheeks, and his entire cock buried unbelievably deep in her willing throat, as Nikki wished there was something else she could do to please her master. The circular stage was turning slowly, to allow everyone a clear view, and she saw the naked audience, from her upside-down point of view, some stopping in mid-fuck to excitedly applaud her achievement.

She also caught a glimpse of a TV screen showing Mahmoud grinning, leaning on his elbows on either side of her torso, and shaking both hands over her stomach in a boxer's victory salute for the audience. Then after a few moments, he straightened and began fucking her face in earnest. He pounded his cock in and out, in long rapid strokes, withdrawing repeatedly, but always leaving the head just beyond her tonsils, before slamming forward once again to slap his balls against her mouth again and again. Although her legs were now free Nikki did not try to escape, as she wanted only to serve her master.

She offered absolutely no resistance and soon, she joyously felt his cream spurting deep down her throat. There was so much of it, that as Mahmoud slowly withdrew his glistening velvet dick, it quickly filled her mouth too. Mouth gaping open and filled with his cum, she knew she had to wait for his permission, before greedily swallowing every drop. He filled her mouth again and again, and each time she waited, mouth wide open, until receiving his permission to swallow. Then he and Rashid took their dicks in hand and rubbed the heads all over her cheeks and chin, to anoint her face with their last drops of cum, as she hungrily lapped up any spare drops her masters allowed her the privilege of sucking from their slowly deflating cocks. Her hands were suddenly released, and she was at last free to immediately drop to her knees and properly worship both her master's cocks. She grabbed one in each hand and rubbed them frantically all over her face, her chin and any available part of her skin, paying particular attention to her aching tits and nipples, as her twin studs allowed her to demonstrate her gratitude by licking and sucking their cocks and balls thoroughly clean. Mahmoud stood silently, hands on hips, looking down at her, and nodding in acceptance of her homage. She was his whore now, for sure.....

The circular stage was still turning slowly to allow everyone to see the final outcome, and Nikki caught glimpses of the naked audience, as she frantically licked and sucked both sets of balls clean. All of the audience were now applauding, cheering and pointing.......and she knew they were cheering wildly for her.....So this was what it felt like to be a star she thought?..... I love it!..... I really love it!!!!....

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