Mom Transforms Son into a Transsexual.

I'm a very sensitive white teenage boy who's always been close to my Mother,but my Dad looked upon me with disgust calling me fairy,sissy,faggot, and other choice words, Father was a Marine he is six feet seven inches tall, black hair, Blue eyes, and a Alcoholic. My Mommy is six feet three inches tall, 42DD 28 44 inch frame, long red tresses that flowed over her Boobies and she like to show them off. My parents divorced two years ago he drifted off into alcoholism some place, I was watching porn on Moms computer checking out Shemale and Cross dressing web sites when all of a sudden I heard "tsk tsk tsk what do we have here Jimmy". I turned around and saw Mom with a big smile on her face. Then she said when your done whacking off come into my room we need to talk.

I ran into my bed room and slammed the door and showered, I was very scared and I was crying loudly . I was in the bath room to long I guess because as I entered my bed room there was Mom sitting on my bed naked. She patted the bed and told me to have a seat then asked me if I knew what type of job she did to pay our bills.

The thoughts in my head made me light headed then she asked if I thought she was pretty I replied sure mom why do you ask?. Does looking at big cocks turn you on honey. I really didn't think I needed to reply since I had a erection already. She told me she was a Dominatrix. "Jimmy why were you looking at tranny vids", I told her I sometimes wear her panties and they made me happy she said okay well talk later I'm going out tonight I'll see you later then she kissed me and slipped me some tongue and swatted my ass. The next Morning I heard her calling me for breakfast. I looked in my dresser to get dressed but the drawers were empty and so was my closet I screamed "Mom what happened to my clothes" she answered go into my room and put on one of my robes which I did since I couldn't eat Breakfast naked.

As I entered the kitchen she said "My don't you look so girly with your long blonde hair and my pink robe now sit and eat.After I chowed down the cold cereal Mom took my hand and led me up to her room and took her robe of me. She had me sit down at her vanity and said "would you like to wear girly things honey" She didn't wait for a answer she went into her closet, and came out with her arms full of clothes of all sorts, Now put these on honey, It was a hippy flowered sun dress, pink panties, pink training bra, pink socks, and patent leather shoes, when I told her I was a boy and not a girl she slapped my face and "This is my house you do as I say or else do you understand, I looked into to her eyes and saw she wasn't k**ding, I put on the clothes as she ordered then she brushed my hair and put it into a pony tail.

She grabbed my hair and told me we were going shopping, We went to the Mall and went to a specialty shop called "Transformations by Willa" we were greeted by a tall busty caramel colored 20ish woman "How can we help you today" My Mom told her my son is looking for a feminine wardrobe , Willa giggled while I blushed then she led us into the back room there were all sorts of clothes from classy,slutty to prissy clothes and a salon for who knows what. Willa called a sales man over and told him "pick out the correct clothes for this new "GIRL" use f***e if you have to". I was told to sit down in a chair so the salesman could wash my hair, strap were used to tie my arms to the chair, he came back about a half hour later with a young black boy dressed in a pink dressed with a pink bow in his hair he said he was a sissy boi and Willa was his Mommy, I was very upset and when he noticed he said you'll get use to it like I did in fact you'll love it.

He/she called himself Mae but he was born Marcus, Now he was cute with big thighs and sounded like a gay queen, after my hair was dry pink curlers were put in my hair then me and Mae went to the dressing room to try on the out fits, I thought I'd at least be alone but Mae came in with me,Mae didn't have any body hair that I could see, I took off the sun dress and Mae whistled then pulled down my panties,then took off her clothes, when her panties came off her huge cock came into view, she grabbed my hair and f***ed my mouth over her gland I coughed and my eyes watered, all of a sudden a chill ran up my spine and everything felt so normal for the first time, I went up and down on the cock with the sole purpose of bringing the cum into my mouth I don't know why but I went with it, after about 30 seconds I felt it swell up and fire seven jets of cum shoot in my mouth then I swallowed as much as I could ,but some dripped down my chin, we got dressed and went to the front desk I pretended I was still mad but Willa and Mom turned the computer screen around and on the monitor was me going down on a cock looking like a cum whore,Mom and Willa e****ted us out and the four of us went home together,

Mae and I went to my room where we undressed and Mae said take everything off,BTW what's your name? I said Jimmy and Mae said oh that's no good you'll need a new name now don't you think, Mae asked if I've ever been fucked I said of course not!!.

All of a sudden in walked Mom and Willa totally nude carrying a bag with them, Mom opened it and took out lube,strap on dildo's. "What the hell is going on Mom" she told me to spread em I saw it was useless so I grabbed my cheeck and said Mom and Willa lubing up two strap on dildo's Mom wear a long white one and Willa wearing a Black one the same size they both looked liked telephone poles, While Mom pressed hers into Mae Willa did the same to me I screamed in pain I thought i'd die, Willa pushed about four inches into my white ass, "Take it out of my ass hole please" Willa my MOm who was doing the same to Mae said "it's your pussy from now on Jessica" they must have fucked us for a hour or so it seemed. then told me and Mae it clean up and get some sl**p when I asked where Willa said together of course sinse your lovers now.

We`crawled into my Queen size bed (What Else)Mae grabbed my cock then kissed me,I returned her kiss, then she felt up my ass. Her cock seemed to grow forever, Mae said you know they are taping us don't you I asked why she said Black Mail of course silly girl, she then turned me over and licked my new girly pussy, she got on top of me and inserted her cock in me and rammed it in all the way she fucked me fast and deep then after a minute I said fuck my pussy Mae I need your seed in my pussy "hey May how big is that clit of yours she said oh just 13 inches Jessica do you like it and I really did I felt like a whore for feeling it but I never wanted it to stop Mae said she loved me then cummed in me , she left her cock in me and we fell asl**p. We woke up and saw the Sun going down I felt Mae's cock in the crack of my new girly pussy, we smiled and kissed each other then Willa and Mom walked in and Willa said "I told you it would work Jennifer my Mom smirked and said well thanks to Mae it did. to be continued.........

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Great story!
Try to write more dialog to make it interesting. Read some of mine
1 year ago
Nice story. You should write more dialogs to make it interesting. Read some of mine
1 year ago
wow you can do my asspussy anytime you want