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Posted by dehumanizer 6 months ago

[Story] He is my house slave

Having a husband as a house slave definitely has its advantages. My home is spotless, the chores are always done and I have a man constantly eager to please. But what the outside world doesn’t see is the man who craves pain and humiliation. Whose deep dark secrets would horrify most people but to us they are exciting and erotic. You must understand that my slave husband is by no means a wimp. He is 6ft tall, broad shouldered, a toned body and physically fit. He runs regularly, lifts weights and has a sharp intelligent mind. This only increases my delight as he submits to my every whim and take... Continue»
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[Story] You in Bitch - dom instructions to pussyboys

You in Bitch – dom instructions to pussyboys

Online instructions from a dom to his sissy pussyboy.

O.K cunt! Enough of this on-line shit! Time to put your mouth where my
cock is! You've told me about your sleazy desires and fantasies, and your nasty need
to be dominated. Either we're going to do something about it, or you can
just fuck off! I don't have time for pussy boys who don't follow
through. I've been thinking about what I'd like to do to you! Here
goes! I'm gonna get a hold of as many rough tops in the area as I can,
and we're gonna fucking abuse and degrade you for our ent... Continue»
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Andy to Andrea

In our relationship I have all. Due to his lack of performance we have a femdom arrangement . Face sitting led to chastity. Chastity led to cheating and cuckolding. Cuckolding led to pegging. Pegging led to f***ed-bi. Somewhere along the way I learned he would do anything. Eventually he learned to cum inside the chastity device without his little chicklet getting touched. Time to ratchet things up.
Hubby is quite small all around, barely making 100lbs. Little if any body hair ( I shaved his crotch ). Soft gentle body. He looks so pathetic and sexy when I dress him up or make him sex... Continue»
Posted by sarah38dd 6 months ago

[Story] turned into a girl

My name is now Stephanie, once it was Stephen. I would like to relate how I was turned into a girl (really a transvestite slave) by the beautiful young lady who has become my mistress. I have always felt that I should have been born a female. I definitely have female traits. I have a very feminine voice and I cry over the silliest things. Just like a woman would.

Cindy's dominance over me has expanded my submissive nature. I love Mistress Cindy and happily submit to her every desire. In high school, I spent two frustrating years trying to date the opposite sex. I found girls to be rather di... Continue»
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Dawn's Squirt Training - Part 1

Dawn’s Squirting Lesson – Part 1

My Darling Dawn, as you come aboard my yacht you will be bathed immediately then shaved thoroughly by my young, Swedish maid-servant Jillian. My servant is highly trained at shaving carefully around my anus so she will treat yours nicely and gently, even applying many kisses to arouse her pink beauty. Your labia will receive much care, as she pulls each one outward, surely shaving off each hair with excruciating slowness. You feel your cum oozing from your open pussy, at first with embarrassment but then you let it flow strongly, covering your pretty anu... Continue»
Posted by Countess_Xotik 11 months ago

[Story] Little Sissy Boy (written by request for a reader)

This story is for one of my readers who made the request via my website

It was only a matter of time before my wife discovered what I am, and I discovered her need to dominate and control me.

We worked different hours and I was often in the house alone which only encouraged my kinky tendencies. When she was away or had meetings she would get up and go to work early and I would stay home until it was time to go out. It began innocently enough I suppose with looking at things on the internet and whilst my wife is an incredibly sexy and curvaceous woman I knew I needed mor... Continue»
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[Story] Being Caught

i'll put in my 2 cents worth and it's's been a few years ago. I took a 'date' to a local gay bar, she and i danced and flirted with most all of the guys there. They weren’t used to seeing a real woman dancing with a crossdresser (me) and we created quite a stir with the fags. We had a blast: dancing, playing pool, in the bathrooms, at the bar, we both pretty much drank for free the whole night. At closing time she and i both turned down several lewd offers and i drove her home. i dropped her off and headed home...well it was 2 am in a small city, i'm half loaded, dressed, made-up, wi... Continue»
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[Story] Anal slut Agathe ganged: piss enema fun goes wrong

The following is simply a fantasy story that I wrote about and for a lovely girl on xhamster. I first shared with her this fantasy through xhamster messages as she is explicitly involved as the main character, and she said it was cool for me to post it on here. Whilst I got carried away writing it, for example, the way her tight and cute little butthole gets gang-banged towards the end, I was pleased that she told me she found it a real turn-on and got off on reading it!!

You are wearing your bikini sunbathing on the boat (it’s a beautiful summers day just like in your pic) and then yo... Continue»
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