Being Caught

i'll put in my 2 cents worth and it's's been a few years ago. I took a 'date' to a local gay bar, she and i danced and flirted with most all of the guys there. They weren’t used to seeing a real woman dancing with a crossdresser (me) and we created quite a stir with the fags. We had a blast: dancing, playing pool, in the bathrooms, at the bar, we both pretty much drank for free the whole night. At closing time she and i both turned down several lewd offers and i drove her home. i dropped her off and headed home...well it was 2 am in a small city, i'm half loaded, dressed, made-up, wig, heels and all. i was thinking about how i could take advantage of myself when, duh, the lights started flashing and i was being pulled over. i was panicked but there was nothing i could do. i pulled over in a parking lot, then the cop, registration, license.. the cop couldn't keep a straight face. He went back to his a few minutes, another cop car shows up. So now i'm sitting in my car all dressed and sissified with 4 cops standing around. i'm ordered out of the car and put thru the drill, follow the light, close your eyes and touch your nose, then walk a straight line...ha, ha. i'm in 3" heels and this cop is expecting me to walk a straight line. i try it once and give up asking if it's ok to take my shoes off. Anyhow, i'm getting to long winded. Short story... i was cuffed and stuffed. Fortunately the cops were kind enough (after i pleaded with them) to let me get my boy clothes out of the back seat. i was arrested, photographed, printed, booked and put in the d***k tank dressed as a woman until posting bail when i finally got my boys clothes back. i changed clothes, washed the make-up off and called a buddy to pick me up. He drove me to my car and i drove home with my sissy clothes under my jacket. When i got home i took advantage of myself and went to bed. A night i will never forget or hopefully never repeat. Although typing this brought a smile to my face and a little drip to my clitty.
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1 year ago
incredible story sorry you got aressted but it could have been wores great story short but great
1 year ago
Drinking and driving is very, very naughty. They should have spanked your ass until it glowed!
1 year ago
Here in fla the scumbags would have used you and left you dripping cum from both ends...... Now after about 30 yrs have passport and license with my name . Love the fuckers at TSA hehe