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What this sissy likes...

I like to be tightly bound, straps are preferred, with cuffs. Rope is fine, but I really get off on being strapped and cuffed. I struggle pretty hard, and the feel of restraint really turns me on.

Gags, gags, gags! I LOVE gags! I will try just about any gag! The tighter the better! I make a lot of noise, so a gag will be put to good use on me! Warning: I'm a bit of a drooler when gagged. But some of you might like that...

Most enjoyed roleplaying is to be k**napped! Overpwoered in a room, tied and gagged and f***ed to please you in order to be released... I would liek to do an actual k**napping at somepoint, like grabbed into a van and taken away to some location for nefarious purposes....while bound or being overpowered, I like to be fondled and teased.

I like a little bit of breathplay and S&M. I like to be bagged for short periods of time (10 to 30 seconds) or strangled with a belt for short periods of time as well. Just enough to enhance the play and orgasm, but I'm not into passing out. I don't mind some spanking or cropping, but that is as far into pain as I am willing to go.

As the title states, I am a sissy. I like to dress up and be put into bondage. I am bi-sexual, so I can play with just about anyone! I enjoy sucking cock and hope to be able to do more of that (bukkake perhaps?)! I am, however, a virgin when it coems to anal sex. Vibes, slim dildos, fingers...those have been up in me, but not an actual cock. I have not been pegged by a women either. While I am considering that, I am not considering having a man in my ass just yet. But we can do other things! ;)

Anyway, jsut wanted to thro this out there and see if you all would liek to play sometime! :)
Posted by sissystephanie2008 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Well if u ever want to suck a cock sissy I am here and I believe I got the cock that would fit in your asspussy just right