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Being Used

Damselgrabber came over to take some pictures of me bound and gagged, but he had other plans for me. I was overpowered when he grabbed and hand gagged me, f***ed me to floor, cuffed and ballgagged me around 5:30pm Saturday night.

I'm tied to a chair right now and gagged with my panties and duct tape over my mouth. He's going over that an ace bandage as soon as I am done typing.

He has tied me to a chair, put me in a hogite on the table, bound and left on the sofa, left me in the closet kneeling, hands suspended above me. He used all my gags. Ball, bit, penis, hankies, scarves...

After spending time in each position, I sucked him off, his hard cock and hot cum in my mouth. Now, he's going to tie my ankles, knees with rope and bind my arms to my sides on the bed. He's going to use me as sex toy and cum on me as many times as he wants. He's first going to lay me on my back and rub his cock on my sissy cock until he cums. Then he will roll me over stick his co between my thighs and fuck me there until he cums. There will be a vibrating anal vibe in me. I might even let him in me...

I will be his captive and willing sex toy until he leaves.
Posted by sissystephanie2008 2 years ago
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