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I am a sub sissy. I love to be dominated, humiliated, degraded, spit on, cum on, pissed on, spanked, flogged, made to beg and crawl, treated like a dog, and brutally face fucked. However, this is consensual sex play. **** is another story. It is not a sex act but a non consensual act of v******e. I have no fantasies about being ****d. I think it is vile.

Being pimped out is another story altogether. It is a total turn on to me. Most because it is a total act of degration - especially when the "pimp" only charges $.25 or a dollar for your services.

I have been pimped out (at least symbolically) by two guys and I have loved it.

The first guy was a trucker. After I had blown him and swallowed his cum in his sl**per cab he got on his CB and told the other truckers in the truck stop that he had a sissy who was a fabulous cocksucker that he was pimping out. It would cost them a dollar for a blow job to completion in my mouth or on my face. After I had finished all the blow jobs they were going to have a "piss on the fag" party. That would cost them $.25 unless they had already paid for a blow job and then it was free. I got out of his sl**per on kneed on the ground next to his trailer. I sucked off five guys - four which came in my mouth and I swallowed their cum and one that came in my face. I do not know how many guys pissed on me. It was quite a few and I was drenched and must have swallowed a gallon of piss. They were all howling and verbally degrading me as they pissed on the fag.

The second guy is kind of a regular - I have been with him four times. He likes to take me to strip clubs dressed sort of like a guy. I wear a thin white dress shirt through which you can see my bra, bell bottom slacks that sort of cover my heels, light mascarra, and lip gloss. As we watch the strippers I have to continuously fondle him in front of them. When he spots a horny, d***ken, rowdy group of college guys or business men or a loner guy he goes to them and offers to have me blow them to completion in his van for a buck. When he strikes a "deal" I take the guy out to his van and blow him. I have done as many as nine guys for my "pimp" on these strip club visits. When we leave the club he is so hot about the actions of "his whore" that he uses and humiliates me for the next couple of hours.

Being pimped out like a two bit whore is very exciting.

Posted by sissyslutt 2 years ago
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2 days ago
OMG,AWESOME SEXY sweetie,you are so damn lucky sweetie,wish it could happen to me sweetie
5 months ago
6 months ago
I would love to be pimped out - knowing I was making money for my master
1 year ago
How does one start?
1 year ago
Being pimped out is the greatest feeling in the world although I have only done it for money once or twice. Most times this man would take me to a party where I would be wearing a very skimpy loin cloth and he would tell the men at these parties that I was the party favor and they could use either hole for their enjoyment and they could take pictures of me if they wished.

I did work for this man who owned a motel for a short while and he would send men to my room for sex. I would have to open the door completely naked and say "How may I provide you with sexual pleasure tonight, sir." I would be at that motel Friday night and all day Sat and he would pay me $50.00 and to me that was good money.
1 year ago
id love to pimp you out,make you my whore,because you know thats what you are
1 year ago
2 years ago
Its so nice to be a cum slut
2 years ago
We have to tag team some time!
No use in you being the only cum-drenched gutter whore.
.25 cents is a bit pricey for a semen slurper like me, and a $1...oh my! i'd feel i was cheating the clients.
Loved to story. Maybe you'll enjoy one of my stories.
bye bye
2 years ago
oh yess sissy stevie like this alot hehehee
2 years ago
Love the first paragraph,the slut in me
2 years ago
Yes, being pimped out is very exciting!
2 years ago
Yes being pimped out is exciting no matter the amount of money the pimp get for your services.
2 years ago
Fucking beautiful slut!
2 years ago