June 3rd 2011, Dream Come True!

Friday June 3rd, 2011, I went out to a local bar. Not crossdressed, just the man in me. I am normal on the outside, beer drinker, hell raiser, party kinda of guy. So anyways, im sittin at the bar with my buddy sam, drinking coors light and shots of cuervo. well sam had to cut out early cause his wife was getting bitchy, so he left and i stayed and got d***k. at the other end of the bar i was eyeing this gorgous red head, id say, 5'3, slim body nice tits, drinkin beer, which is a turn on for me when women drink beer!! And she noticed i was lookin at her. So i got up with my beer and went outside for a smoke, just to see what would happen, sure enough about a minute after i lit my cig, she came out, lit one of her own and kinda stood about 5 feet or so away from me. i les leanin up agains the brick wall of the patio facin the street, i turned around and looked at her, and smiled. I said, "evening Miss." She replied ina shy voice "hi." I said " how are you doin this fine night?" She replied "good". "the name is Ryan, nice to meet you." She shook my hand and replied " im Lizzy, and its nice to meet you too." "Well lizzy, what brings you out by yourself tonight?" She Said "im just getting outa work and needed to simmer down after a long day." I said "yep i know how that goes." She asked " so why are you here alone?" i said " well my buddy sam was here with me but his wife made him leave." She said" what about your wife?" I replied " I AINT Married haha. no mam not yet." she smiled and stepped closer to me. i flicked my cigarette on the ground, drank a splash of beer and said " well lizzy how bout i buy you a drink?" she said " ok, but only if you buy one for my s****r too." I replied " your s****r is here with you? well i dont see a problem with that." We walk in the bar together and we go to the end of the bar where she was sitting and she introduced me to Kayla. She said " Kayla, i want you to meet ryan, ryan this is my s****r kayla." Kayla turned around and i almost hit the cealing. IDENTICLE TWINS!!! I was speechless! Kayla said" Nice tyo meet you ryan" and extended her hand, I replied " Hi... You didnt tell me you were twins." Lizzy said " so." I smiled and said " ok ladies, what are ya drinkin?" Lizzy said " another coors for me" and Kayla said " jaeger bomb for me" I ordered drinks for all of us, we got to talkin, small talk, gettin to know eachother, stuff you can probably fill in if youve ever had a conversation with a stranger at a bar. Anyways i said " well ladies, its getting late, and i better git goin." Lizzy said "The night is young, do you really have to go?" I said " well i kinda have too." lizzy said " well how bout we all continue this party back at our apartment??" With a little hezitation i said " Well.... Alright" i followed lizzy and kayla in my truck to their apartment, wich was about 10 minutes from the bar we were at. We get there, and we go up into their apartment, and kayla said, make urself at home" and tossed me a beer. I sat on couch, Lizzy said "Well be right back." I opened my beer and drank it, smoked a cigarette and they still hadnt returned. I said on the louder side, "you girls forget about me?" About 30 seconds later i heard their bedroom door open and one of them said, come in here. So i got up and walked to their bedroom. I walked in and they were standing by the bed, wearing the hottest lingerie i have ever seen, lizzy in white, kayla in black, im talkin silk stockings satin panties, absolutely beautiful. 2 Red heads want me, IDENTICLE TWINS!!! Kayla told me "STRIP!" and i did! they instructed me to the bed, made me lay down on my back and handcuffed my hands to the rails, and blind folded me. INSTANT BONER! the next thing i felt was soft silky feet being rubbed on my entire body, oh this felt so good. And then i felt one s****r sliding sockings on me, then a thong, and then a bra. they put lipstick on me, and finaly spoke to me. " oh how sexy you look! you are gonna love this!!" I said " oh yes girls!! DO WHAT YOU WANT!!" I then felt my cock being pulled out of my panties and being jerked, then one of the s****r straddled my face with her ass and i was instructed to lick! and oh boy did i ever eat that pussy! shoving my tongue in and out, licking her asshole, she was lovin it, then i felt a warm wet sensation on my cock, kayla was sucking me so good! when lizzy got off my face she uncuffed me and unblindfolded me. lizzy told me to eat out kayla, as she layed on her back so i did! kayla wrapped her legs around my head and lizzy was str****g on a cock. she got behind me and started fucking me, as i ate her s****r out!she pumped away at my ass and i licked and sucked kaylas pussy till she squirted all over my face, lizzy pulled out and told me to fuck her s****r wile she fucks me! ive never felt anything like that, i cant describe how fucking good it felt to get fucked while fucking a hot wet pussy!i said holy fuck im about to cum and lizzy pulled me out of kayla and said, "NO! you havent made me cum yet!" so i put lizzy on top of kayla, lizzy put her dildo in kayla while i slide into lizzys pussy and fucked her so hard, i made her scream and moan so loud that wen i said i was gonna cum, both of them moved up on the bed and put their nylon covered feet at my cock and i blew a huge load of hot cum all over their sexy feet! i was then instructed to lick their feet clean. and with pleasure i licked all the cum of their sweet little feet and toes! so we all stayed in our lingerie and we all went to sl**p together!
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1 year ago
So where do i sign up??
2 years ago
hot! I would love this
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
wow, that story was hot. i lost my boner for a second when the handcuffs were mentioned, but it cam back quick after. i'm not into getting handcuffed or tied at all.
3 years ago
wow that was hot so what happened next it could make another chapter to this fantazstic story thanks