Making of My Sissy (Part 3)

One day I was home to see, first hand, how my sissy's day progressed. The day went as I thought it would, well planned and a perfect schedule to keep my little one busy. Then there was a knock at the door.

My sissy never went near the door. I watched as the bell rang. Again my sissy never even looked at the door. I asked him if there was something wrong. He said that he doesn't answer the door when dressed

as such. I asked "dressed as what?" "This is what you liked and you agreed that you would like to try dressing." "Part of doing house chores is answering the door as well." “ He said he was sorry and that he

wasn't ready to show his fetish to outsiders." I knew I had to help him with his shyness about who he was. As time went by my sissy was really enjoying his new role around the house. He seemed comfortable

in his gurly clothes and he loved wearing the new slippers I bought for him. They went well with his nylon covered legs and feet. Somehow a low heel slipper with powder puff balls on the top of the instep

always shouts out "I am a sissy", lol. I decided that my sissy needed some more excitement and I planned on helping him with his shyness at the same time.

I had started to date more out of a physical necessity than for love. I found younger guys showing an interest in me. I really liked the attention since they were only interested in satisfying me than dating me as a

girlfriend. Many asked about my husband and I answered that he was not interested in sex anymore. I couldn't tell them that he was more interested in cock than my pussy. I usually met after work and I would

call my sissy to tell him I will be a little late tonight. A good sissy he was as dinner was always ready whatever time I arrived home. My friends would see me out alone and on my way home several hours after

work had ended. I know they had their thoughts about what I was doing but no one ever asked me face to face. That is except one person...that was my bff. Linda was my best friend forever. We were more

like s****rs, and my own s****r would call Linda "our" s****r. Linda had seen me one night on my way home from a date. She asked me how everything was going. I told her wonderful. As our coversation

continued Linda asked about my hubby and I told her that he was really doing well even though he was not working. She asked about his job loss and I told her but everything works out for a reason, and I

believe he was to be at home and take on the Mr Mom chores. She gave me a strange look becuse she knew my husband longer than I had known him. I said "Linda I have to tell you something but it is a

long story." She agreed to meet the next night. I called my s****r and asked her to meet with Linda and I for some drinks.

After work I hurried to a local spot and Linda was already there. We sat and chatted until Susan arrived. Once we were all together I told Linda that I was seeing someone from work. She was a little taken

back but I reminded her of the fact that her husband caught her with another man not once but three times, with the same guy. She asked me who he was and I said just a guy I know. My s****r asked if my

husband knew and I said sort of. "What does that mean, sort of", she asked. I said its different between us now, we are older, and starting to grow apart. They weren't buying that pitch. "Come on s*s" Susan

said. "That doesn't sound like you guys." Well I told them what I had seen a few years back when I caught my hubby on his knees in the garage. Now I had their attention. I continued telling them how the

hubby wanted to try his hand at sissyhood and how I have helped make his dreams come true. They were speechless. They both sat there absorbing the words. Then I said look my hubby is to be known as

sissymishel and this is something he wanted. I went on to tell them that our sexlife was at level zero since I caged him and I found satisfaction through other sources. I invited them to the house to see and hear

from my sissy first hand.

I called mishel to let him know I was coming home. I didn't tell him about the guest. Upom our arrival the three of us walked in to the kitchen where we found my sissy dressed in her bra and panty and wearing

her fluffy slippers. As he turned around his mouth fell opened and he almost dropped the pan in his hand. He hurried and put the pan down, his face turning more red than a traffic light. He hurried from the

room and I caught up with him. I told him that this is the next phase of his training and that he needs to listen to me. I reminded him that I was in control no matter who are our guests. Then I told him to return

to the kitchen. We walked in, my sissy behind me, and I told him to have a seat. I told the girls this is my new sissy and he is here to serve us tonight. I asked him to get us something to drink. Once he put the

drinks out I asked him to stand next to the table. The girls were getting a good look at him and asking about his clothing. I told them it was his idea and I helped. Asking my sissy to confirm, he shook his head

up and down. As the discussion went on Linda asked Mishel if he missed having sex with me. He said he couldn't have sex anymore. I asked why is that sissy? He said I am caged. I told him to show them his

pretty cage. He hesitated and I told him to walk to me. He stood next to me and I reached up, took the elastic band around the panty and lowered the front down under his cage. Linda just couldn't help but

laugh and Susan said "Linda! don't laugh." I told them it was ok my sissy knows what he has. Linda asked "does it hurt?", as she reached out and put her hand under my sissy's balls, holding him in her one

hand. I looked at my sissy and asked "do you like that bitch?" I told the girls that Mishel has a clit now and it is locked away so the little gurl doesn't rub herself to an orgasm.
Linda told Susan to touch it and I encouraged her too since it would only help my sissy overcome his shyness. I left the room to change and came back in wearing my robe. Under my robe I wore a bra and

panty and my strap-on. We had moved to the living room and once in there I asked my sissy to kneel down in front of me. I opened my robe and swung my strap-on in front of my sissy's face. I told mishel to

take it and give it a blow job like he means it. He started to lick it. The girls watched in silence. My sissy was not making love to the strap-on and I said you have to do better than that if you want it to cum.

Mishel started to sucking down the shaft of the strap-on. He head was bobbing up and down fast and I said "thats it just like you did to our neighbor in the garage.", "make it cum sweetie" Linda was saying

"damn he is better at that than me." Hearing the compliments only encouraged my sissy to do better. After the little show I told my sissy to return to the kitchen and clean up. Us girls sat and talked. Susan said

I never remember his cock being so small. Linda ageed. I told them that it was different now. They had seen him and actually touched him when he was a man, now his what he always wanted to be a gurl. His

little pee pee growing hard is over and a new chapter in his life is being written.
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1 month ago
damn lucky sissy, my ex (reason for her being an ex) not only couldn't handle it, but reacted very badly
5 months ago
Dream wife!
6 months ago
Such a horny story
1 year ago
OMG! Luv it! Please more?
1 year ago
oh my yessssssssssss
1 year ago
Great series of this story Hope we hear more.
1 year ago